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LOL – Augustus Sol Invictus- The Mr. Rogers of the AltRight/WN


This Assclown has gone through so many Facelifts, he should actually be the Joan Rivers of the AltRight.

Fake Southern Accent – he seems to have given it up

Fake Southerner

He’s Roman Wannabee, instead of playing dressup in Roman attire, he actually changed his name, perhaps he will adition for Gladiator II as himself.

Fake White Nationalist -suffers from an affinity for spicey food/Mexican women just like JF.

Fake Pagan – He loves perverted atheistists like Allister Crowley

Fake political candidate, has he ever finished a race?

Ashamed of his family, dropped his REAL name

Has fetish for Manson & his “Family”, in fact “Agustus” has a cult-like following &  his very own merry band of Eunuchs himself.

Check out his recent self-stroking twaddle:


As a side note, “Agustus” says he has reactivated his Law License, I certainly hope for the sake of his “clients”, he has a large Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy.  

errors & omissions

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SPLC SUED ….Lawsuit Claims SPLC abetted Theft & engaged in Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud & Racketeering

Law Suit names: SPLC the Entity AND Mark Potok * & Heidi Beirich individually.

* Mark Potok left the SPLC in 2017

splcmark potokheidi beirich

Read the Law Suit here in pdf:

In December 2018, a Baltimore lawyer filed a devastating lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and two of its employees. The SPLC targeted Glen Keith Allen over his former ties to the National Alliance (NA), a white nationalist group. In doing so, the liberal group allegedly violated laws and legal codes of conduct by receiving and then paying for stolen documents in violation of confidentiality agreements. The group went after Allen with the intent of getting him fired by the city of Baltimore and permanently destroying his future prospects.

Allen’s suit claims that the SPLC should have its 501c3 tax-exempt status revoked, that it owes him restitution for racketeering, and that it should pay $6.5 million in damages. It also references Allen’s pro bono work on behalf of African-Americans and his mentorship of an African-American teen, powerfully rebutting claims that he is a racist. Allen told PJ Media he now regrets his NA support, and an African-American friend of his laughed at the idea of this lawyer being branded a racist.

Allen, a longtime litigator at the Of Counsel rank (between senior associate and partner) at the international law firm DLA Piper, had left the firm in February 2016 to work for the Baltimore city solicitor, taking a pay cut for the opportunity to become chief city solicitor in charge of appeals in about a year. As part of his job, he filed one specific motion to help the city in a lawsuit filed by a black man who was wrongly accused of murder. The SPLC’s Heidi Beirich painted this work as malicious to African-Americans.

According to the lawsuit, the SPLC’s receipt of stolen documents and the payment for them violated not only the law but also the canons of legal ethics in Alabama, where both Beirich and the other defendant, Mark Potok, are registered as lawyers. The SPLC is a 501c3 public interest law firm, so its involvement in this activity disqualifies its tax-exempt status.

The SPLC should also lose its tax-exempt status for mail and wire fraud, false statements on its tax forms, and campaigns of destruction and defamation against its perceived enemies, the lawsuit claims.

Read more here:


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Richard Spencer Court Documents- DIVORCE Case- Note Spencer’s Father’s Position in SUPPORT of Spencer’s Wife

This is Part 1 in a Series, Richard Spencer’s other Court materials including his matters in the “Alt Right Civil Case” will be posted as well as well as those of other “Alt Right” Figures



Download the complete Pleading w/ Exhibits here:


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Top 5 Modern [since 1900] “Pro White Presidents” 

Here is a List of Top 5 Modern [since 1900] “Pro White Presidents” 
Note this is based solely on Domestic Policy
Woodrow_Wilson-H&E1– Woodrow Wilson –  Despite having served as President of Princeton and Governor of NJ, Wilson was born & raised a Southerner and was a devout Christian, his father was a Minister [prior to Christianity being corrupted]   Wilson was the most “Pro White President” since 1900. Wilson made the Federal Beuracracy White, showed Birth of a Nation in the White House, had never sang the Star Spangled Banner until he arrived at College in New Jersey, openly beleived in the differences in Race and was reflected in Policy and views. Wilson & Nixon had  2 of the highest IQ’s of all Presidents.
248px-Richard_M._Nixon,_ca._1935_-_1982_-_NARA_-_5306792- Richard Nixon – Close to Wilson in Racial views and Global views as well, Nixon was an admirer of Wilson.  Unlike Wilson, Richard Nixon was  constrained by modern Media, Social Politics & his Quaker up bringing, his White House recordings show were he stood, but Wilson carried his positions out in Policy including making the Federal Administration in D.C, “White” which was then solely under the purview of theWhite House Executive Office  wheras Nixon did not enjoy the same “power” & “Social Environmnet” as Wilson
248px-President_Roosevelt_-_Pach_Bros3– Theodore Roosevelt – The first true modern outspoken  Nationalist President, spoke out against hyphanated Americanism, dual-citizenship, and demanded loyality oaths, referred to the “Negro as the White Man’s burden” in a official speech in NYC.
248px-FDR_1944_Color_Portrait4– FDR – YES, FDR, he signed laws that promoted racial segregation throughout the United States. The laws were supposed to promote “affordable housing.” FDR Preserved White Communities. FDR was also the last Democrat to carry EVERY State of the old Confederacy in a Presidential election, not even LBJ, a Southerner, in his 1964 landslide accomplished this  FDR was also Wilson’s Secretary of the Navy and a staunch Wilsonian Democrat.When one CAREFULLY reviews many of  FDR’s statements, especially his off-the-record ones, you will find all sorts of comments that are disparaging of all sorts of ethnic groups (Jews, Blacks, Mexicans in California, and East Asians . FDR refused to integrate the U.S. Armed Forces when the idea was presented, saying a Black could not be qualified to give orders to a White soldier.  Do not confuse FDR with Elleanor, she drove him nuts and he finally had to make her write him Memos then limited them to no more than 1 per week.
248px-Mckinley5– William McKinley – McKinley gave lip service to the Republican’s attempts to integrate Blacks but by Policy preserved the Bourbon Democrats, of Grover Cleveland Racial Policies & Philosophy.  
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JFGariepy, Grooming Case, Court Papers – YES he DID groom a mentally handicap MEXICAN Girl





Daily Beast Article:

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AfD local leader calls Claus von Stauffenberg ‘traitor & coward’

An AfD local leader was lambasted on social media – and by his own party – after calling Claus von Stauffenberg, a man who lead a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler a “coward” and a “traitor.”

Von Stauffenberg led a group of Wehrmacht officers in the unsuccessful attempt to kill Hitler along in late July 1944 during ‘Operation Valkyrie.’ He was executed by firing squad after the failed bid. In modern Germany, many regard Von Stauffenberg, one of the central figures of the German Resistance, as a hero.

Yet Lars Steinke, the head of the youth wing of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Lower Saxony, countered that view in a blunt statement, saying for him the officer was “an enemy of the German nation” and his “personal enemy.”

Continue reading here:

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The Case AGAINST ….. Joe Sigur


Joe Sigur …”Agent”,”ANTIFA”, “Stalker” or just a “Freak”??


JIDF Joe Sigur likes to throw Poo at people, calling them “Ops” & ‘Agents”, but lets look at the Case AGAINST Joe Sigur.


FACT: Joe Sigur for quite sometime TARGETED White Nationalist Males on the Internet posing as a FEMALE ( I called him out on this, it was clear he was NOT a “female”).  This is a COMMON tactic used by LAW ENFORCEMENT & INTEL ASSETS in order to target “lonely hearts” to say things they would not ordinarily say to a male in order to obtain compromising information.


FACT: Joe Sigur went through a period where he sought out persons in the “White Nationalist” & “Pro-White” Cause to have TELEPHONE conversations with him, wherein he RECORDED these calls WITHOUT consent, he then would play selected edited versions of the calls in videos.  He also collected personal telephone numbers for the expressed purpose of conducting “Reverse Directory Searches” of the telephone numbers in order to obtain PERSONAL information of those he had baited into calling.  He expressed frustration because I indeed called him and BLOCKED my number, BUT I GOT HIS (PISSED HIM OFF)




FACT: Joe Sigur has POSTED all of this at one time or another on HIS Web Site, many of these postings he has removed & “hidden” but maybe found in the Wayback Machine played “edited, sliced & diced” recorded phone conversations on his various Videos.  Many Videos were taken down due to complaints, which he would cry about on subsequent Videos.


The LIST of people Joe Sigur has Doxxed is far & wide, one need only google “Joe Sigur Doxxing  or  “Joe Sigur Stalker” or “Joe Sigur impersonates a female”
Joe Sigur by his own admission is NOT a White Nationalist or AltRight and is AGAINST BOTH THESE POINTS OF VIEW.
Joe Sigur is FOR Multiculturalism, he has a BLACK Child and SUPPORTS other Cultural Degeneracy in the name of “its no one’s business”
Joe Sigur says he is “Anti-Jew” but supports Jewish Multiculturalism, Miscegenation, embracing of Non Whites & the Status Quo, i.e. everything the Jews have created, except for the Jews.. REALLY??
So, if Joe Sigur is AGAINST AltRight & White Nationalism, then why is he so focused on obtaining Intel & PERSONAL Info then POSTING it?
When he tried to get mine, I turned the tables, I got his number, He didn’t like my posting his number.


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“Jews & the Western Tradition” Luke Ford vs. Rodney Martin -Sources & Exhibits – UPDATED

TOMORROW (Wed July 18 – 8PM PT / 11PM ET)

“Jews & the Western Tradition” vs. Moderated by

luke-ford-with-macdonald-vs-cofnas-luke-fordENGLISH-JUSTICEIMG_20161116_1903304 (2)B

View the Debate & Discussion here:


TWO Middle-Eastern Men, on the left a “Muslim” Arab, the right a Jew (Ethnic & Religion)


BOTH are foreign to America & Europe, BOTH are Middle-Eastern, BOTH belong to Tribal-Based Cultures & Traditions.  NEITHER are compatible or conducive to Europe & America.  BOTH attack Western Traditions by different methods (the Arab by Jihad and the Jew by blending in and attacking &  eroding the Social, Political, and Moral Foundations of the Host Country) the RESULT is the same: the END of bedrock Western Traditions & Cultural Norms.

Modern Christianity & White People are unindicted Co-Conspirators. The theology of Christianity handed down at the beginning was clear:


EVERY argument made to the effect that “Muslims are not compatible to the West” APPLIES to their Jewish Cousin as well. 


My Sources & Exhibits (Bio & Source) for the Debate/Discussion (additional materials may be added up until 4PM (PT) 7/18/18 :

 Gerhard Kittel (1888 – 1948) Tübingen University – Theology,  was a German Lutheran Professor of Evangelical Theology and New Testament at the University of Tübingen.  Kittel was a theologian and lexicographer of biblical languages.  He is best known in the field of Biblical study for his Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament (Theological Dictionary of the New Testament) which is still widely used in Seminaries & by theologians today. One CBD catalog describes Kittel’s work as “the best New Testament dictionary ever completed… Every serious Greek student dreams of owning a set.” Kittel was the son of Rudolf Kittel who himself was a widely respected Old Testament scholar and author of Geschichte der Hebräer, 2 volumes, 1888–1892 – History of the Hebrews and Geschichte des Volkes Israel, 1923 – History of the people of Israel                                                                                                                                                                  

Kittel, Gehard. The Jewish Question, May, 1933

Eugen Dühring  (1833 –1921,  University of Berlin – Law & National Economy,  was a German philosopher, positivist, economist, and socialist who was a strong critic of Marxism.  He attacked Capitalism, Marxism, and organized Christianity and Judaism. Many scholars believe that Dühring’s invention of a modern-sounding antisemitism helped persuade Theodore Herzl that Zionism was the only answer. Herzl acknowledged this over and over in his diaries and correspondence: “I will fight anti-Semitism in the place it originated—in Germany and in Austria,” he said in one letter. He identified the genealogy of modern, racist antisemitism in the writings of the German social scientist Dr. Eugen Duehring in the 1890s.

Duhring, Eugen. The Jewish Question as a Racial, Moral & Cultural Question, 1881


Werner Sombart (1863 – 1941) Universities of Pisa, Berlin, and Rome – Law & Economics.  Sombart was a German economist and sociologist, the head of the “Youngest Historical School” and one of the leading Continental European social scientists during the first quarter of the 20th century. Sombart is often likened to Martin Heideggeras well as his younger friend and colleague Carl Schmitt.

Sombart, Werner. Die Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben. Leipzig: Duncker. Translated into English: The Jews and Modern Capitalism, 1911.


U.S. Army Documents, Reports & Memorandums RE: Jews, Jewish Question, & Zionism as a National Security Threat to the United States 1900-1960.

Summary: In the view of Jews, Army officials reflected the values and attitudes of the dominant culture. Among the books officers-to-be read, and among the lectures that they heard, the views of Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard among many others. The Army Command characterized Jews as weak, selfish, cowardly, untrustworthy, parasitic, sly, duplicitous, and possessed of different “anatomical characteristics” (p.42). They were a “herd of inferior people ‘of a different racial stock'” and a “troublesome racial minority”   who lacked “moral fervor.” (p. 38)

Collected in:

Bendersky, Joseph. The Jewish Threat, Antisemitic Policies in the U.S. Army, 2000

Alfred Rosenberg (1893 – 1946)  Riga Polytechnical Institute and Moscow’s Highest Technical School – Architecture & Engineering,  was a German (born in Reval (now Tallinn, Estonia) was a theorist and an influential ideologue of the the National Socialist Party. Rosenberg was first introduced to Adolf Hitler by Dietrich Eckart. Rosenberg joined the NSDAP ( German Workers Party) in January 1919, eight months before Adolf Hitler joined in September of 1919.  He later held several important posts in the National Socialist government. Rosenberg  is the author of, The Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930), as well as other works  Rosenberg is considered one of the main authors of key National Socialist ideological creeds, including its racial theory, Jews, Lebensraum,  and abrogation of the Treaty of Versailles. Adolf Hitler, who had been imprisoned resulting from the failed Beer Hall Putsch, appointed Rosenberg as the leader of the National Socialist movement, a position he held until Hitler’s release.

Rosenberg, Alfred. The Track of the Jew through Ages, 1919

Rosenberg, Alfred. Jewish Bolshevism, 1921

Rosenberg, Alfred.  Jewish World Politics, 1924

Rosenberg, Alfred. Self-unmasking of Jewish Defense Troops, 1924

Rosenberg, Alfred. The Jewish Question in the World Battle, 1938

Oswald Spengler (1880 – 1936)  Universities of Munich, Berlin – Mathematics, Science, and Artand Halle-  mathematics, science, and art. was a German historian and philosopher of history. He is best known for his book The Decline of the West (Der Untergang des Abendlandes). Spengler predicted that about the year 2000, Western civilization would enter the period of pre‑death emergency whose countering would necessitate Caesarism (extraconstitutional omnipotence of the executive branch of the central government).

Spengler, Oswald. The Decline of the West, 1918

Arthur Cohen (1928 – 1986)  University of Chicago – Philosophy,  was an American Jewish scholar, art critic, theologian, publisher, and author. As an expert collector and dealer in rare books and documents [of] twentieth-century art, and as a man of letters and cultural critic who wrote with equal authority on modern European literature, medieval Jewish mysticism, the history of Dada and surrealism, and modern typography and design

Cohen, Arthur. The Myth of the Judeo-Christian Tradition & Other Dissenting Essays, 1969

Gerhard Wagner (1888 – 1939)  University of Munich – Medicine, was the first Reich Doctors’ Leader (Reichsärzteführer) in the National Socialist government in Germany.  Dr. Wagner was co-founder and as of 1932 leader of the National Socialist German Physicians’ Federation (NSDAP), and also functioned from 1933 as a member of the Palatinate Landtag. A year later, in 1934, Wagner was ordered to the position of Reich Doctors’ Leader. Moreover, he was “The Führer’s Commissioner for National Health”. By 1933, he had already become leader of the Main Office for National Health, and in 1936 came his appointment as that office’s Main Service Leader (Hauptdienstleiter).

Wagner, Gehard. Race & Population Policy, 1936

Dr. Stephen Steinlight was for more than five years Director of National Affairs (domestic policy) at the American Jewish Committee. For the past two and a half years he has been a Senior Fellow at AJC

Steinlight,Stephen. Jewish Stake in America’s changing Demography, 2001


Sanzenbacher, Carolyn K., M.A.  Early Christian Teachings on Jews: A Necessary Cause of the Antisemitism that Informed the Holocaust, 2010


Gaston, K. Healan. Interpreting Judeo-Christianity in America, 2012

“Notes on the Judeo-Christian Tradition in America” appeared in 1984, historians have extended, and in certain respects modified, his analysis. Silk argued that the term emerged from the antifascist initiatives of the late 1930s and rose to prominence during World War II, becoming a mainstay of postwar American public culture before falling into disrepute in the early 1970s. Subsequent interpreters have traced the emergence of Judeo-Christian terminology in specific local contexts, but no one has followed Silk in examining the discourse in its entirety or acknowledging the political tensions within it. This piece surveys the historical scholarship on the idea of America as a Judeo-Christian nation.


Brandeis University Study

Study finds, contrary to the conventional wisdom, intermarriage does not necessarily harm the Jewish Community, i.e. via  high rates of Jewish identification among young adult children of mixed marriages.

Sax, Leonard & Sasson, Theodore. Millennial Children of Intermarriage, 2015


Eckardt, A. Roy. Christianity & the Children of Israel, 1948

“Anti-Semitism” will be taken simply to mean “hatred for thstianity & the Children of Israel, 1948e Jews” (Judenhass). Both an attitude and acts against the Jews resulting from that attitude are implied. The term is in itself not entirely accurate. We do not say that hatred of the Arabs is anti-Semitism, although they are a Semitic people. In addition the word “anti-Semitism” is of modern origin, applying particularly to a political movement of the nineteenth century.~ It was coined in Germany in the eighteen seventies as a symbol that it was not the Jewish religion which was to be attacked but instead the political activities of “Semitic” aliens in European Society”


Myers, Dowell & Levy, Morris. Reactions to Alt-News Re: Growing Diversity, 2018



Stephans, Bret. A Modest Immigration Proposal, Ban Jews – NY Times, 2018

University Western Civilization Textbooks 1962 & 1991 Editions

Peters, Joan. From Time Immemorial, 1984

Sen. Roger Wicker

Sheldon Adelson:

Sasha Baron Cohen:

Ex Congressman Joe Walsh:

Luke Ford

Barbara Spectre



Allan Dershowitz

Jewish “Welcome Sign” welcoming Soviet Troops, Poland, 1939


From Los Angeles Jewish Journal:




Jewish Lobby:




“White Jews” Tweet: 


Headline from Forward: 

one jew life

Ben Shapiro Tweet:


Headline- Anti-BDS Law:


Newsweek- Israeli Espionage:


Jewish Population in the USA



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I  watched Sasha Baron Cohen’s  first Episode of “Who is America”. The likes of Gov. Sarah Palin & former Rep. Joe Walsh are attempting to deflect attention away from their disgraceful statements & conduct AND the fact they have been revealed for who they are & what they REALLY think and who they really serve.
Unlike many who have been fired & shunned in the #MeToo Witch Hunt, the people Cohen spoofed SHOULD lose jobs, be shunned and lose any credibility to speak to any Policy regarding the United States of America. In fact the current & former Members of Congress should be investigated by FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
Here is Cohen “as a FAKE “Israeli Security Professional, as Philip Van Cleave happily does as the “Israeli” tells him, do an Instructional Video designed to promote providing Toddlers w/ Firearms.
Its not as if Cohen is new to this, this has been his shtick for at least 10 years, Cohen as “Bruno” even once attempted to “seduce” then Congressman Ron Paul in a candle-lit hotel room as part of his “Bruno” part, Showing common sense, Paul stormed out calling him a “queer”.
NONE of these Republican disgraces who have or currently exercise power over our National Security Secrets, have any cause to whine, cry and opine at Cohen’s disguises or that he “punked” them. this includes Sarah Palin, whose encounter has not yet been broadcast.
As Public figures & ADULTS, they must own THEIR statements & Positions, they expressed them in good faith as if each situation was a legitimate interview or meeting. Cohen proves these Republicans have Two Faces, one for their Political Fetishes & Special Interests i.e. where their hearts & loyalties truly are and another for the consumption of “politics” for the little people Sarah Palin purports to “represent” The people spoofed by Cohen are actually ashamed at their having been revealed to the WORLD, just how pathetically weak & treasonous they are. Cohen also spoofed Democrats, so his project was equal opportunity, but at least the Democrats were not so obvious as to motive, i.e. a loyalty and treasonous fetish to a foreign Country. Cohen successfully exposed flaws in U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders economic logic.
We see REPUBLICAN Lobbyists, Members of Congress, former Members who are now influential Radio Personalities Joe Walsh be made fools of because they were so enamored with their blind ALLEGIANCE to a foreign Country (Israel)that they jumped at the opportunity to do, say, and advocate for whatever ridiculous position a fake Israeli, portrayed by Cohen, TOLD them to do and TOLD them to say.
Former Rep Joe Walsh made a point as he says on CNN feigning outrage at being punked, and that he was conned into “saying stupid things” because he was lied to and because of his “support for Israel”, Walsh thought he was getting an Israeli Award. LMAO. This is VERY telling, why he and his colleagues said & did what they did.
Sorry Joe Walsh, a smart, intelligent person doesn’t say “stupid things” just because they  “are lied to” or punked. YOU made those statements because of your blind allegiance to Israel, you have been unmasked. We SEE you.
Joe Walsh and the likes of Trent Lott, Dana Rohrabacher, Larry Pratt & Philip Van Cleave ALL advocated for providing firearms for TODDLERS and MINORS to age 16 simply because they thought an Israeli was FOR it and told them to be for it. Pratt even set up meetings for the fake Israeli to lobby his favorite Members of Congress.
Dana RohrabacherPRATTPhilip Van Cleave
NOTE: I am very Pro-Gun, and have served notice on BATF of my intent to litigate any Administrative Ban on Bumpstocks. I am NOT even close to being a “Liberal”
The revolting conduct by these men who have or do make Policy for the United States leads to the logical question, if a Republican & Member of Congress will literally drop to their knees and do & say whatever a FAKE Israeli, they have no knowledge of, says, how many times have Republican Members of Congress like Joe Walsh & Dana Rohrabacher divulged America’s National Security Secrets to REAL Israelis because of their Israeli Fetish? There are a few words for this Judgement and Treason. Of course like Joe Walsh former AK Gov. Sarah Palin is feigning outrage at being “duped”. They were not duped, they were the subjects of a Comedy Sting Operation, which has benefits for all of us.
I’ll NEVER vote for a single Republican as long as I walk this earth.
Here is the most damaging clip, every educated American with any degree of intellect and ability of critical thought should be outraged, but I don’t hold out much hope.
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White male Republicans are PATHETIC

Sasha Baron Cohen POSES as an Israeli & LOOK, all these White  Male REPUBLICAN Politicians Lobbyists & Radio Hosts, in the case of Joe Walsh, make Blithering Fools of themselves, because they’re used to worshiping Jews. They should resign whatever positions they have, be removed from office & hide in shame like TRAITORS.

Make sure you look each of these disgraceful TRAITORS up on Social Media and SHAME THEM, do NOT make any violent threats.

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Richard Spencer’s “Identity Crisis”


On October 27, 2017, in an interview on the “Right Stuff” in the United States, Richard Spencer says he is “White Nationalist & AltRight is Grunge” AND the term “Identitarian” will NEVER catch on.

BUT a month earlier on Sept 19, 2017 in an interview with Homosexual Caolan Robertson from Britain, Richard Spencer says he is an “Identitarian”

Then of course there are these statements: 




AND of course Richard Spencer’s SUPPORT  for Alexander Dugin


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Is there really a “Nationalist Wave” in Europe?



Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis signed a power-sharing deal with the far-left Communist Party on Tuesday in a move that will give the maverick party a role in governing for the first time since the country’s 1989 anti-communist Velvet Revolution.

The agreement is meant to ensure the Communist Party’s support for the coalition government led by Babis in a key, mandatory confidence vote in the lower house of Parliament on Wednesday.

The government of Babis’ centrist ANO (YES) movement and the leftist Social Democrats that was sworn in on June 27 doesn’t have a majority in the house and needs the Communists’ support to survive.

To win their support, Babis agreed with their demand to tax the compensation that the country’s churches receive for property seized by the former Communist regime.

The Communist Party is a vocal opponent of the payment.

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Richard Spencer AltRight Defendants EXCEPT Mike Enoch WILL face Trial



The massive  AltRight Civil Case, styled as “ELIZABETH SINES, ET AL. vs. JASON KESSLER, ET AL”, WILL  go to Trial.  Mike Enoch who was Pro Se, prevailed in his separate Motion to Dismiss.

All other Defendants Motion & Consolidated Motion to Dismiss were DENIED.

Richard Spencer appeared with his own Counsel

All others appeared with a common Counsel.

Interesting, that Mike Enoch, Pro Se, on his own prevailed on his Motion to be dismissed from the Suit.

The trial is set for July 8 through August 2, 2019

Here are some excerpts, the full Opinion in pdf is linked below

Kessler & Cantwell were found to have “planned acts of violence”


Spencer was found to be a central player/planner


Marchers charged & chanted “Heil Spencer” (FacePalm)


Here is the full Opinion by the Judge:

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Another sign of the upcoming Breakup


Another sign of upcoming Breakup, just as in Soviet Union in 1987 when “Soviets” were no ,longer “proud to be Soviets” This is GREAT News 2 years into #MAGA as well.

This Fourth of July marks a low point in U.S. patriotism. For the first time in Gallup’s 18-year history asking U.S. adults how proud they are to be Americans, fewer than a majority say they are “extremely proud.” Currently, 47% describe themselves this way, down from 51% in 2017 and well below the peak of 70% in 2003.


The latest results are based on a June 1-13 poll. When Gallup first asked the question in 2001, 55% of Americans said they were extremely proud. After the 9/11 terror attacks caused the public to rally around the nation and its leaders, the percentage expressing extreme pride in the country increased to 65%, and went up further to 70% less than two years later.

By 2005, about the time George W. Bush was set to begin his second term in office and the U.S. was going on its second year of military involvement in Iraq, the percentage extremely proud to be Americans fell to 61%. It held in the high 50% range between 2006 and 2013, but has fallen at least marginally each year since 2015, about the time the 2016 presidential campaign was getting underway.

While the 47% who are extremely proud to be Americans is a new low, the vast majority of Americans do express some level of pride, including 25% who say they are “very proud” and 16% who are “moderately proud.” That leaves one in 10 who are “only a little” (7%) or “not at all” proud (3%).

The combined 72% who are extremely or very proud to be Americans is also the lowest in Gallup’s trend.

See full Poll / Analysis here:

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Breakup of the USA & White Nationalists

My potential “Breakup: BROWN= MeChaLand, RED = Independent, BLUE = United States,    WHITE = New Ethno-State

Even MSM/Elite Polling Firms are concerned about the Sectarianism/Balkanization taking place in the USA and have begun to do Polling asking “Americans” if they think a “Civil War” is at hand. Polls show those Polled reply YES between 31% in one Poll to 43% in another.

The USA is showing many of the same signs the Soviet Union showed in 1988, i.e. Ethnic division, economic division, and political division. The USA no longer has a “Center”, it has devolved into 2 sides, granted each side has wings that are not as extreme, but the days of the “Moderate” or “Centrist” in America which BOTH Parties had to appeal to to win, is over, and has been since 2004. More and more we see efforts at “separation, now even on the Left and we know the Right amenable to Separation. White people have long feared the day of White people no longer being a majority, its closer than they actually think.



I have long taken the position, the USA will break up gradually with the Federal Government ceding more Programs and authority to the States, then States forming Regional Cooperation Agreement(s), which will be defacto Confederations, finally the Federal Government will be so weak it will be irrelevant, so burdened with debt, entitlement commitments and State & Regional refusal to fund it. At some point California, the World’s 5th largest economy (larger than Great Britain & Russia)  and Texas (the 10th largest economy in the world) will realize their greater potential absent the needless federal anchor.  States which have the strongest economies often pay out more in federal taxes than they receive back in federal funds for reimbursements and services.   Even on the issue of Illegal Aliens the Federal Government owes $Billions to State & Local Governments for jailing Illegal Aliens on ICE Detainees


My position has been, the ONLY path to an Ethno State for White People is the break up of the USA which is a natural evolution, IT WILL TAKE PLACE,  there is NO ” we are gonna take back our Country”  entire Regions are already GONE in terms of demofraphics, thus we should be building infrastructure, Community, preparing, i.e. looking to the Mormon Model, NOT RELIGIOUS, but the Mormon structural model is excellent, they are a State within a State. They have National, State, & Local Organization.  They deliver information and propaganda to their Members, they have a Social Service System for Members in need.  NO member of the Mormon Leadership is paid, save for those at the National level who forgo careers.  All others, are volunteers which enables them to devote  a huge percentage of their donations to resources and materials.

The map above reflects only a “projection” and HOPE, for a new White Ethno-State after a breakup based on several critical & strategic elements designed to allow for the Ethno-State to be self sufficient and secure and to provide for incentives against neighbors engaging in nefarious activities.  YES, the U.S.A. will still exist, those who wish to swim in a multicultural cease-pool may do so.  Likewise, Latinos will get what they already have   (and they will soon destroy it), but by negotiating and navigating the breakup absent “hot engagements”, we will inherit intact infrastructure   and not start out crippled.   Additionally,  as part of the “dividing of the pie”, the Latinos, who are 2nd to Arabs in terms of antisemitism and openly ethnically cleanse Blacks can be enlisted to address the Jewish Problem for us. 

Take for example:


JEWISH former Editor at NY Times opining on Twitter

Facts are facts, the strongest emerging opposition to Jews is coming from the NEW Latino political activists who are beginning to flex their muscle in the Democrat Party. We see this with the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who ousted a 10-Term Democrat Incumbent who was being groomed to be House Democrat Leader.   Ms. Ocasio-Cortez ran OPENLY ANTI-ISRAEL and appeared in PUBLIC with her political Mentor, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, who is extremely antisemitic AND Racial.  She WON the Primary with 57% of the vote.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez didn’t seem to care about “Optics” with regard to Jews, nor did it impact her ability to WIN.

Even the ADL is getting worried, especially since its the JEWS who have been advocating for mass immigration of Latinos into the U.S.

NO person in a GOP Primary could win with such anti-Jewish views. which speaks to the Jewish corruption of the GOP. 

So called “White Nationalists” and those in the “AltRight” who identify as “pro-White” and advocate for an Ethno-State need to get serious. To date NO AltRight Personality has articulated a vision or anything close to resembling a Plan This is NOT a hobby, entertainment, or just something to do because you are pissed off right now because you don’t have a girl friend or the job you want.  If those are your underlying reasons for being a Racial Nationalist, then do your people a favor and LEAVE.

Also understand you are NOT going to retake Regions already lost.  The Byzantine Empire did NOT rise again did it?  When the Ottomans overran Constantinople, the population of the once great City had dwindled to to 200,000.    

The Ethno-State CAN happen, but the United States is NOT going to be it, it never has been, regardless of your view on its history and what you think the “Founders” believed, if their Constitution was so great, we wouldn’t be overrun today.


The FACT is the “Founders” DID NOT write ” ONLY White Persons can be Citizens into the Constitution”  They could have, THEY DID NOT.  

All the GOP/Libertarian-Tard rhetoric of “going back to the Constitution” etc, is NOT going to save you or your children or your grandchildren, nor will it stave off the breakup which will happen most likely by 2050.


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Editor’s Note: Make sure you WATCH the Video at the end of this Article

Everyone has seen this tear  jerking picture



BTW, the Media DID NOT report the following regarding this child’s mother (Sandra Sanchez):


Mrs. Sanchez ABANDONED her other THREE children in Honduras

Time Magazine Cover Girl is in the center

Mrs. Sanchez is married to a middle class man (Denis Valera) in Honduras, he is a Boat Captain, they have a nice home, cell phone and the mother’s Social Media is festooned with “Selfies” of her in her new car.

Mrs. Sanchez told her husband she wanted to go to America because she wanted the “American Lifestyle”, this is hardly a case of “persecution” for which asylum should be considered, nor is she an economic refugee given her above average economic situation in Honduras.


Mrs. Sanchez paid $6K to a “Coyote” (NOT the K-9 either & where did she get this much money? ) to smuggle her “guide” her, from Honduras to the USA, then traveled on foot with her then 18 month old child (IMO to use as a shield to avoid prosecution & to get “Cited & Released” the prior Obama Administration Policy ( which was the Policy when she left & changed while she was on her trek to the U.S. border) regarding parents entering illegally with a child)

Her husband was actually the one who unmasked this “story”, in an interview, her husband provided rather incriminating information, i.e. revealing the fact there had been NO separation, his wife had abandoned THREE other children, and they enjoyed a rather “middle class life”.  HOWEVER at the end of the interview, her husband stated, “he wishes his wife is GRANTED asylum AND he would like to come to the USA some day.

TRANSLATION: This woman left Honduras with only ONE of her children (the youngest) to perpetrate a FRAUD on the U.S. Immigration System, i.e. she would enter as a parent with a child and seek and most likely obtain Asylum ( but she was on the road for 30 days & during this time the Policy changed to ZERO Tolerance), THEN once she was established, she would bring her Husband & the other THREE children by way of “Chain Migration”.

No doubt her husband paid the $6K for the “Coyote”, while in his interview he feigned ignorance, he made subtle comments which contradict that.  What husband is NOT angry at a wife who “abandons” him and two of their children?  What husband HOPES he and his wife and youngest child will be separated indefinitely, i.e. his wish for her asylum.

Here is a Clip from CBS, they interviewed BOTH the Border Patrol Agent who is ALSO in the now famous picture AND the Getty Photographer.  Make sure you pay CLOSE ATTENTION a @ 2:35 when the Photographer reveals what his TRUE objective is.  

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“Alt Right” vs National Socialism




My primary criticism of the “Alt Right” is that it is void of a broad Worldview and lacks solid core principles.  In fact the “Alt Right” is just an amalgamation (Big Tent) filled with persons of various and often conflicting beliefs and ideologies, including:

Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Populists, Nationalists, Moderates and of course Trump-Tards who are in a low level league of their own.

This is the reason the “Alt Right” is plagued by “infighting”. 


The fact is the “Big Tent” is a concept that FAILS.  You cannot have UNITY among people if they are fundamentally opposed to each other on key issues.

Interestingly, there has been a call to ostracize National Socialists from the Alt Right,        which is fine by me as I have NO desire to caucus with  Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, Populists, Nationalists, Moderates and of course Trump-Tards.


Lets, for the sake of clarity:

Compare & Contrast the “Alt Right” vs, National Socialism on 12 Key Issues

                                                   Alt Right                                                    National Socialism

Race:                                 NO defined position                                    Clear policy(s) on Race

Who is White:                “If it looks & Acts White”(1)                   Genes determine White

Economics:                       No Policy(s)                                         Detailed Policies /Anti Usury

Family:                            Pro Family                                                  Pro Traditional Family

Jews:                              Jews participate(2)                                   Recognizes Jewish Problem

Environment:             Conflicting                                                  Pro Environmental

Homosexuality:          Gay Friendly (3)                                        Opposes Homosexuality

Religion:                        Conflicting (4)                                            Overtly Pro Christian

Foreign Policy:            Non Interventionist                                  Non Interventionist

Immigration:              Opposes Illegal (5)                                      Opposes all

Class/Community:       American Individualism(6)               Embraces Social Cohesion

Ethno State:                   Divided (7)                                                   Bedrock Principle

While National Socialism is Worldview with sold core principles on many issues, the opposite is the true of the “Alt Right”.  When a group of National Socialists are together there is little dispute as to what they all think and believe and there is little infighting, and above all Race is paramount, a National Socialist’s People comes first.  The opposite is true in a gathering of the Alt Right.   In an Alt Right gathering, people are easily discombobulated  soon squabble as they argue over conflicting and petty priorities, some demand absolute loyalty to Donald Trump, regardless of Trump’s loyalty to Zionism, Jews, and his sell out to all things Israel.  Others are quick to wave the Flag and chant USA-USA, because their goal is to “take America back”, while there are others who DO want an Ethno State and will self declare as “Pro White”, but often even among the Alt Right, those who self describe as “Pro White” are ostracized as “Nazis” and “Extremists and “White Supremacists” by the other factions, of course those factions must appease  Jews and assorted Non-Whites and what I call “NonWhite-Whites” in their respective factions.  Bottom line, the “Alt Right”, like the GOP it broke off from is an EPIC FAILURE and stands for very little. 




(1)  Many Alt Right Personalities have publicly stated “if someone looks & acts White, they consider them White, these include Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, and Jared Taylor. These Statements/Positions amount to the defacto position that “Race is a Social Construct”



(2) Jews participate in and are embraced in the Alt Right.  Jared Taylor has publicly stated “Jews are White”, furthermore Taylor regularly invites Jews to speak at his AmRen Conference.  Many adherents to the AltRight consider the Jewish You Tuber “FrameGame Radio” as a valuable member of the AltRight.



(3) The Alt Right has embraced many Homosexuals, such as Greg Johnson and Jack Donovan.  Johnson declares his Counter Currents web site the “home of the New Right America, and provides it as a publishing venue for some very grotesque homosexual authors.  Likewise, Richard Spencer has embraced homosexuality and has invited Jack Donovan to speak at his National Policy Institute Conference.  Spencer introduced Donovan, “as an ideal example of male masculinity”.


On Greg Johnson & Homosexuality in Alt Right:


(4) A case can be made the Alt Right and National Socialism are closer on Religion, yet because of the “Big Tent” dynamic, the Alt Right has allowed a tremendous amount of attacks on Christianity.  Many Alt Right personalities, including Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson are openly hostile to Christianity.


(5) As with Religion, a case can be made the Alt Right and National Socialism are closer on Immigration, yet because of the “Big Tent” dynamic, there are many conflicting positions coming out of the Alt Right.  Some Alt Right personalities seek to “build the Wall” and restore America, while others espouse the GOP line of cracking down on illegal immigration, while some split the difference.  The fact is because the Alt Right has NO core Worldview, it is fragmented on this and many other issues of principle.  It is easy to get 10 different answers to 5 questions from 3 persons identifying as “Alt Right”.  The Alt Right’s Jewish problem ultimately creates problems for them on issues such as Immigration.



(6) While some in the Alt Right, such as Richard Spencer have spoken to the need for people to act collectively, the vast majority of Alt Right personalities still espouse “American Individualism” and “Freedom” which mirrors GOP & Libertarian rhetoric.  National Socialists view this as the cancer which has been used by Jews to divide people and the most effective enabler of Cultural Marxism. Social Cohesion and the development of a National Community prevents interlopers like Jews from engaging in their handiwork.



(7) There is a division within the Alt Right on the subject of the ultimate creation of an Ethno State, this is primarily because of the “Big Tent” problem.  Certainly there is a large faction within the Alt Right that advocates for an Athno State, BUT because they cannot address the issue of Race & Jews, they are unable to determine who would ultimately live in their concept of an Ethno State.  On the other hand, there is an equally large faction who identify as Alt Right, who seek to take America back.  These two factions will never be able to common ground and those in the Alt Right who do support an Ethno State have racial schizophrenia given their embracing of Jews and position that Race is a Social Construct.  Their “Ethno State” would be a smaller version of what they are so disgusted with.

Our possible Scenario:









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End of the SPLC .. ?? Now, 60 Organizations may SUE

On August 27, 2017, this Site posted an article ” SPLC – Beginning of the End”


NOW, it may be happening ….



The SPLC has made itself famous by engaging in frivolous and vexatious Law-fare, this is the practice of waging WAR via Civil Law Suits with the intent of bankrupting the opponents.  Winning the actual Case is merely a bonus.

Along the way, they have indeed won and we have seen the end of many Organizations including the Klan and Pastor Butler’s  Aryan Nation’s, his Compound in Idaho was seized to pay the huge Judgement awarded to the SPLC’s sympathetic litigant.

BUT, now the tables are being turned as I reported last August.

Most recently Organizations the SPLC have had the audacity to “list” as “Hate Groups” on their infamous” “Hate Map” have actually fought back and waged war via Civil Law Syits AGAINST the SPLC.

While some Cases are still PENDING, the SPLC was just last week forced to capitulate and PAY a $3 MILLION SETTLEMENT to Maajid Nawaz and his Quiliam Foundation.

Now, IN ADDITION to the other PENDING Cases, including the Cases noted in my article last August, another SIXTY (60) GROUPS are reported to be considering LEGAL ACTIONS vs. the SPLC.

Could the SPLC survive an all out onslaught by so many, that has yet to be seen, but one can only pray for KARMA and a result that leads to a Petition by the SPLC in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

No fewer than 60 organizations branded “hate groups” or otherwise attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are considering legal action against the left-wing smear factory, a Christian legal nonprofit leader confirmed to PJ Media on Tuesday. He suggested that the $3 million settlement and apology the SPLC gave to Maajid Nawaz and his Quiliam Foundation on Monday would encourage further legal action.

“We haven’t filed anything against the SPLC, but I think a number of organizations have been considering filing lawsuits against the SPLC, because they have been doing to a lot of organizations exactly what they did to Maajid Nawaz that’s part of the settlement,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, told PJ Media on Tuesday.

Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit against the charity navigation organization GuideStar for defamation, after GuideStar adopted the SPLC’s “hate group” list. That lawsuit is ongoing.

Other organizations attacked by the SPLC also told PJ Media they are “considering their options” regarding a lawsuit.

“Truthfully, I have not been following the activities of the SPLC too closely,” Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of the Ruth Institute, an organization that lost its credit card processor, Vanco Payments, over the SPLC’s “hate group” labeling last year, told PJ Media. “Pursuing our mission is more important than attempting to take on the behemoth of the SPLC.”

“I must say, though, this apology to Mr. Nawaz has caused us to consider our options,” Morse added, cryptically.

Main Source:

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The Genesis of the Opioid Epidemic is JEWISH

Drug Kingpins and Cartels don’t always look like this:


TODAY, they more often look like this:



“Their strategy was simple: the more drugs they sold, the more money they made, and the more people died,” Attorney General Healey said on Tuesday.

Jews love to promote degeneracy, vice and dope. Jews have been the major backers of Marijuana Legalization (which means the Jew-puppet Trump WILL legalize it)

But even more devious and destructive is the Opioid Epidemic which kills 100 people (MOSTLY poor & working class WHITE People) AND the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate is costing the US $78bn-plus a year.

The genesis of the Opioid Epidemic is a drug called “OxyContin” developed by the Jewish Owned Purdue Pharma in 1996.

“It was Purdue’s executives (Jews) who led and directed (Jews) this illegal business model, leading to addiction and deception to enrich a few while leaving a path of devastation and destruction in its wake,”  Massachusetts Attorney General

More importantly the question must be asked, is this yet another Jewish Ethnic Cleansing tactic? 



Let’s look at the Jewish Billionaire Family and Firm behind the MANUFACTURED Epidemic that is massacring over 100 people DAILY…. AND costing U.S. Taxpayers US $78bn-plus a year




mortimer-sackler_1624709fJEW POWER

Mortimer Sackler,  died in 2010 in Gstaad, at 93. He was the Europhile of the family and also an honorary knight. He and his third wife Theresa, who’s on the board of Purdue, lived in London, with additional houses in Berkshire, Switzerland and the French Riviera. She’s also English-born and a dame, and old images show them at charity events and the tennis.

Mortimer’s daughter Sophie married England cricketer Jamie Dalrymple at theBerkshire estate, Rooksnest, in 2009 and Samantha married a coffee entrepreneur.

Mortimer Junior, 46, lives in New York and Vogue gushes about his and wife Jacqueline’s property in Amagansett. Ilene, 71, and Kathe, 69, are board members of Purdue and also arts and science benefactors, in the family tradition.




Raymond Sackler, died in 2017 aged 97, was the youngest of the three brothers, but his branch of the family has been the most active in Purdue.

Of course they have …

Jacqueline Sackler, second from the right, at the American Museum of Natural History in 2007 next to Ivanka Trump (far right). Also pictured, from left, are Amanda Hearst, Tinsley Mortimer, Zani Gugelmann and Claire Bernard.

Made an honorary knight by the Queen, his widow Beverly was on the board of Purdue until recently and their two sons, Richard, 72, and Jonathan, 62, and Richard’s son David, 37, are on the board now. Richard and Jonathan fund a medicine professorship at Yale University, and give to other medical research.

Tax records for 2016 show that a foundation named after Richard and his ex-wife Beth donated to rightwing thinktanks, including $50,000 to the neo-conservative, fervently pro-Israel Foundation for Defense of Democracies. WOW, Right-wing Jews murdering our People, so is there such a thing as a “Good Jew”? 

David and his wife Joss are fixtures in New York charity and fashion circles and Raymond’s branch of the family has long been fond of skiing in Utah.

Jonathan Sackler advocates for conservative education reform and charter schools. His daughter, Madeleine Sackler, 34, is a film-maker and released a documentary highlighting charter schools, called The Lottery. The New Yorker just wrote about Madeleine’s forthcoming feature film shot in prison, only briefly reporting her dismissal of any moral conflict over her wealth. The same magazine dissected the Sacklers’ OxyContin fortune last October, shortly after a groundbreaking investigation by Esquire and work by Forbes began to make the connection.



The Firm (Purdue) that has settled Cases and pled GUILTY NUMEROUS times to charges and today faces a host of Civil Suits filed by several State Attorneys General.

Proceedings are now under way before a federal judge in Ohio, where more than 300 city and county federal cases against Purdue and others are bundled together. Fifteen states are suing separately and lawyer Mike Moore predicts that figure will reach 25 by summer, with all the others investigating.

New York City sued Purdue and other companies last month, claiming $500m and accusing Big Pharma of “deceptively peddling these dangerous drugs and hooking millions”.

Purdue has settled cases before on a relatively small scale, and in the 2007 prosecution was forced to pay $600m to the federal government. But current legal action eclipses what has gone before.


The Sackler (Jews) who this week have been named PERSONALLY in a major Law Suit by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for their personal criminal activity and cover ups regarding the harmful effects of the Monster Drug they created, a drug far more potent than  Morphine.

The Sacklers being sued are: Theresa and Beverly, the widows of the brothers Mortimer and Raymond Sackler who built the company into the narcotics giant it is today; Ilene, Kathe and Mortimer David Alfons Sackler, three of Mortimer’s children; Jonathan and Richard Sackler, Raymond’s two sons; and David Sackler, Raymond’s grandson. These family members and a number of their siblings and children are collectively worth an estimated$13bn, according to Forbes, with the vast bulk of the fortune generated from sales of OxyContin. Feuding family members have mostly declined to talk about the opioids crisis and avoid discussing their links to it.

The Massachusetts lawsuit, which was filed in the Suffolk superior court, alleges that Purdue’s leadership encouraged the company’s “deadly misconduct” while lining their pockets.

The company is also being sued separately by more than 15 states, but this is the first that names individual members of the Sackler family, who are currently or were formerly on the board of Purdue.

In 2007 Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty to federal felony charges that the company misled regulators, doctors and patients about OxyContin’s risk of addiction and abuse. Sackler family members were not charged.

The state of Massachusetts on Tuesday sued the maker of the prescription painkiller OxyContin, which has been blamed for spawning America’s opioids crisis, naming leading executives and members of the multibillionaire Sackler family that owns the pharmaceutical company.

The lawsuit accuses the company, Purdue Pharma, of spinning a “web of illegal deceit” to fuel the deadly drug abuse crisis while boosting profits.

Purdue Pharma is already defending lawsuits from several states and local governments, but Massachusetts is the first state to take the unusual step of personally naming the company’s executives in a complaint, the state attorney general, Maura Healey, said. It names 16 current and former executives and board members, including the chief executive, Craig Landau, and eight members across three generations of the Sackler family that wholly owns Purdue.

The Jewish Sackler Family is NO DIFFERENT and acted NO DIFFERENT than Jewish Mobsters such as Myer Lansky who peddled heroine as a “business”

The lawsuit alleges Purdue deceived patients and doctors about the risks of opioids, pushed prescribers to keep patients on the drugs longer and aggressively targeted vulnerable populations, such as the elderly and veterans.

“Their strategy was simple: the more drugs they sold, the more money they made, and the more people died,” Attorney General Healey said on Tuesday.

Purdue, along with some other painkiller makers and drug distributors, is currently facing more than 300 lawsuits from city and county authorities across the country. The lawsuits have been corralled into one multi-district case in a federal court in Ohio. The judge in that case has been pushing for a huge, quick settlement to compensate victims and assist in what the government has admitted is a public health crisis, in the way the so-called “Big Tobacco settlement” happened against cigarette companies in the 1990s. But some experts are calling for the case to go to trial in order to oblige the pharmaceutical companies to produce more evidence in the discovery process.

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FACTS for the “AltRight” & “WN” and a way Forward-UPDATED


YOU did NOT elect Donald Trump

Memes do NOT win elections

There are NOT as many Online Trolls as you think you are. 

Time & Demographics are NOT on OUR Side

Shitposting may make you feel better, BUT it will NOT change ANYTHING



The U.S. Census Bureau now estimates that by 2044no race or ethnicity in the U.S. will represent a majority of the population  HELLO that is just 26 years from TODAY


U.S., whites now make up just 61.6 percent of the population.

 137.5 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election

This represents 59.7% of eligible voters casting their ballots

Donald Trump received 58% of the WHITE vote

Remember that means there are 156 million non-Hispanic white voters BUT                        this means OVER ALL Hillary Clinton polled 37% of the WHITE Vote.

There are TWO (2) REASONS attempting to use the current political system is useless.

Demographics & the weakness of a true “Right” among White Americans

The share of WHITE voters remained UNCHANGED in 2016 from that of PRIOR years, in fact the White Vote has been in decline, why? DEMOGRAPHICS

BUT the Non-White Vote has INCREASED and what I call the WHITE-Non-WHITE Vote has been INCREASING as well. 


Blacks STAYED HOME in 2016

In 2016 The black voter turnout rate declined for the first time in 20 years                     after reaching a record-high 66.6% in 2012, WHAT IF the Black vote had been              static in 2016? 

Take a CLOSE LOOK at this Graph which shows Voter Turnout per Demographic


Now WHITE MAN/MAGA/TRUMPER, I am sure you can see that the percentage of            the Black Voter in 2016 was about 6% LESS than it was in 2012, now ask yourself                WHAT IF just 3% of that 6% had turned out in (3) States, in Wisconsin, Michigan,                 and Pennsylvania (in those (3) States a combined 70,000 votes elected Trump)

Let’s look at “Latinos” 

Interestingly, “Naturalized Immigrant-Hispanics” were a larger vote than Latinos                born in the United States, It MUST, be noted “Naturalized” Latinos are a “Liberal”  V            Voting Block.

FT_17.05.10_Voter-turnout_naturalized (1)

BUT here is your BIG “IMMIGRATION” shocker

Asia has replaced Latin America (including Mexico) as the biggest source of new immigrants to the U.S.


Bet ya didn’t see that coming, BUT you should’ve give the huge influx of Asians at Universities that many so called “WN” seem to defend and their early signs of domination of the economy.  Go look at who dominates new franchises for instance.

Now lets look at “White” people and the “Political Landscape”.

Democrats CONSISTENTLY benefit on average, from 89 percent and 66 percent of African-American and Latino votes, respectively.  That is a HUGE BLOCK going into any election,

Then remember, in 2016 Hillary Clinton polled 37% of the WHITE Vote. 37% of WHITES voting for Hillary is a another huge Block.

Yes Yes Yes Trump still won, BUT it was not a land slide and his win is NOT sustainable for White people. (Trump will not win Wisconsin, Michigan, & Pennsylvania again)

Texas will NOT go Blue in 2020, but Cruz may well LOSE.

Again look at the Graphs above, the percent of the White Vote ( i.e. OUR potential Vote Base) has been in DECLINE, while the Social Left has a Rock Solid 37% to 40% of the WHITE Vote PLUS a RAPIDLY GROWING DEMOGRAPHIC (Hispanics)  that votes 66% with the Democrats AND  their ROCK, the Black Vote which never votes less than 89% Democrat.

Get used to seeing this

The Social Left have Demographics and TIME on their side.  The Left COULD afford to LOOSE in 2016, they will NOT in 2020 and beyond. 

The Right in America is WEAK, Pathetic, and the “average” White” American “Conservative” supports most if not all of the social policies that is corrosive to his/her own Race.  

Here are a few examples:

36% of Americans identify as “Conservative” on decline since 2008 AND  mostly limited to FISCAL Issues

34% of Americans identify as “Moderate” on the decline (a Moderate is a screaming Liberal)

25% of Americans openly identify as “Liberal”, CONSISTENTLY on the rise since 2004


New Voter Registration Numbers for 2018 bare out everything outlined in this article, an ever growing power dynamic on the “Social Left” & a shrinking “Right”


BUT, here is the kicker, Americans are politically schizophrenic 

While American are quick define whether they are “Conservative”, “Moderate” or “Liberal”, they also responded as follows:

A) Yet it has been shown, only 17 percent of American voters ( “The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics,”) could both correctly assign the terms “liberal” and “conservative” to the nation’s two major political parties and offer a sensible description of what those terms meant.

B)  60 percent of Americans support tuition-free public college (a majority that includes 58 percent of independents and 47 percent of Republicans)

C) 60 percent of all voters favor Medicaid and Medicare buy-in programs, while a slim majority likes the sound of single-payer.

D) 82 percent of voters, including 70 percent of Republicans, support new legislation expanding access to paid family and medical leave.

E) There are self-identified “moderates” who support a $1 million maximum income

The United States resembles TWO Models:

1- In terms of  PEOPLE, specifically Whites, MOST American Whites today resemble, they act and talk just like the 1990’s South African Whites who joyfully voted their Country out of existence and condemned their children and grandchildren to a future of genocide and rape.

2-  As a Country, the United States looks ever more like the former Yugoslavia, a Country of MANY Country’s, like the United States is becoming.  In just 26 years, the USA will reach the demographic threshold that Yugoslavia grappled with, that being a Country without a single dominate ethnic majority AND the United States will enter that period already rife with ethnic separatism and sectarianism. As in Yugoslavia, when Croats and Bosnian s realized the Serbs could not contain them, they “broke that bitch up”.

What will LaRaza & MeCha Mexicans do in 26-30 years?

How will Blacks react? Of course they will want a piece of the pie.

Will fence sitters get off the fence knowing the beast (USA) is in it’s death-throws? 

Will WE be prepared to carve out our pwn piece? 

Where do we go from here:


There is INSUFFICIENT Base Support (Resources) in the existing Political & Social dynamic to USE to build a Pro-White “traditional” political Movement that PARTICIPATES in the EXISTING System.  

We MUST stand apart & build our own, they may mock us as the Masses mocked Noah as he built the Ark. But when the time comes, like Noah, we DON’T let them in.

We MUST understand that we will NOT build Mass Support and over take the EXISTING System.

We MUST give up on the temptation for instant gratification and embrace the virtue of patience, planning, preparing and building.

We MUST understand that NO ONE need know what we are doing.  Media whoring is a vice that has proved deadly.

We MUST ACCEPT that we will NOT take OUR Country Back, anymore than we can bring our favorite Grandfather back from the dead.

We MUST NOT be “Average Americans”

We MUST be a brotherhood without regard to perceived  economic, social or  intellectual standing.   There can be NO “Classism”

We MUST ACCEPT the fact that NOT ALL “White People” are “White”.


We must choose Quality OVER Quantity

WE DEFINE who we are by fully defining who we are NOT, and who we will NOT accept. 

There is nothing wrong with the concept of our own “Community”, it has yet to be built.

Rodney’s Possible Breakup Scenario Brown- LaRaza, Red-Independent, Blue- USA,          White New White Ethno State


Additional Sources:







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Nick “The Spick” Fuentes – BAD OPTICS

NICK-SPICimages (20)

Little Nicky “The Spic” Fuentes says “Optics” are important …..


Where to begin, Where to begin …..

Remember the following:

Nick “The Spic: Fuentez has attempted to have feet in many Camps:

Nick went to Charlottesville .. Why if he is NOT “WN” or “AltRight”?

Nick opines at being “Trad” and a devout “Catholic” and trashes anyone who is NOT ( this is significant)

Nick “The Spic” has trashed Islam

Nick “The Spic” brands himself as being “Captain America First”

and so on

BAD OPTICS – The Latino Question

Well, first, YES, Nick “The Spic” Fuentes IS a LATINO,  Looks like one, Acts, like one, talks like one, argues like one, and its only the White blood coupled with lighting that fools people, if you have any doubts, look at him and his sister in rather informal pictures:


Nick “The Spic” Fuentes will claim he is White with 16% AmerIndian, HOWEVER that is his clever attempt to misdirect low info White Conservatives in his audience who are racial or semi-racial who detest Latinos.

See here:


Nick “The Spic” Fuentes and his Sissy ….

The Picture on the Right is significant & is addressed in more detail below from an “optics” point of view


BAD “OPTICS” – Acting like a GangBanger & 3rd World Trash

Nick “The Spic” Fuentes, like all Latinos have pathetic infatuation with knives:

Should so called “devout” “Trad” Catholics be mimicking Thugs, GangBangers and the conduct of 3rd World Ghetto Trash?


Nick “The Spic” Fuentes often uses a Knife ( a common practice by Latino GangBangers)  to project ARTIFICIAL “Machismo” on his Show, he once cut himself on during a Live Stream while prancing with his little knife


The (Meme-Pic) on the Far-Right is both significant AND hypocritical given it depicts Nick “The Spic” Fuentes confronting a Muslim Female with his “notorious knife”


However, Nick “The Spic” Fuentes has NOT been opposed to Muslim Women in his PERSONAL LIFE now has he???  When others have engaged in far deeper searches of his now scrubbed Social Media, including his past romantic interests, a far different Nick “The Spic” Fuentes emerges



BAD OPTICS- “Marines are Gay” & “Fuck the Troops” 



Nick “The Spick” Fuentes CONTRARY to his often stated concern for “optics” remained on a Stream for another HOUR with these TWO low life basement losers AFTER THE ONE ON THE FAR RIGHT (w/cameltoe)  PROCLAIMED, and I quote “Marines are gay” & “fuck the troops”  Presence is an ENDORSEMENT . Fuentes has NEVER rebuked the two low life basement dwelling video game addict pussys. 


Nick “The Spic” Fuentes alignment with the TWO losers who proudly proclaimed “FUCK THE TROOPS” is in keeping with Nick’s fellow Latinos, you know, Nick’s people, these guys who routinely tell us “fuck you” 



Nick “The Spick Fuentes is very opinionated on “traditional” roles for women, EXCEPT his own SISTER

Nick “The Spic” Fuentes talks about “family” & “parenthood” & “Traditional GENDER-ROLES for women , Hmmmmmmm

Now lets return to that picture of Nick The Spic’s sister with the “African-American” 🙂


You remember, the picture on the right.

Let’s Remember Nick “The Spic” Fuentes has engaged in the following:

Called out Females as “THOTS”

Attacked Pagens as assorted trash and worse

Presents himself as “TRAD” and as a “devout” Catholic and has attacked others who he doesn’t believe uphold’s HIS Moral Values AND he has done so PUBLICLY.

Yet, he lives in a House full of BROKEN WINDOWS.

Has anyone seen him denounce his Sister for what he has called out in others as “THOT” behavior?

Has he called out his Sister for violating Catholic Doctrine regarding Homosexuality?

There is a “Blood Sports” Stream wherein Nick “The Spic” Fuentes attacks James Allsup for HETROSEXUAL conduct,yet Nick has made no comment regarding his sister which has been in the PUBLIC domain for some time.

Bare in mind, Dick Cheney addressed his own Lesbian daughter when asked to reconcile his daughter’s degeneracy vs. his “Conservative” Politics, Cheney, in typical fashion,  adopted a Liberal” exception for his daughter.


Nick “The Spic” Fuentes, is in reality a pussy, in the beginning, he attached himself to the “AltRight”, even attending Charlottesville.

He received, only moderate blowback, compared to many others who attended.  As a result, Nick “The Spic” Fuentes QUIT school, REMEMBER, he says he only supports those who win, YET he is a QUITTER, he ran away from Boston before he even began.


Nick “The Spic” Fuentes then according to his own statements went through his Twitter and deleted every Tweet associated with the “AltRight” and “ReBranded” himself and has attempted to make like the Nick “The Spic Pre-Charlottesville NEVER existed.

The fact is Nick “The Spic” Fuentes is as much an enigma, and should be treated with as much suspicion as the Patrick Little he attacked.

PERHAPS the Little-Fuentes Dual was a staged event to further polarize the AltRight into TWO Factions? 

Finally, it cannot be ignored that Nick “The Spic” Fuentes formed a 3-Man Partnership with his “BEST FRIEND (Matt) and James Allsup and it all went bad and Nick’s BEST FRIEND sided with James Allsup who was known to Nick’s BF only via the Internet.  This speaks volumes to Fuentes character that his once BEST FRIEND sided with a partner who was only known to him online.

You can see the circumstances somewhat explained here and as you can see Nick “The Spick” Fuentes gets “emotional” engages in name calling and becomes judgmental of Allsup’s personal life, which begs the question of Fuentes’ house of broken windows.



Notes: All Pictures & Videos contained in this Post are and have BEEN in the Public Domain.  Pics were posted to Public Social Media by the specific (noted) Persons.

This Site DOES NOT engage in Doxxing.

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UPDATE- Patrick Little Smashed in Primary-Receives 1.4%, DECLARES HE WILL CHALLENGE RESULTS


UPDATE: Patrick Little wastes NO time in proving himself to be a TOTAL AssClown



                                      Patrick Little failed to finish in the TOP 10





Last (3) THREE Polls in Ca U.S. Senate Primary which had Patrick Little at 0% to 2% were indeed CORRECT

Contrary to Patrick Little’s verbose statements on many “AltRight” Live Streams regarding Polls and regarding his “Campaign” ( which was NOT officially organized until a week before the election), the REALITY as expressed on this BLOG proved CORRECT

This Blog sounded alarm bells and warned the many gullible White Nationalists and “AltRighters” to NOT have artificial expectations, mostly to no avail.

Many Low Info WN & AltRighters actually predicted a Little Victory


Little’s  massive defeat begs the question, how will Patrick Little’s most vocal CheerLeaders who fell for his fraud will react:


(Pictured- Little-Boosters: Augustus Invictus w/ Star of David Tattoo & Joe Sigur doing Stream High)

Will they be mature and say they were wrong

Will they claim VOTER Fraud, as Little himself was insinuating on Streams on June 3, 4 & 5th?

Or will they come up with other Conspiracies to make themselves feel better?


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Patrick Little is NOT on ANTIFA’s Radar??


Patrick Little lives in  Berkeley (Bay Area) Here is a search I did on BayAreaANTIFA Blog for Patrick Little, NO Results, Local Bay Area ANTIFA has NOTHING on such a NeoNazi


Why does Bay Area Antifa, who has targeted Nathan Damigo (who lives 4 hours away) NOT even have a single mention of such a “evil” “antisemitic” “Neo-Nazi” like Patrick Little on their Blog?

Also, why hasn’t Bay Area Antifa attacked or harassed Little in any of his Solo or 2-man operations around what can only be described as “behind the lines” ?  You never see Antifa or really anyone harassing Little in any of his 1-man publicity stunts. 




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Live Streams, Interviews & Panel Discussions


LIVE-STREAMIMG_20161116_1903304 (2)B

I’ve done several Interviews and been a regular guest on several Live Streams, Panel Discussions.

This weekend, a new Page will be added containing those Videos.

Also watch for me next week on:


Big Cat Kayla’s Live Stream on “National Socialism as an Economic Model

Kayla’s You Tube Channel:


I have pending invitation w/ Luke Ford Re”Have Jews been Good for Western Civilization”

Luke Ford’s You Tube Channel:


I’m looking forward to a return to the BrundleCast for a Panel Discussion

Brundlefly’s You TubeChannel: