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Crybaby Cantwell (Fed) going back to jail??



A New Hampshire man involved in last summer’s torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia is now in trouble in Northern Virginia.
Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Charles Cantwell was arrested in Loudoun County on March 31 and charged with public swearing and intoxication.
He was released on his own recognizance.
Cantwell is out on a $25,000 bond after being charged with illegal use of tear gas. He is accused of spraying tear gas during a white nationalist rally at UVA on August 11, 2017, one day before the Unite the Right rally.
Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci says the Loudoun County charge could affect Cantwell’s bond status.
Cantwell’s bond is scheduled to be taken up in Albemarle Circuit Court on April 24.


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Halsey English — DEBATE??

I had a Twitter exchange with Halsey English (Jew) regarding Lies & Misstatements he made in his Debate with Mike Enoch.  I detest Mike Enoch, but Halsey WON because Enoch lacked all command of facts & history.


See my twitter feed  to see the exchange(s) BUT essentially I posted facts that refuted his Lies and Shilling for Jews & Israel.  He replied by saying he “could easily refute me”, WHICH LED TO THIS:




I have replied to Halsey that next Friday night OR really any night is good

NOTICE, Halsey in his reply tagged in a 3rd Party @Zionisthumanist (JEW) who then attempted to deflect and take Halsey’s place AND Halsey attempted to back peddle.

QUESTION: Halsey accepted, will he PUSSOUT? 

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Tell me again why we should allow Jews in our Movement(s) when they have done so much damage to our Country? We clearly see where their loyalty is.



JEWS have THEIR OWN Movement(s)

1) 2008 Arrest of NJ Retiree Rekindles Suspicions of Israeli Spy Ring

2) 2008 The Spy Who Loves Us | The American Conservative

3) 2009 Breaking the Taboo on Israel’s Spying Efforts on the United States’s_spying_efforts_on_the_united_states

4) 2009 Stewart Nozette: The American who wanted to spy for Israel

5) 2009 Scientist gave Israelis secrets

6) 2012 Former U.S. Officials Say CIA Considers Israel to Be Mideast’s Biggest Spy Threat

7) 2012 CIA Calls Israel Main US Regional Spy Threat

8) 2013 Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

9) 2014 Israeli Espionage Against the US

10) 2014 US accuses Israel of ‘alarming, even terrifying’ levels of spying


12) 2014 Israel Flagged as Top Spy Threat to US in New Snowden/NSA


14) 2014 Wiretaps against Palestinians are wrong, Israeli ex-spies

15) 2014 Fears of Israeli Spying Underlie Reluctance on Visa Waiver Program

16) 2014 Mossad Meets Resistance

17) 2015 Espionage, Treason, and the Congressional Fifth Column

18) 2015 Zionist Power: Swindlers and Impunity, Traitors and Pardons – James Petras

19) 2015 Israel accused of spying on U.S. nuclear talks with Iran – and then leaking information to Congress to undermine deal

20) 2015 Israel’s latest attempt to steal American high tech

21) 2015 Israel Spying Spat: Netanyahu’s Office Denies Nuke Talks Snooping

22) 2015 U.S., Israel clash over spying claim – USA Today

23) 2015 Spying report stirs anger in U.S., silence in Israel

24) 2015 Spy vs. Spy: Inside the Fraying U.S.-Israel Ties


26) 2015 US accuses Israel of spying on nuclear talks with Iran

27) 2015 Jonathan Pollard: Why Israel wants him free

28) 2015 Report: Israel Spied on Iran Negotiations to Lobby Congress

29) 2017 Supporting Israel doesn’t mean supporting Israeli espionage in America

30) 2017 Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?

31) 2017 Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?

32) Must watch Video: Israel is Spying in and on the U.S.?

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“JIDF SIGUR” … Joe ATTACKS REAL AntiJews & Gets Jew Appreciation :)


LOL Joe Sigur ATTACKS Movement Critic THEN…. DRUM ROLL… within 48 hours  he gets an invite ON #JEW Show, 

Luke Ford the former Porn King 

Joe Sigur was graciously invited on Ford’s You Tube Torah Talk &  Sigur ACCEPTED


NO Surprises , Who is the #OP ?? BUT Joe Sigur  says he is #AntiJew??

Joe Sigur’s new name is … JIDF Joe….


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Joe Sigur -Data Collection -Fake Personalities


Joe Sigur has a history of using FAKE personalities online, including masquerading as a FEMALE.  He pals up and in so doing attempts to gather personal, professional, & even family information.  In many cases he attempts to engage in telephone conversations WHICH HE RECORDS WITHOUT INFORMING THE OTHER PARTY.

Joe Sigur once was very upset at me because he was NOT able to ascertain my phone number after one such call.  

In some cases, depending on the respective State, it is ILLEGAL to record without informing the other Party/Person.

QUESTION(s): Why is Joe Sigur so interested in this information, his “Cover Story” is he is attempting to uncover “OP’s”, BUT what do we know about him? What are his “qualifications” for rooting out “OPs”, by his own admission he is but a mere “gardener”.   & given his numerous renunciations of Racial Nationalism and his use of all the proper Jew-Speak, i.e. Joe Sigur makes sure to say we can’t be “extremists” that he condemns “hate” and so on AND as a father to a mulatto (1/2 Black daughter), WHY does ne continue to target Racial Nationalists? Recently Sigur made common cause with the anonymous New York Jew Attorney “Game Frame” (YET Sigur says he opposes Jew power, but a NY Jew Attorney LOL)  and adopted the Jew’s position that the “good” Jews have a role in the “WN” & “Alt-Right” Movement and we can’t exclude Jews despite their cancerous history of working behind the scenes as “good Jews” introducing “diversity, Gay Marriage, and warping all Social Norms of Western Christian Society.

Sigur also takes the (Jew) position that personal standards & conduct are irrelevant, i.e, if it feels good, do it, which he did, i.e. miscegenation, drugs, et. al.


Where is Joe Sigur sending this Data?  Why has he felt the need to masquerade as a “female” in times past? This was a common tactic used by Israeli Agents to appeal to “lonely hearts” and get them to say more to a lady then they would to a male.

Why The Best Spies in Mossad And The CIA Are Women

If you have talked to Joe Sigur & had your call recorded, and shared information with him, give him a call and ask him who a few pointed questions. 


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FAKE White Nationalist Richard Spencer Kicked Off Facebook


How is it that at the same time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in front of Congress giving testimony that said his company does “not allow hate groups” on its platform, white nationalist and king of the “alt-right” Richard Spencer managed to have not one, but two pages representing his hate ideology active on the site?


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A Crybaby is always a Rat too

Remember Crybaby Cantwell ? Looks & sounds like a “Rat” (Informant) doesn’t he?

WELL Cantwell IS an informant, here he admits to the Jew Weev, he IS talking to Police & the Feds ..

Now Rat /Crybaby Cantwell is joining up with habitual quitter Hunter Wallace (Fake Name) and attacking the Jew Weev, whom he has in the past sang the praises of.  Interesting how a bunch of Tards turn on each other all because their SHIT Non-Movement lacks any semblance of Standards, Order, Discipline, & REAL Leadership.



Andrew Anglin — PEDOPHILE?


In 2013 Andrew Anglin posted his Political & Social Manifesto on his now defunct web site “Total Fascism”
One of his provisions was  the lowering of the age of consent of females to AGE 14, a position I strongly took issue with and posted the following comment which set off a firestorm in the comment section.





NOTE: Anglin later modified his “Manifesto” after an online firefight in his comment section, BUT Anglin admits, defends & memorizes his original language in the comments , which you can still view here:

In one exchange I called Andrew out and he directly admitted what he wrote, YES, Andrew Anglin supports Older Adults having sex with girls age 14, and he supported arranged marriages by the State & Church, i.e. having Institutions force little girls marry their molesters.  How very Jewish.

TALMUD-CHILD SEXCHere are some exchange between Anglin and me and others:








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DEBATE Challenge


I am willing to put up are any of the Alt Right Poohbahs?  



I hereby challenge any of the so called “Alt-Right” “Spokesmen”, “Pod Cast Personalities” “Intellectual Heavyweights” to a formal 2 Hour structured Debate, i.e. not one of your emotionally charged juvenile shouting matches. What I mean is a structured Debate with Opening & Closing Statements, Debate on Principles, Vision, Strategy, & the Future Moderated by Joe Sigur, AKA “Accuracy in Media who has clearly proven himself to be fair and has bedrock credentials regarding the Jewish Problem.




My issues & criticisms of the “Alt-Right” have been memorialized and are well known and the case can be made I have been proved correct for the most part given the state of affairs today.

However my primary criticism(s) of the so called “Alt-Right” are as follows:

The lack of the overall Worldview of the Alt-Right on a broad range of issues

The absolute failure of the Alt-Right to define a Race Policy, I HAVE

The failure of the Alt-Right to clearly define the Jewish problem, & it IS a PROBLEM, not a Question.

The abject failure of the Alt-Right to address good Order, Discipline & Standards required of any successful political revolutionary Movement

The absolute silliness of the Alt-Right’s embrace of Jewish “Americanism” as most recently put on display by Richard Spencer’s St. Patrick’s Day diatribe

Frankly, I think my challenge will be ignored, but mock me while the poohbahs  continue to boast of their non-existent credentials and fundraise on their non-existent “success” . They will also attack me for my career, at least I had one and I am the ONLY one who ever administered an “Ethno-State” and worked inside ZOG’s inner workings ( something William Pierce advocated).  I have often said NO one inside WN and the Alt-Right have a clue what they are facing.  Remember not to long ago it was Richard Spencer who was singing the praises of various “government” Agencies including the IRS, saying he ” had never had any problem with IRS or other Government Agencies”.  Then of course his Non-Profit status for NPI was revoked and he was denied access to Government buildings and regardless of his singing the praises of Police, he still had his attorney chased away and he was left facing huge legal actions and no legal representation, according to him.

I say put up or shut up.  REAL Political Revolutionary Movements must have broad based Worldviews, the Alt-Right does NOT.

Real Revolutionary Political Movements are able to articulate the real issues AND problems, not infer them, the Alt-Right does neither.

Successful Revolutionary Political Movements are based on a wave of support based on bedrock principles, the Alt-Right exists based on cry’s of victimhood and fear, no one rallies to a crybaby.

I seriously doubt anyone from the Alt-Right will debate, because the Alt Right is NOT a thing.


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REMINDER-another Andrew Anglin Associate -PERVERT ALERT

Just a friendly Reminder, one “Sven Longshanks” was once Andrew Anglin’s Right Hand Reach-Around Man at Daily Stormer, you know that infamous Nutzi Rag that proclaims itself to be the saviors of all things Aryan-Pure, Traditional, blah, blah, blah


“Longshanks quietly disappeared from Daily Stormer and then did Radio Work with Trailer Trash King Matt Heimbach


“Longshanks” then started none other than “Radio Aryan”

Problem is “Longshanks IS NOT an Aryan and he is a PERVERT

BEHOLD one “Sven Longshanks” his real name is Francesco (Tony) Young age 46/47


CONVICTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM OF Sexual Assault and Sentenced to  18-month Community Order, with eight-week curfew, restraining order imposed, ordered to pay £85 costs and Register as a Sex offender for five years.

Doesn’t this remind you of the Goldberg incident at Daily Stormer??




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Richard Spencer & “Alt-Right” in full retreat/collapsing TRUTH behind Spencer ceasing College Speeches

Kyle Bristow, major Alt Right Attorney QUITS Alt Right & shutters Alt-Right front Foundation

Spencer’s College Front/Organizer Cameron Padgett walks as well

“FMI (Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas) will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will                                 be dissolved,” – Kyle Bristow       Editor’s Note FMI website has already been shuttered


Richard Spencer (Left) & Kyle Bristow (Right)



Attorney Kyle Bristow resigned from the “Alt-Right” and as the executive director and cut his ties to a Macomb County Michigan-based group that calls itself the “sword and shield” of the white nationalist, alt-right movement,  the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI)  “FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will be dissolved,” Bristow said of the foundation he helped found in 2016 with other attorneys.

First there was Commodore Spencer’s & his Alt-Right’s Stalingrad at Charlottesville and its been in full retreat ever since with loss of web platforms, loss of PayPal & other fundraising venues and the booting from Social Media.

Concurrently, many are facing frivolous & vexatious law suits by Antifa filed Pro Bono by well funded Leftist Law Foundations which are well funded.

That only addresses a few of the major external bombardments.

Internally, the “Alt-Right” has been infested with an assortment of Nutjobs,  morally defectives, and basically individuals who should not be involved in political activities let alone LEAD them or be the public face.

Most recently there has been the Matt Heimbach Trailer Trash melee reported here:

And then the revelation of Alt-Right You Tube Intellectual “JF” and his molestation of a Hispanic Mentally Disabled girl

A far more significant development should be noted, which is sudden departure of BOTH Kyle Bristow AND Cameron Padgett.

The Tag Team of Padgett & Bristow had been key to Richard Spencer and is the REAL reason for Spencer’s recent announcement that he would no longer do College or “Public Events. It was Padgent who would front and Book & Organize the College Events then when these Events would encounter resistance Bristow would “tag in” and threaten or even file legal action on Padgett’s behalf, thereby creating a buffer between Spencer and an actual “Event Organizer”.

As you can plainly see Richard Spencer has a pattern of using as many people as possible to shield him from any potential liability, i.e he seeks to use the strategy ” I (Richard) am just an “invited Speaker”, I had no part in organizing or planning the event.  Spencer thereby leaves any and all liability to others. In a nutshell the Trust fund baby  Richard Spencer demands others who most likely live payday to pay day sacrifice themselves for him.

BOTH Bristow AND Padgett have abandoned ship, and shortly thereafter Spencer abandoned his College Tour he once so proudly touted…… which he announced in this Video in an attempt to gloss over his capitulation



Cameron Padgett


In his resignation letter, Bristow said he would not be attending Spencer’s speech on Monday, nor would he attend the foundation’s “upcoming Detroit conference where attendees will merely dine on appetizers and drink beverages from an open bar as they mingle.”

Bristow has already bailed on litigation that has already commenced as a result of prior Spencer College Events or attempts.  Bristow said that on Friday another attorney substituted for him to continue representing Cameron Padgett in his lawsuits against the University of Cincinnati and Ohio State University.

“FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will be dissolved,” Bristow said of the foundation he helped found in 2016 with other attorneys.

He also said that Padgett would also not be attending the FMI’s conference in Detroit or Spencer’s MSU speech.

Here is Bristow’s Resignation as posted


Resignation of Kyle Bristow
March 3, 2018


In recent weeks, journalists have published horrifically disparaging articles about me which contain acerbic, offensive, juvenile, and regrettable statements I mostly made over a decade ago while I was in college and a prominent and staunchly conservative activist, and which juxtaposed these statements with my recent legitimate and meritorious legal advocacy on behalf of people and organizations who espouse political views which happen to be controversial.

The media is not whatsoever justified in vilifying me. Just as I have stood up for the free speech rights of people on the right side of the political spectrum, I have likewise—in my capacity as an attorney—stood up for the rights of people on the left side of the political spectrum. I take my calling as an attorney seriously and have aggressively represented people from all walks of life: which includes homeless people as well as multimillionaires, people of all races, and people of all sexual orientations. You might be surprised to learn that I once was nearly held in contempt of court for repeatedly demanding that a rural judge from a conservative jurisdiction refer to my client—who was transsexual—on the record by their assigned gender rather than by their biological gender; you might also be surprised to learn that I served as the president of my high school’s international club while I was a junior and senior and that when I travel internationally, I try my best to speak the local language (albeit poorly)—which I only point out to show that I have respect for cultures and human dignity and that there is a side to the story which the media is not telling.

The people who know me best—my friends and family, my current and former clients, former employers, and lawyers and judges with whom I regularly deal—know me as a passionate defender of the law and an aggressive advocate of my clients’ rights. Whether I am demanding the dismissal of an unconstitutional criminal charge against a homeless client who merely held up a sign to request food near a busy street intersection, or I am repeatedly demanding that a rural judge refer to a transsexual client by their assigned gender, or I am providing pro bono legal assistance to poor people who happen to be down on their luck, I do my job and do it as well as I can

In light of the recent relentless and unjustifiable vilification of me, as well as the mischaracterizations of who I am as a person, I have unilaterally made the decision to provide this clarification and to withdraw from politics. Yesterday, an attorney substituted in for me so as to continue representing Cameron Padgett for his federal lawsuits against the University of Cincinnati and the Ohio State University, and today I deleted my private Twitter profile and now am announcing that I will no longer serve in any capacity with the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.—which was founded by a number of licensed attorneys and me in 2016 so as to promote the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. I will not be in attendance at the upcoming Michigan State University event—which will happen as a result of the recent successful and high-profile lawsuit I filed on behalf of my client—, nor will I attend FMI’s upcoming Detroit conference where attendees will merely dine on appetizers and drink beverages from an open bar as they mingle. FMI will be transferred to the control of someone else to manage so its mission can be advanced, or else it will be dissolved.

In closing, I wish to relay that I abhor violence—of which I have never engaged and have always disavowed—, I regret having previously used language which is needlessly offensive, the characterizations made of me by the media are inaccurate, and I salute everyone who stands up for the rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution—no matter who is exercising those rights.

Although the media’s vilification of me prompted this statement, I nevertheless believe it is the morally right decision to make as I move forward in life.

Kyle Bristow


The premise of Bristow’s bailing out is a single news article, which compared to those suffered by other Alt-Right figures, was mild.  It is safe to assume that the Tag-Team of Bristow & Padgett had other reasons and issues with Spencer and the Alt-Right (character perhaps) for their sudden “resignation”

This is the article cited by Bristow as the genesis for his departure:

It should be noted the Michigan State Bar was well aware of Bristow’s political leanings and in fact had given him an “Honorable Mention in a prior Competition for a Paper he submitted which Leftists derided as “Racist”, thus pressure from above, i.e. the State Bar is highly unlikely as a reason for his departure, all roads lead back to Spencer, his character, the lack thereof, and the sever lack of good order, discipline, and likelihood of success of the “Alt-Right”.

Regardless of the reasons, the loss of Bristow and Padgett is significant as the “Alt-Right” lacks the resources the Left has and what few professionals the “Alt-Right” does have in its ranks refuse to exercise their craft on behalf of their so called beliefs, given this, the loss of Bristow is not just a set back, its yet another nail in the Alt-Right coffin.





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UPDATED- PERVERT ALERT -“Alt-Right” continues to collapse “JF” Jew Andy Warski Co-Host also a Race-Mixer

Meet Jean-Francois Gariepy, better known as “JF” the Jew Andy Warski’s Co-Host.


JF-PEDOEditor’s Note: THIS is typical of the caliber of “Alt-Right” personalities and “Thinkers”, can we please shit can them and return to NS please

Like so many “Alt-Right” You Tube & Pod Cast Personalities, he is mentally defective, lacks morals and is of poor character and is an absolute pervert.

This Video (by a non U.S.) You Tuber Note at 2:34 Jew Andy Warski says by question it is NOT immoral for a man to date and have sex with a mentally disabled female who has the mental capacity of a 12 year old.  Warski is stipulating to the fact that the girl was RETRARDED, but is FINE with men grooming & molesting retarded girls. 




“JF” with his Jew Co-Host Andy Warski



Here is “JF” bragging and yucking it up about doing the Retarded girl in You Tube Stream, this very You Tube Stream was introduced into evidence in Texas Court Proceedings AGAINST “JF”















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The following are the Police Report and Statements provided by Matt Parrott (Heimbach’s (Step-Father-in-Law) LMFAO and Heimbach’s wife.  NOTE: Parrott’s significant other, it is NOT clear whether or not Parrott is married or just living with his the female reportedly named “Jessica” and with whom Heimbach was having the affair which was the cause of the “Trailer Park MMA Hill-Billy Incest Match”  however “”Parrott’s significant other at present IS NOT the mother of Heimbach’s wife.  Heimbach’s wife mother is deceased and was Parrott’s first wife and was a much older women who Parrott married when he was approximately 19/20 and she was between the ages of 45 & 50, Ewwww, Parrott obviously had an Oedipus Complex or was just very hard up for pussy or is just fucked up in the head, my money is on the last.

Here are the Police Report w/ Battery Affidavits & Statements, Note: the Redactions were done by the Police prior to release.  

Editor’s Note: Matt Heimbach is a Public Figure, the head of a self described Political Party ( Traditionalist Workers Party) and Media Personality (interviewed often in the MSM) as a “Spokesman & Leader of the White Nationalist Movement & the “Alt-Right”.  The publishing of this Report is made as public information. Public figures as Heimbach & the MSM has made himself & him out to be must take the fast & softballs.









HEIMBACH-PR9Matt Parrott’s Battery Affidavit & StatementMATT-PARROTT-STATEMENT-HEIMBACH


Heimbach’s wife’s Battery Affidavit &Statement