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Live Stream Notes – Saturday May 12, 2018


There following are Notes & References for the May 12, 2018 Live Stream

On Patrick Little – ENDORSEMENT but call for Little to address some issues

On Worldview:

On Halsey English:










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Re: Our new Live Steams

Many apologies for the delay on the Roll Out of our new weekly Live Streams.


Due to travel this past week and software issues, there were unforeseen delays.

These issues have been resolved.

Our weekly Live Streams will be Saturdays at 4PM Pacific Time / 7PM Eastern Time.

Unlike most, our Live Streams will only be 1 hour in length and follow Topics announced the preceding week on our Twitter feed.

Halsey English

The Importance of Worldview

The need for a NEW Movement & the end of the “AltRight”

This Saturday, May 13, we will address the previously announced Topics PLUS discuss the importance of MOTHERS in honor of Mother’s Day, this Sunday



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Donald Trump HIRED Israeli Espionage Agents to spy on U.S.

Israeli Media is reporting Donald Trump HIRED private Israeli espionage Agents to SPY on U.S. Officials …. If TRUE, Trump must be removed from office.



Trump hired “Black Cube” the same firm used by none other than Harvey Weinstein



Read full article here:


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Grindr Greg Johnson STIPULATES to JEWISH HOLOCAUST Narrative


Grindr Greg Johnson is ON RECORD detesting Christianity -LIKE ALL HOMOSEXUALS DO
On a recent appearance on the Luke Ford (Jew) Stream, Grindr Greg many damning Statement, such as this one STIPULATING to the Jewish Holocaust Narrative. Grindr Greg also called for “Cooperation with Jews” Those Statement will be posted separately.
Notice Grindr Greg uses the Jewish created derogatory term “Nazi” when referencing “National Socialists”, yet he fancies himself an “intellectual”
Understand the REAL reason Grindr Greg Johnson detests BOTH Christianity AND National Socialism is because BOTH were and are opposed to Homosexuality and the National Socialists purged that degeneracy from German Society, this is the real “Genocide” Grindr Greggy” is so opposed to.
Grindr Greg & his “Bath House Nationalism must equally be shunned

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Sectarianism & Balkanization are OUR PATHWAY to OUR Ethno State

I have NO Problem making a deal (Treaties) with these Ethno Nationalist Groups and cede Areas ALREADY LOST in exchange for their cleaning up our Jewish Problem AND for a WALL.

Our Ethno State will NOT come from “Democracy” or a “Race War” or by “Memes” & “PodCasting Circle Jerks”. We will save our People & a future for White Children via REALPOLITIK


BOTH of these Groups are ANTI-SEMETIC

Of course those Leftist MultiCult Whites can stay with THEM or a reduced/reconstituted USA.





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YOU’RE in the GOOD hands of Agent Richard Spencer -employed suspected Pedophile





I’ve been calling out Richard Spencer for years, wayyyy before recent converts.  


Well, no doubt he will be DISMISSED from any & all liability in the Charlottesville Civil Law Suit when he trades his HUGE Data Base of PICTURES & PERSONAL INFORMATION.

SUCKERS and I bet many of you will still donate money you DON’T have to his BOGUS “Legal Defense”

EDITORIAL NOTE: Sourcing from Gateway Pundit, this Site does NOT agree with the Report’s assessment Re: Charlottesville. However reporting on Spencer gathering Data on AltRight is backed up in the Charlottesville Civil Law suit.


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Editors Note: in 2013 this Editor had conversations with Louis Beam, as a result, Mr. Beam graciously granted permission to this Editor to repost his writings. 



by Louis Beam


1. The most important principle of leadership is to lead by example. If at all possible, a leader should have already done that which he will ask others to do.
2. The best leaders, more often than not, “come up through the ranks.” They lead by example and by experience.
3. An indispensable principle is that the leader believe absolutely in the cause for which he is to fight. The devotion of a leader is transferred to his men.
4. A leader must not observe, but rather share with his men that which they are to endure. Leadership does not consist of commanding, but of leading.
5. The man who will not do himself, that which he asks others to do, is a commander, not a leader.
6. There is no room for the theorist in a good leader. His successes are measured by accomplishments, not by theories. Good ideas are those that work, all others are for speculators.
7. Leaders are not given respect, they earn it. If there is no respect from the ranks, then the leader must look to himself for the answer as to why.
8. The man who after serious thought and deliberation envisions himself a leader, usually is not, or he would already be leading instead of contemplating doing so.
9. There are men who seem to be “born leaders,” as well as men who are born leading. The former possess a natural ability and talent from the beginning, the latter by training and experience.
10. A leader is not an island unto himself, he understands people and what motivates them. Praise and recognition is given by him to men who are successful, concern and help to those who fail. Men in the ranks are always given a second chance to prove themselves. No man who has given it his all should be judged harshly upon a single incident that may have been subject to the vicissitudes of life.
11. The hardest task for a competent leader is to delegate authority. Doing so, where possible, is what makes him superior to those leaders that can not.
12. A truly brilliant leader, is always looking for his replacement.

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On Grindr Greg Johnson w/ Audio Link

There can be NO place for sexual degenerates in an Ethno Nationalist Movement & in a future Ethno State that seeks to restore traditional Western Christian Values.


The fact that so many artificial “WN” & “Cyber AltRight” support Grindr Greg because he is “well spoken”, is a reflection on THEIR lack of values, lack of commitment to ideology, and shows that there MUST be a Night of the Long Knives within the American “WN” Cause and the complete destruction of the “AltRight” as it is festooned with Jews and with Jews comes sexual degeneracy, tolerance of miscegenation, and every other social filth imaginable.

Greg Johnson stipulates to the nonsensical Jewish Holocaust narrative which Jews use as a propaganda club against ALL White people.

Greg Johnson is an elitist snob who looks down his nose at poor & working class White People who need us the most as many are trapped in predominately Black & Brown Communities.

Greg Johnson regularly publishes militant homosexual authors.

Greg Johnson is militantly AGAINST Christianity, like so many Homosexuals.

Greg Johnson, as a Homosexual himself has NOTHING to offer our Race and given Homosexuals & Pedophiles are essentially one & the same, he and his kind are a threat to our children.

Greg Johnson’s prior paranoia about concealing his face i.e assuring his true identity was not associated with his anonymous views he expressed online was so he could keep one foot firmly planted in the Leftist Bath Houses of San Francisco.


The “Bath House Nationalism” vision Greg Johnson espouses is “nice neat & tidy neighborhoods, with very nice looking & fit men, free from “icky people”, White & Non-White. (Greg Johnson really doesn’t care about Race because he has said publically that if a person acts & thinks White, that is all that matters)

More on Grindr Greg Johnson can be heard here:

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On “Millennial Woes”

Regarding  Colin Robertson AKA “Millennial Woes”  I have said there is NO place for sexual degeneracy, i.e. Homosexuality/Pedophilia in a Ethno Nationalist Movement NOR in a future Ethno State.


“Woes” – Robertson is NOT a “Millennial

He is a 35 year old man who lived with daddy until he was in his early 30’s and according to REAL British Nationalists ( sources within the National Front) he lived(s) on welfare.

Let’s look at “Woes” / Robertson’s OWN RECENT statements:

Here “Woes” says the “AltRight is heavily dependent on HOMOSEXUALS then BLOCKS people for calling him out


Here “Woes” says the “AltRight is heavily dependent on HOMOSEXUALS then BLOCKS people for calling him out



Here “Woes” ADMITS lusting after BOYS, but says “at least he didn’t marry them

Here “Woes” ADMITS lusting after BOYS, but says “at least he didn’t marry them


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On Fake Names & Avatars (Cowards)

In this video, the late Dr. William Pierce addresses the difference. There are REAL Fighters and there are Cyber Tough Puppies (LOL) The Cyber Tough Puppy talks VERY TOUGH, safely from behind 6 different Fake Screen names, 8 different Courageous Avatars and DOES NOTHING but Posts & Likes and engages in personality cultism, The “Cyber AltRight” and most of “White Nationalism” is infested with these limp wristed sissys. Not only are they VOID of any meaningful IDEAS, they seem to think simpleton arguments like “Deport all illegal aliens” & “we need to take our Country back” are powerful ideas. These “Cyber Warriors” almost always can NEVER handle hard realities & TRUTH which is why their staying power & longevity is always questionable. at first sign of serious engagement or a serious fight where they just MIGHT have to step up, they usually disappear, meaning all their fake accounts vanish from the internet as fast as they first appeared. Of course they have 6 million excuses as to why they can’t commit because they function from a basic premise of FEAR and live on their knees.

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Jean-Francois Gariépy (JF) calls it “Love”


Jean-Francois Gariépy (JF) in debate w/ a guy named “Destiny” LOL, BUT “JF” shows himself to be a Predator….
“Its Love” is the common defense of all Predators, whether they be Pedophiles like Kevin Alford Strom who pursued a 13 year old Indian girl, even hiding in the bushes at her school, or the ranks of NAMBLA they all call it “Love”
In the case of Jean-Francois Gariépy the facts are clear he used the internet to groom a mentally disabled MEXICAN girl who was subsequently reviewed by a Court and adjudicated as such.
In this short clip, NOT only does Jean-Francois Gariépy concede that the girl is Mentally Disabled, he calls it “Love” AND mounts a DEFENSE of his actions in the defense of the “Mentally Disabled”, i.e. he thinks its NORMAL for persons to enage in in such behavior, i.e. use Mentally Disabled persons for sex. Pardon me while I puke.
Remember Jean-Francois Gariépy CLAIMS to be an “Ethno Nationalist, the Mentally Disabled girl in question is a MEXICAN

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We all know large portions of Minnesota is invested with Somalis, the lowest IQ peoples on the African Continent, you can regularly find them shitting in the planter boxes inside the ONCE great Mall of America

ENTER the “posh” LOL “Identity Europa, you know the “American Martin Sellner Fanboys”, most of which are Fags & Jews. Identity Europa decided to celebrate “Earth Day



Identity Europa decided to celebrate “Earth Day” .. WHICH IS FINE, BUT instead of DOING SOMETHING for OUR PEOPLE, such as going around and clearing up the yards of elderly WHITE PEOPLE, the young PROUD “WHITE” “Identarians” decided to “HONOR” OUR” people in a very “JEWISH” & “MULTICULTUAL” way.


Identity Europa thought the best way to “Honor” our people AND show strength was to go out and clean up Somali SHIT, TRASH (laden with BIO-MASS) & NEEDLES … SERIOUS FACE-PALM.  What a BETA-BOY Pic-Nic.

See for yourself the short exchange I had, wherein I called them out AND YES, the young lad BLOCKED me,

The TRUTH hurts.




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Crybaby Cantwell (Fed) going back to jail??



A New Hampshire man involved in last summer’s torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia is now in trouble in Northern Virginia.
Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Charles Cantwell was arrested in Loudoun County on March 31 and charged with public swearing and intoxication.
He was released on his own recognizance.
Cantwell is out on a $25,000 bond after being charged with illegal use of tear gas. He is accused of spraying tear gas during a white nationalist rally at UVA on August 11, 2017, one day before the Unite the Right rally.
Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci says the Loudoun County charge could affect Cantwell’s bond status.
Cantwell’s bond is scheduled to be taken up in Albemarle Circuit Court on April 24.


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Halsey English — DEBATE??

I had a Twitter exchange with Halsey English (Jew) regarding Lies & Misstatements he made in his Debate with Mike Enoch.  I detest Mike Enoch, but Halsey WON because Enoch lacked all command of facts & history.


See my twitter feed  to see the exchange(s) BUT essentially I posted facts that refuted his Lies and Shilling for Jews & Israel.  He replied by saying he “could easily refute me”, WHICH LED TO THIS:




I have replied to Halsey that next Friday night OR really any night is good

NOTICE, Halsey in his reply tagged in a 3rd Party @Zionisthumanist (JEW) who then attempted to deflect and take Halsey’s place AND Halsey attempted to back peddle.

QUESTION: Halsey accepted, will he PUSSOUT? 

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Tell me again why we should allow Jews in our Movement(s) when they have done so much damage to our Country? We clearly see where their loyalty is.



JEWS have THEIR OWN Movement(s)

1) 2008 Arrest of NJ Retiree Rekindles Suspicions of Israeli Spy Ring

2) 2008 The Spy Who Loves Us | The American Conservative

3) 2009 Breaking the Taboo on Israel’s Spying Efforts on the United States’s_spying_efforts_on_the_united_states

4) 2009 Stewart Nozette: The American who wanted to spy for Israel

5) 2009 Scientist gave Israelis secrets

6) 2012 Former U.S. Officials Say CIA Considers Israel to Be Mideast’s Biggest Spy Threat

7) 2012 CIA Calls Israel Main US Regional Spy Threat

8) 2013 Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

9) 2014 Israeli Espionage Against the US

10) 2014 US accuses Israel of ‘alarming, even terrifying’ levels of spying


12) 2014 Israel Flagged as Top Spy Threat to US in New Snowden/NSA


14) 2014 Wiretaps against Palestinians are wrong, Israeli ex-spies

15) 2014 Fears of Israeli Spying Underlie Reluctance on Visa Waiver Program

16) 2014 Mossad Meets Resistance

17) 2015 Espionage, Treason, and the Congressional Fifth Column

18) 2015 Zionist Power: Swindlers and Impunity, Traitors and Pardons – James Petras

19) 2015 Israel accused of spying on U.S. nuclear talks with Iran – and then leaking information to Congress to undermine deal

20) 2015 Israel’s latest attempt to steal American high tech

21) 2015 Israel Spying Spat: Netanyahu’s Office Denies Nuke Talks Snooping

22) 2015 U.S., Israel clash over spying claim – USA Today

23) 2015 Spying report stirs anger in U.S., silence in Israel

24) 2015 Spy vs. Spy: Inside the Fraying U.S.-Israel Ties


26) 2015 US accuses Israel of spying on nuclear talks with Iran

27) 2015 Jonathan Pollard: Why Israel wants him free

28) 2015 Report: Israel Spied on Iran Negotiations to Lobby Congress

29) 2017 Supporting Israel doesn’t mean supporting Israeli espionage in America

30) 2017 Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?

31) 2017 Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?

32) Must watch Video: Israel is Spying in and on the U.S.?

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“JIDF SIGUR” … Joe ATTACKS REAL AntiJews & Gets Jew Appreciation :)


LOL Joe Sigur ATTACKS Movement Critic THEN…. DRUM ROLL… within 48 hours  he gets an invite ON #JEW Show, 

Luke Ford the former Porn King 

Joe Sigur was graciously invited on Ford’s You Tube Torah Talk &  Sigur ACCEPTED


NO Surprises , Who is the #OP ?? BUT Joe Sigur  says he is #AntiJew??

Joe Sigur’s new name is … JIDF Joe….


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Joe Sigur -Data Collection -Fake Personalities


Joe Sigur has a history of using FAKE personalities online, including masquerading as a FEMALE.  He pals up and in so doing attempts to gather personal, professional, & even family information.  In many cases he attempts to engage in telephone conversations WHICH HE RECORDS WITHOUT INFORMING THE OTHER PARTY.

Joe Sigur once was very upset at me because he was NOT able to ascertain my phone number after one such call.  

In some cases, depending on the respective State, it is ILLEGAL to record without informing the other Party/Person.

QUESTION(s): Why is Joe Sigur so interested in this information, his “Cover Story” is he is attempting to uncover “OP’s”, BUT what do we know about him? What are his “qualifications” for rooting out “OPs”, by his own admission he is but a mere “gardener”.   & given his numerous renunciations of Racial Nationalism and his use of all the proper Jew-Speak, i.e. Joe Sigur makes sure to say we can’t be “extremists” that he condemns “hate” and so on AND as a father to a mulatto (1/2 Black daughter), WHY does ne continue to target Racial Nationalists? Recently Sigur made common cause with the anonymous New York Jew Attorney “Game Frame” (YET Sigur says he opposes Jew power, but a NY Jew Attorney LOL)  and adopted the Jew’s position that the “good” Jews have a role in the “WN” & “Alt-Right” Movement and we can’t exclude Jews despite their cancerous history of working behind the scenes as “good Jews” introducing “diversity, Gay Marriage, and warping all Social Norms of Western Christian Society.

Sigur also takes the (Jew) position that personal standards & conduct are irrelevant, i.e, if it feels good, do it, which he did, i.e. miscegenation, drugs, et. al.


Where is Joe Sigur sending this Data?  Why has he felt the need to masquerade as a “female” in times past? This was a common tactic used by Israeli Agents to appeal to “lonely hearts” and get them to say more to a lady then they would to a male.

Why The Best Spies in Mossad And The CIA Are Women

If you have talked to Joe Sigur & had your call recorded, and shared information with him, give him a call and ask him who a few pointed questions. 


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FAKE White Nationalist Richard Spencer Kicked Off Facebook


How is it that at the same time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in front of Congress giving testimony that said his company does “not allow hate groups” on its platform, white nationalist and king of the “alt-right” Richard Spencer managed to have not one, but two pages representing his hate ideology active on the site?


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A Crybaby is always a Rat too

Remember Crybaby Cantwell ? Looks & sounds like a “Rat” (Informant) doesn’t he?

WELL Cantwell IS an informant, here he admits to the Jew Weev, he IS talking to Police & the Feds ..

Now Rat /Crybaby Cantwell is joining up with habitual quitter Hunter Wallace (Fake Name) and attacking the Jew Weev, whom he has in the past sang the praises of.  Interesting how a bunch of Tards turn on each other all because their SHIT Non-Movement lacks any semblance of Standards, Order, Discipline, & REAL Leadership.