In Remembrance- The War Crime never Punished – Dresden

Dresden 1945, Capital of Saxony over 1 million inhabits , 630,000 Residents + approximates 400,000 Refugees from Silesia & Eastern German Provinces having fled the Red Army , 225,000 DEAD.  A Cultural Hallmark, NO Military significance.  


The Firebombing was on par with attacking a Refugee Center, much like modern Israel’s attacks on Gaza

Herbert Smagon (b,1927)- Fire Bombing of Dresden- Feb. 1945

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THINK …. about YOUR “Movement”


The “Alt-Right” & WN of today are more like the decadence of the Weimar Republic than the Third Reich 

Can you imagine ……………

Richard Spencer (ran away when old Antifa man slapped him


Mike Enoch (fat Jew with multicultural family & Jew SJW wife)

Andrew Anglin ( 5 foot troll & coward who likes Asian jailbait)

Matt Heimbach (Fat cant decide what he is limpwristed sissy, here marching w/ Jewess GF)


Eli Mosley ( Jew wholied about his service

Chris Cantwell( Talk tough then crybaby when shit hits the fan

Matt Parrott ( Autisic Racemixer & Heimbach’s Waylon Smithers)

Nick Fuentez (Mexican Jew playing Cuban who deflects Trump’s Jewish support)

and…………. almost ALL WN & “Alt Right” Poohbahs being able to do what the men did in the Video below???? , BOTH German & Russian??

IF you just can’t OR if you have to work hard to visualize it, you DON’T have REAL Leaders and NOT a Real Movement.

OK, that was a MOVIE & Actors, like the “Alt-Right” & WN

Here are REAL Men …….

so….. tell me do you think any of the “Alt-Right” Poohbahs even come close?

Those who scream nigger, nigger, nigger and spic, spic, spic and Race-War, Race-War, Race-War (as Richard Spencer has stated) are abject FOOLS, this is what a Race-War would look like, with nothing left at the end.

Intelligent and successful political Revolutions take the system intact. 

The ONLY solution is a rather benign & peaceful break up of the United States (as in the case of the Soviet Union) and our people getting a piece and their people getting a piece and then peaceful coexistence and the expulsion of Jews from our lands and their lands. 

Some examples to help you decide:




On “Race” The Definition-Who/What is “White” & “Aryan”



by: el Diablo, The Movement Critic

“almost all of today’s White Nationalist and Alt-Right Celebrities, Leaders, and Spokesmen, take the identical position as Leftists do, that being “Race is a Social Construct”, ” I  CATAGORICALLY reject that, just because it looks and acts (occasionally) White, doesn’t make it so. 

Today’s so called “White Nationalists “and “Alt Right” proclaim their desire to defend t “Race & Culture” and make sweeping statements such as “it’s OK to be White”, but when pressed to define “who and what is White”, almost all these “White Nationalist Celebrities” vacillate and dodge the topic OR propose a definition that essentially means “anyone who looks and acts White is White”. This means, almost all of today’s White Nationalist and Alt-Right Celebrities, Leaders, and Spokesmen, take the identical position as Leftists do, that being “Race is a Social Construct”. I categorically REJECT this, just because it looks and acts (occasionally) White, doesn’t make it so.    Additionally, so called “Alt-Righters” and White Nationalists contradict themselves by taking this position, if “White” people are so special, then not everyone can be one simply by “looking & acting White”.    Of course there is a plethora of reasons why Alt-Right & White Nationalist “Leaders” and “Celebrities” do this.  There are the emotional attachments, mixed marriages and ethnic mixing within their own DNA, and then of course the real reason.

With so many “White Groups” there is the “Market Dynamic” and with it the dash for cash and members and when there is heated competition and your ultimate desire is more head count so you have more “Dues & Donations” to avoid real employment, obviously their Standards diminish.  Its like that young, dumb teenager ( most WN and Alt-Right are regardless of age) who will take that piece of shit car his Dad warns him NOT to buy, all the kid sees is a shiny newly painted “White” car that sounds great, but Dad knows what’s really under the hood of that White piece of junk, and to never “judge a book by its cover”, or in the case of this subject, skin.

The larger philosophical divide I have with today’s “Alt-Right” and “White Nationalism” are their complete and utter lack of Standards, Order, & Discipline, as evidenced by their having NO real policy proposals that will allow them to move from Internet Entertainers to that of viable Political Revolutionaries. The first step of course is to define Who & What you are. Spencer, Heimbach, et. al, will never move beyond that of being “Internet Entertainers” for fear of commitment and offending those who keep them on the “Movement Welfare Roles”.

For me, I would much rather define who and what we are, have strict Standards, Order, & Discipline and develop a much smaller dedicated cadre of REAL White people, because that is what will truly accomplish something real. Charlottesville was an utter shitshow defeat on a massive scale because the Alt-Right lacked any sense of “Order” and “Discipline” and the ability to know when to strategically withdraw and the inability to assess the situation on the ground logically rather than emotionally in the face of overwhelming opposition, lack of resources and .  Instead, because Spencer couldn’t fathom not being on camera for a day, he is responsible for the “Alt-Right’s Stalingrad”.

We must understand that almost all , NOT every, but most, White Nationalist and Alt-Right Celebrities, Leaders, and Spokesmen are conflicted by race mixing, Jewish ethnicity, moral degeneracy, as are the rank and file of their memberships. While they may look White ( in some cases), a lot certainly do NOT act White and like a Transsexual, their DNA proves otherwise.

No White Nationalist or Alt Right Celebrity, Leaders, Spokesman or Organization has put forth a definition of “White (Aryan) or otherwise a Racial Policy.
Its time, so the following is a clearly defined Racial Policy presented in a method easily understood by all. Finally, a great many individuals and celebrity in the world of “White Nationalism” and all things “Alt Right” have often taken to spending money to “certify” their DNA via 23&Me and other “online Genetic Testing.  I am NOT a fan given the dubious ownership and “diversity objectives” of these Organizations.  When at war, you never use  weapons OFFERED by the enemy, emphasis on “offered by the enemy”.



There are 42 Nations of White Aryan Racial Heritage ( Today’s Traditional Aryan Home lands)
We must acknowledge and accept that term “Aryan” IS NOT a term denoting mere linguistic affinity and thus CANNOT be confused with the purely scholastic word “Indo-European” (the latter should indeed be confined only to the realm of linguistics). Based upon the countless works of racial analysis produced by our intellectual forbears, from the time of de Gobineau to the research of the Ahnenerbe, we stand by the well-supported Fact that the word “Aryan” is to be used as the proper and precise ethnonym for all pure White European peoples, which is to say for those White Europeans who do not possess non-White blood in any percentage whatsoever. We must ONLY recognize those individuals who possess 100-Percent White European blood-inheritance as being full-fledged Aryans. (See Section II below.) An Aryan, by definition and regardless of his or her particular extra-European national citizenship (e.g. “American,” “Canadian,” “Australian” or otherwise), descends from the traditional “White” Aryan Nations of Europe, as well as from all culturally and historically distinct sub-regions within said nations (e.g. the Basque region, Corsica, Brittany, Wales, etc.).


The following 42 Nations and all culturally distinct European regions therein are the collective biological and cultural Source of each and every Aryan population, again, regardless of nationality or residence:

Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Finland ,France, Georgia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherland, Portugal Serbia, Slovakia, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden ,United Kingdom, Ukraine, Switzerland 

European Russia (the boundaries of European Russia are demarcated thus: from Arkhangelsk in the Arctic north to the Caspian port city of Astrakhan in the southeast, and from the Belarus border in the west and the Abkhazian border in the south to the Ural mountains in the east; we should NOT  recognize Buddhist/Mongoloid Kalmykia and the Muslim republics of the North Caucasus to be historically “Russian,” both in the racial and cultural sense)

IMPORTANT: The reader will notice that 5 geographically “European” nations are NOT represented in the above list: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia/Herzegovina, and Cyprus. This is because, unlike the vast majority of our decadent institutions of “learning,” we should NOT consider shared geography synonymous with race and culture in all cases . Regarding the 5 nations we should understand the following:

Bosnia/Herzegovina and Albania (including the recently independent majority-Albanian “nation” of Kosovo): These two most ignominious and traitorous nations located in southeastern Europe are NOT considered European in either the racial or the cultural sense. The reason is simple: Long ago, the people of these lands decided to sell their Christian heritage for a place in the Sultan’s harem. The solidly White, pre-Muslim populations of these lands met their end in one of three ways: (1) extermination, (2) enslavement and deportation to the Middle East where their European genes died out, (3) willful treason as willing accomplices of the Turkish Sultans, ultimately sharing the same genetic dead-end fate as the enslaved. In any event, the populations of Albania and the majority-Muslim Bosnia/Herzegovina (and NOT Republika Srpska which constitutes the Serb-dominated enclaves of Bosnia) are now thoroughly Orientalized, and thus they should be placed in the same category as their former overlords – the Turks. If Albania and Bosnia/Herzegovina should be granted admittance into White Europe in the future, they must be admitted ONLY as the duly partitioned territorial trophies of Serbia, Croatia and Greece (respectively).

Armenia and Azerbaijan: The reader will also notice the absence of the South Caucasian nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan. While the latter is undisputedly a member of the Muslim world, the other is indeed a “Christian” nation, YET, not unlike Coptic Ethiopia, firmly tied to the Afro-Asiatic world, not by virtue of religion but by history, culture and race. Make no mistake: Armenia is renowned for its thoroughly mongrelized population; hence the term “Armenoid” – a racial designation which applies to many, if not most, of the world’s Jews.

Cyprus: This tiny island tucked firmly into the far-eastern corner of the Mediterranean is truly a “mixed bag.” For proof of this, one need only do a simple search via Google Images to verify that those people calling themselves “Cypriots” are neither “Greeks” nor “Turks” but Levantine MONGRELS. Here it is not uncommon to see Turks who possess lighter features than many of their so-called “Greek” neighbors. In any case, Cyprus is an island which represents neither a legitimate European nation nor ethnic stock. While this fact might be displeasing to anyone of Greek ancestry, it is nevertheless true. To make a racial exception, even on the grounds of shared culture or religion, is nothing less than RACIAL TREASON. For an example much closer to home: many Blacks share the same Baptist faith and even many churches in common with White Baptists. Yet to invite even one Black into one’s family is treated as an entirely separate (and more serious) concern by the majority of White Baptists – and rightfully so! Hence “Greek” Cyprus must be differentiated from Greece Proper, for the sake of sound racial policy.


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If we are indeed serious about “preserving” the Race, then we must categorically and unconditionally affirm the following set of prerequisites as the only legitimate way (apart from DNA testing) to determine whether or not an individual is a full-fledged 100-Percent Aryan, and thus whether or not the individual will be permitted to join any so called “White Nationalist” or “White Ethno-Nationalist” Organizations:

A- An Aryan MUST demonstrate that they have NO: Negroid, Mestizo, Jewish, Asian (Non-Aryan) Grandparent.

B-An Individual with 4 confirmed Aryan Grandparents is Aryan. 

C- A Person with 3 confirmed Aryan Grandparents, 1 Non-Aryan (exception of Negroid) and who appears and lives totally Aryan is an Aryan.

D- Person with 3 confirmed Aryan Grandparents, 1 Non-Aryan, BUT appears and lives Non Aryan  is an “Assimilated Non-Aryan” and, CANNOT be considered a Aryan by virtue of their rejection of their predominate Aryan blood.

C- In ALL cases, any “White appearing”  person who has only 2 Aryan Grandparents is Non-Aryan  and thus totally INELIGIBLE to be considered Aryan, HOWEVER, there may be instances whereby persons in this category have superior character, in these circumstances which should be made case-by-case, there is no reason NOT to associate with those of good character who may share some of our objectives, this however NEVER applies to Jews, history’s greatest Nation destructors who are like termites in the World’s classic homes. .

An Aryan who is engaged in active perversion – which includes but not limited to miscegenation, pedophilia, bestiality, homosexuality – forfeits their “Racial Privileges & Status”, WITHOUT exception. An Aryan’s  spiritual beliefs or the lack thereof is should never be exclusionary grounds. 

There should NEVER be an exception, to these Standards, no matter the emotional bond or how sympathetic the litigant presents.
(This article is copyrighted and remains the property of the author and may NOT be reprinted or cited without expressed written permission, any reuse and reprint must cite ownership/author)



On the Jewish Problem

The reason why Jews play victim, explained by Wilhelm Stukart, Reich Interior Ministry, Co-Author of the Law for Protection of German Blood ( Nuremberg Laws)

Editors Note: YES, this is a Movie Excerpt, but it followed the Transcript of the Wannsee Conference fairly close, despite some silly drama.

On Wilhelm Stuckart

Wilhelm Stukart 1902-1953

Wilhelm Stuckart was devout Catholic and prolific writer, Stuckart came to be seen as one of the leading National Socialist legal experts, focusing especially on racial laws and public administration.

In 1936 Stuckart, as the chairman of the Reich Committee for the Protection of German Blood, together with Hans Globke co-authored the government’s official Commentary on German Racial Legislation in elaboration of the Reich Citizenship and Blood Protection Laws. The commentary explains that the laws were based on the concept of Volksgemeinschaft (“People’s community”) to which every German was bound by common blood.

REICH Law for Protection of German Blood & Honor -1935

The individual was not a member of society, a concept viewed by the National Socialist legal theorists as a Marxist one, but a born member of the German Volk, through which he or she acquires rights. Interests of the Volk were to always override those of the individual. People born outside of the Volk were seen to possess no rights, and in fact to represent a danger to the purity of the people’s community.  As such, anti-miscegenation legislation was justified, even necessary. Stuckart stated that these laws represented “a preliminary solution of the Jewish question”.
In October 1939 Stuckart was given the task of investigating the comprehensive rationalization of the state administrative structure by decentralisation and simplification. The streamlining was to especially concern the field administration, which was to undergo extensive unification, preferably leading to a model of a small Interior Ministry supervising a single system of field agencies fielding wide local powers. Stuckart proposed that the state and party should effectively be combined in an overarching concept of the Reich, and co-operate at the highest levels of power, so that ground-level friction between the institutions could be solved by referencing upwards. The transformation of the state administration from a technical apparatus for the application of norms to a mean of political leadership was the central idea in Stuckart’s model: the ideal National Socialist civil servant was not to be a passive lawyer of the bygone “liberal constitutional state”, but a “pioneer of culture, coloniser and political and economic creator”. The administrative structure of the Reichsgaue, where the party and state authorities were combined and the Gauleiter fielded almost dictatorial powers over his domain, reflected Stuckart’s theorization.

Stuckart  represented Reich Interior  Wilhelm Frick at the Wannsee Conference on January 20, 1942, which discussed theoretical aspects of the Jewish Problem, NOT a “Final Solution, contrary to “Main Stream Historians” in the German Sphere of Influence in Europe”. According to the minutes of the conference, Stuckart supported forced sterilization for persons of “mixed blood”
Reinhard Heydrich called a follow-up conference on 6 March 1942, which further discussed the problems of “mixed blood” individuals and mixed marriage couples. At this meeting, Stuckart argued that only first degree Mischlinge (persons with two Jewish grandparents) should be sterilized by force, after which they should be allowed to remain in Germany and undergo a “natural extinction”.

Stuckart had stated:

I have always maintained that it is extraordinarily dangerous to send German blood to the opposing side. Our adversaries will put the desirable characteristics of this blood to good use. Once the half Jews are outside of Germany, their high intelligence and education level, combined with their German heredity, will render these individuals born leaders and terrible enemies.

Stuckart served as Reich Interior Minister in the Cabinet of Karl Doenitz, Germany’s last legal/ legitimate Constitutional Government to date.

Wilhelm Stuckart was killed on November 15, 1953 near Hanover, West Germany in a car accident a day before his 51st birthday. There has been widespread speculation that the “accident” was in reality a staged collision targeting him by Mossad or other Jewish Militant groups known to have been involved in other attacks on former National Socialist Officials in occupied Germany.



Richard Spencer Broke??


With all his Trust funds and with all his Designer Clothes & Ray Ban Sunglasses

With all those “Alt Right” Donations…… Richard Spencer can’t come up with a mere $11K WTF???

Seriously $11K is NOT an unreasonable Deposit based on the Security Costs

Time for you “Alt-Right” Rubs to demand an accounting, WHAT HAS RICHIE BEEN DOING WITH ALL THOSE DONATIONS???  





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