Hickman could no longer take his self loathing

Paul Hickman like so many self loathing faggots, had 2 choices, come out like several British “White Nationalists” have recently, or eat his gun, he chose the ladder.  Good riddance.

Paul-Hickman-head shot_0BUGERY


Hickman was another effeminate girly boy who tried to be a bully boy in WN, but only was along for the leather and bears. People seem to forget Hickman was caught in a very close relationships with a known “bugger boy” from the EDL who called in to WN Radio Shows talking about “Gays in Nationalism”



ANTIFA Arrests on Sept 24, 2017

 user24636-1398719700-14057_ffffff_74_88_PrsMe_Arrests made by City of Berkeley, Ca Police Dept. NOT California State University- Berkeley Police Dept.

Yvonne Felarca, a 47-year-old teacher at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, was charged with battery and resisting arrest
Ricky Joseph Monzon, 20, of Las Vegas, was arrested near Telegraph Ave and Bancroft Way for carrying a banned weapon.
Eddy Robinson, 47, of Oakland, was arrested near Telegraph Ave/Bancroft Way on charges of participating in a riot and resisting arrest.

NO SYMPATHY AT ALL, young lady played with fire, she got burned

Maria P in Berlin had a relationship with a Turk and was knocked up …


Maria was talked into “going for a walk in the forest” with the ex, maybe thinking he wanted to restart their relationship on a better basis. There, however, the Turk (who also was the father of the baby in Maria’s belly, a child who would have been born a week later) beat her viciously with a telescoping steel rod. Then, with a knife, the Turk stabbed her in the abdomen; she tried to ward him off, as deep cuts on her palms proved. Finally, the Turk doused her in gasoline and set her on fire (as was proved in court) in order to kill her in the cruellest manner imaginable. Maria managed to crawl a few yards away from her murderer until she collapsed. A German pedestrian walking his dog found Mary’s corpse that morning, hours after the murder, just as this photograph shows her, rigid, with one forearm raised, encrusted in her own burnt flesh.