MRS_HUNT_ARYAN_WOMEN_RENEGADEPictured Renegade “Aryan Women Host & Kyle Hunt GF Sinead McCarthy and a Aryan?

“Renegades” are tough talking effeminate boys who talk like Thor on air but in real life act like Jewish Filth”
By: Rodney Martin

What a “Festival of Faggotry” and “Jewish Degeneracy” Renegade Broadcasting is. From a Circus Freak, AKA “Circus Maximus” AKA “Nick Spero ”, who sends photographs of his penis to transsexuals by way of various Social Media to his Jolly Ole Mate Paul Hickman who has been photographed in rather compromising poses. All of these “Renegades” are tough talking effeminate boys who talk on air like Thor but in real life act like the prison bitch. Renegade is festooned with what is otherwise defective males such as “Kyle”, “Drew”, “Blutundboden”, “Don”, “Hickman” and many more. “Circus Maximus” AKA Circus Freak, there must be some psychology behind his using Circus and Maximus as a pod cast title given he was caught hot and bothered sending photographs of his penis to Transsexuals. According to all GENUINE-female reviews of the subject, his penis-pictorials were anything but “maximus”. Perhaps his Show should have been called “Circus Minimus”.

This Homosexual Nick, anyone who seeks out Trannys clearly is not “Hetro”, blamed and bashed a female, who he said he had “brought in for sex”, for his penis-pictorials being sent to Transsexuals. This is much like another pervert and convicted pedophile Kevin Strom did some years ago. Renegade has serious issues with women. One of Renegade’s MANY “No-Name & No Face” Writers at their “Renegade Tribune”, who also is a frequent contributor to the Renegade Radio Programs who uses the name “Blutundboden” had this to say about women in Renegade’s public chat room:
“Fuck her and leave her Brian
that’s what I do to whores
I fuck sluts and then dump them ••
I fuck whores as revenge against the Jews
we need to impregnate as many White sluts as possible to increase White birthrates. Keeping your sperm for a “good girl” is counterproductive.
Most racially aware Whites are men.
Women are natural slaves to the Jew. They must be re chained to White men as their true masters.
They need a man
they want to be controlled
I agree polygamy is the only way Whites can survive.
David Lane supported polygamy.
All White Aryan should have a large harem.”

It is clear from this statement that this No-Name/No Face person “Blutundboden” is very sorted when it comes to healthy relationships with women and most likely he spent too much time as a young boy dressing up in his mother’s clothes, i.e. Norman Bates. A proper White Nationalist Entity would have separated itself from such a swine, instead Renegade embraces this mentally ill Jewish attitude which comes from the top, Kyle Hunt who himself once promoted Polyandry in Renegade’s public chat room and removed persons from the Renegade Chat for opposing his view as “prudes”.

Several Renegade Hosts LEFT Renegade in disgust because of King Kyle Hunt’s degeneracy and they called the likes of “Nick Spero” out publicly, including former Renegade Host Lugh, a dedicated National Socialist from Canada, who stated Spero made an effort to blame a woman because someone caught him, i.e. found his penis pictorials being sent to Trannys, and it was learned he is really sexually attracted to men who change their sexual identity. This was posted publicly at the grizzomsblog. Lugh also revealed Kyle Hunt’s re-posting of Jewish Kabbalah-based writings on Hunt’s “Star Theory Blog”.

Nick Spero’s public statement during his Renegade scandal reveals him to be a very pathetic homosexual and sexual degenerate who has all the attributes of a gross homosexual. He bragged about the love of his body and his pattern of photographing it and sharing it with Trannys. The proprietors at Renegade Broadcasting, according to Mr. “Maximums” Spero terminated him for being a Homosexual, but Kyle Hunt continued a relationship with him, even doing web design work for this sexual degenerate. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Nick Spero admitted to sending photos of his penis as a “standard dating ritual”, because in his words this is the norm, he says “most women (Trannys) want to see the goods in advance”. This seems to be the norm for degenerates and perverts, and Kyle Hunt by his continued association has sanctioned this.
Nick Spero made return appearances and Guest Hosted “Roundtables” on Renegade and Mr. Paul Hickman who has been a guest on this homosexual’s pod cast and made a point of participating on his pod casts AFTER all of the damning homosexual information came to light. Homosexuals exercise extreme solidarity, they stand by one another, as do JEWS. Mr. Hickman made the rounds on select pod casts making an artificial Nationalist reputation in the USA that no one in England will substantiate. In mid 2014, an English Activist in Central England revealed that Hickman has been consorting around in English Queer Nationalist circles, whatever that is.

A few mass emails circulated with photos that look strikingly like him at what was said to be an “English Nationalist Queer” event, perhaps EDL? This seems to not be a big revelation according to many in England who say Hickman is never in the company of a female and spends more time conversing in internet chat boards than engaged in all the activism he speaks of on American pod casts. Hickman has spoken highly of an Englishman by the name of Martin Webster. Martin Webster is an open homosexual who has stated publicly he was Nick Griffin’s lover and according to Christian Identity Activists in England, Hickman was a Griffin boy.
Just in the last few months Renegade has aired open Racemixers, interviewed Negroid Rappers and their Friday Host “Dana” was caught up in the ultimate hypocrisy. 1) being a Half Breed, Italian and Arab, yet Renegade attacks people like myself for taking tough anti-Jewish positions on Iranian Press TV (David Duke and other Nationalists have appeared on PressTV as well) and “Dana” while preaching the need to increase birthrates was revealed publicly to be raising funds on Renegade while having a Narcotic problem, as discussed on comments on Renegade’s own broadcasts and culminated in the public revelation that “Dana” had engaged in promiscuous behavior resulting in a pregnancy and his demand that the White Woman and obtain an Abortion because he had only been interested in “casual sex”. This is “Renegade Aryan Values”. Renegade’s lax racial position should not be surprising, BOTH “Dana” and Kyle Hunt have stated PUBLICLY that “if a person looks and acts White, they are White”; by those standards they accept Jews and other fair skinned Non Whites. BUT Wait, they already do. To Renegade, Race is a Social Construct; they have put it in practice. This is in reality Jewish Values.  Lax Racial views and Negroid worship infest Kyle Hunt and his “female mate” “Sinead McCarthy” .  Hunt provided Mccarthy with an onair Renegade Show titled “Aryan Women” with the tag line “Be proud of who you are”.  The problem, while Kyle’s “GF” was preaching “Aryan Womanhood” on Renegade, she was frolicking with Negroid Rappers and seems to have been really enjoying herself.  (Pictured Renegade Aryan Women Host & Kyle Hunt GF Sinead McCarthy)


If you listen carefully, most of the times it is these little bugger Renegade boys and their Jewish cabal attitudes who say the nastiest and most vulgar things about OUR real women and about OUR Real Activists who are active in the Racial cause. Most of the “Renegades” uses fake names, such as “Drew” and attack like Antifa, i.e. they refuse to own their words. It is also these Renegades, these sexual degenerates, Tranny chasers, race mixers and half breeds who have no wives and no White children who are attacking the decent men and women with families in OUR ( NOT THEIRS) racial cause as well. These homosexuals also seem to make it their mission to assure that decent people are driven from the racial cause or never embrace the racial cause by attacking any white people who have married and who have children and who have real jobs and the essential skills that are need in the racial cause.

Three of Renegade’s daily time Shows are vacant, why, because it is well known they are degenerates. Of the four that are filled by “Hosts” 2 operate using “Fake Names”. Who are these self appointed “Hard hitting bad-asses that call our women whores and sluts? Who are these perverts and Tranny chasers who attack men & Women in OUR Struggle that have WHITE Children? Why do they do this? We know why, because Renegade are NOT COMMITTED White Ethno Nationalists.



  1. Are you absolutely correct? Do you have your facts right?
    I suspect that ‘blutundboden’ wants to be the high priest of the hitlerianity death cult. The pure pagan gotts are all about death und berserking. The sad thing is that there are so many uneducated young people who will fall for this stuff. I’ve wondered @ the lack of women participating.
    So what race is b&b?


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