Lonely Ole Joe Sigur is at it again…

My O My Lonely Ole Joe Sigur must have got a script for some Xanex, you may recall he was opining at NOT being able to get Rx for hard narcotics for his back pain, check his You Tube, you’ll find his drug-addict-like rant

But now Lonely Ole Joe Sigur has gone full Meth Head


Wile Lonely Ole Joe admits he has a Nubian little spook, he never shows her off, so lets do that for him, here she is, her name is Emelee Sigur


In Lonely Ole Joe’s most recent drug inspired rant, he has accused me of the following:

Being an Indian — Wrong

Being “Spanish”, he previously said I am “Mexican” LOL — BOTH WRONG

That my real last name is “Martinez” — WRONG

That Brandon Martinez is my “Brother”   — WRONG , but given Brandon’s age he would more likely be in the category of one of my sons LMAO, as I have 3 sons his age, BUT unfortunately for Lonely Ole Joe Sigur, Brandon Martinez  and I are UNRELATED


Then Lonely Ole Joe Sigur rants on to say I, me, as if I have the time, created some sort of fake Wall and video regarding him.  THIS I DID NOT.  In fact I have NEVER created a You Tube Video EVER.

Here is Lonely Ole Joe Sigure’s Jew-Tube Rant LOL…feel free to comment


So when you can, feel free to phone Lonely Ole Joe Sigur up and let him know he is way off and suggest he get therapy…..



Grinder Greg Johnson- CONFIRMED

We DO NOT NEED Weimar Nationalists.

The following picture is Dr. Greg “Grinder” Johnson, circa 2000/2001 from his days as a professor.

I have attended recent events, in the past 3 years, at the IHR – Institute for Historic Review, where Dr. Johnson has been present and selling books via a table in the back of the room.  I have had, for some time, in my possession a picture from one such IHR Event which contains Dr. Johnson as well as others in it. While I could have edited the other persons out and  previously I had made musings that I would post it, but in further thought and advice from family, who themselves have experienced vicious treatment by non other than self described “WN”, I declined. Furthermore I considered it dishonest to post pictures from the IHR Event, which are quasi-private.  The IHR is an Entity I hold in high regard.

However, given that Dr. Johnson’s picture, on what was and is a publicly available source, has been revealed and I have been asked to say if this picture is the Greg Johnson of Counter Currents I met at (2) TWO IHR Events, I have NO reservation in making such an authentication.  Throughout my politics I have opposed “Anon”, the use use of fake names, et al. Until our people are willing to truly fight for their beliefs and RISK & SACRIFICE has other political Revolutionary Movements have in the past, NOTHING will happened save for continued BS-Blogging & Podcast pissing contests.


However this picture was submitted to this Blog and I DO authenticate it as that being Dr. Greg Johnson of Counter Currents Publishing.  Specifically, the man pictured, while having aged 10 years when I met him from the time of this picture, IS THE Dr. Greg Johnson who operates Counter Currents Publishing. In fact Dr. Johnson when I last saw him at the IHR, still wore the EXACT style eye glasses and his hair is nearly identical as  in this picture.

It is time for the good “Dr.” as well as many, many more closeted cowards in the so called “WN” Movement to twinkle their toes out of their closets, mamma’s basement or deep cover of Starlight/Star Bright Trailer Park and dump their cowardice “Anon” tough guy personas and step out into the real world with courage of conviction for the ideals they say they believe in.  Its easy to be a coward, hiding behind a fake name and Proxy and talk tough, its quite another to REALLY stand up for what YOU SAY you believe in. 

My final editorial note on “Dr” Johnson is that he is NOT compatible with true cultural & ethno nationalism.  His agenda is to secure the Jewish-Gay Agenda INSIDE the White Nationalist Movement and to assure his favorite bath houses, male brothels, Fag Porn Theaters and Fag BDSM Clubs are free from icky, nasty dark people.  Dr. Johnson is a uppity Queen that will do well in Sodom & Gomorrah, however Nationalism today is in crisis for it has embraced almost EVERY element of Jewish Decadence and the proverbial Sodom & Gomorrah  than the clean, Western Christian Civilization which we saw triumphant in Germany from 1933-145.

We DO NOT NEED Weimar Nationalists.


Goebbels’ secretary dies at 106


From Yahoo News


Munich (Germany) (AFP) – The former secretary of Nazi Germany’s propaganda boss Joseph Goebbels died aged 106 last week, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the maker of a documentary about her said Monday.

Brunhilde Pomsel died on January 27 in a care home in the southern city of Munich, said Christian Kroenes, who conducted extensive interviews with her for his 2016 film “A German Life”.

Pomsel, who worked for Goebbels as a secretary, typist and stenographer from 1942-45, had insisted she had no idea of the Holocaust that claimed the lives of six million Jews while it was happening.

“We knew nothing,” she said in the film.

“We ourselves were all trapped in a vast concentration camp,” she said about the totalitarian state of Adolf Hitler.

As one of half a dozen secretaries in Goebbels’ office, Pomsel was among the last eyewitnesses to the inner circle of top Nazis.

In “A German Life”, she insisted she felt no guilt and also said: “I could not put up resistance — I was too much of a coward.”

She told AFP in an interview last year that she had once cheered on Hitler, in 1933, adding that “we didn’t know then what lay ahead”.

She spoke of the final days in Hitler’s bunker, saying a lot of alcohol was drunk because the Nazi chiefs had to “numb themselves”.

When Soviet troops marched into Berlin at the end of World War II, Pomsel was captured and would spend five years in Russian detention camps.

From 1950 she worked for a German public broadcaster, for 20 years, but kept silent about her war-time job until she gave a newspaper interview in 2011.

– ‘Warning future generations’ –

She opened up at great length in the 2016 film, which its makers said aimed to force viewers to ask themselves what they would have done, and whether they would have had the courage to resist the Nazi machine.

In the black-and-white film, extreme close-up shots of Pomsel recalling her time with Goebbels are interspersed with archival footage of Nazi horror, including of naked Jewish corpses and mass graves.

Pomsel herself said: “Nothing’s black and white. There’s always a bit of grey in everything.”

“I wouldn’t see myself as guilty,” she said, “unless you end up blaming the entire German population”.

She told AFP in an interview that “since I have a clear conscience for myself, I do not see why I should not talk about it”.

She said the point of the film was “for future generations to be informed about all these things. There are ever fewer eyewitnesses left. So I agreed.”

She described Goebbels as well groomed and polite, and “an excellent actor,” who during public speeches turned into a “raging dwarf … unrecognisable”

But she also labelled him “a very cold person” who showed no interest in the lives of those who worked for him.

Asked about rising right-wing populism in Europe now, she said she found it “horrific, just horrific”.

Filmmaker Kroenes confirmed to AFP that she died on January 27 in the old people’s home but had remained mentally alert until her death.

“We were in contact, I last spoke to her on the occasion of her birthday on January 11,” he said.

“She was still full of energy, full of hope for the future. There were some ups and downs owing to her advanced age. Mentally there was no change, she was still alert.”

He said a book on Pomsel’s reminiscences, based on the interviews, is set to be published this year.

Kroenes said that, in view of the rise of right-wing populism in the Western world, it was intended “as a warning to current and future generations.”