1.  The 42 Nations of Our White ARYAN Racial Heritage

We, of the All Nationalist Association, do categorically and unconditionally affirm that the word “Aryan” IS NOT a term denoting mere linguistic affinity and thus CANNOT be confused with the purely scholastic word “Indo-European” (the latter should indeed be confined only to the realm of linguistics). Based upon the countless works of racial analysis produced by our intellectual forbears, from the time of de Gobineau to the research of the Ahnenerbe, we stand by the well-supported Fact that the word “Aryan” is to be used as the proper and precise ethnonym for all pure White European peoples, which is to say for those White Europeans who do not possess non-White blood in any percentage whatsoever. The All Nationalist Association ONLY recognizes those individuals who possess 100-Percent White European blood-inheritance as being full-fledged Aryans. (See Section IIbelow.)  An Aryan, by definition and regardless of his or her particular extra-European national citizenship (e.g. “American,” “Canadian,” “Australian” or otherwise), descends from the traditional “White” Aryan Nations of Europe, as well as from all culturally and historically distinct sub-regions within said nations (e.g. the Basque region, Corsica, Brittany, Wales, etc.).  The All Nationalist Association recognizes the following 42 Nations and all culturally distinct European regions therein as the collective biological and cultural Source of each and every Aryan population, again, regardless of nationality or residence:

–          Andorra
–          Austria
–          Belarus

–          Belgium

–          Bulgaria

–          Croatia

–          Czech Republic

–          Denmark

–          Estonia

–          Finland

–          France

–          Georgia

–          Germany

–          Greece

–          Hungary

–          Iceland

–          Ireland

–          Italy

–          Latvia

–          Liechtenstein

–          Lithuania

–          Luxembourg

–          Macedonia

–          Malta

–          Moldova

–          Monaco

–          Montenegro

–          Netherlands

–          Norway

–          Poland

–          Portugal

–          Romania

–          European Russia (the boundaries of European Russia are demarcated thus: from Arkhangelsk in the Arctic north to the Caspian port city of Astrakhan in the southeast, and from the Belarus border in the west and the Abkhazian border in the south to the Ural mountains in the east; the ANA does not recognize Buddhist/Mongoloid Kalmykia and the Muslim republics of the North Caucasus to be historically “Russian,” both in the racial and cultural sense)

–          San Marino

–          Serbia

–          Slovakia

–          Slovenia

–          Spain

–          Sweden

–          Switzerland

–          Ukraine

–          United Kingdom

IMPORTANT: The reader will notice that 5 geographically “European” nations are not represented in the above list: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia/Herzegovina, and Cyprus. This is because, unlike the vast majority of our decadent institutions of “learning,” the All Nationalist Association does NOT consider geography synonymous with race and culture. Regarding the 5 nations listed above, the All Nationalist Association recognizes the following:
Bosnia/Herzegovina and Albania (including the recently independent majority-Albanian “nation” of Kosovo):  These two most ignominious and traitorous nations located in southeastern Europe are NOT considered European in either the racial or the cultural sense. The reason is simple: Long ago, the people of these lands decided to sell their Christian heritage for a place in the Sultan’s harem. The solidly White, pre-Muslim populations of these lands met their end in one of three ways: (1) extermination, (2) enslavement and deportation to the Middle East where their European genes died out, (3) willful treason as willing accomplices of the Turkish Sultans, ultimately sharing the same genetic dead-end fate as the enslaved. In any event, the populations of Albania and the majority-Muslim Bosnia/Herzegovina (and NOT Republika Srpska which constitutes the Serb-dominated enclaves of Bosnia) are now thoroughly Orientalized, and thus they should be placed in the same category as their former overlords – the Turks.  If Albania and Bosnia/Herzegovina should be granted admittance into White Europe in the future, they must be admitted ONLY as the duly partitioned territorial trophies of Serbia, Croatia and Greece (respectively).

Armenia and Azerbaijan:  The reader will also notice the absence of the South Caucasian nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan. While the latter is undisputedly a member of the Muslim world, the other is indeed a “Christian” nation, YET, not unlike Coptic Ethiopia, firmly tied to the Afro-Asiatic world, not by virtue of religion but by history, culture and race. Make no mistake: Armenia is renowned for its thoroughly mongrelized population; hence the term “Armenoid” – a racial designation which applies to many, if not most, of the world’s Jews.
Cyprus:  This tiny island tucked firmly into the far-eastern corner of the Mediterranean is truly a “mixed bag.” For proof of this, one need only do a simple search via Google Images to verify that those people calling themselves “Cypriots” are neither “Greeks” nor “Turks” but Levantine MONGRELS. Here it is not uncommon to see Turks who possess lighter features than many of their so-called “Greek” neighbors. In any case, Cyprus is an island which represents neither a legitimate European nation nor ethnic stock. While this fact might be displeasing to anyone of Greek ancestry, it is nevertheless true. To make a racial exception, even on the grounds of shared culture or religion, is nothing less than RACIAL TREASON. For an example much closer to home: many Blacks share the same Baptist faith and even many churches in common with White Baptists. Yet to invite even one Black into one’s family is treated as an entirely separate (and more serious) concern by the majority of White Baptists – and rightfully so! Hence “Greek” Cyprus must be differentiated from Greece Proper, for the sake of sound racial policy.

Official Policy Regarding FULL Aryan Heritage
The All Nationalist Association, do categorically and unconditionally affirm the following set of prerequisites as the only legitimate way (apart from DNA testing) to determine whether or not one is a full-fledged 100-Percent Aryan, and thus whether or not one will be permitted to join our Organization:

  1. An Aryan MUST demonstrate that they have NO:  Negroid, Mestizo, Jewish, Asian (Non-Aryan) Grandparent.
  1. An Aryan with 4 confirmed Aryan Grandparents is Aryan, and thus is able to apply for membership in the All Nationalist Association. (It MUST be understood: Full Aryan Heritage is a prerequisite but not a guarantee that one will be eligible for membership in the All Nationalist Association. Whether or not the ANA accepts an individual member is another issue entirely, as we are only looking to recruit those of our Race with impeccable moral character and traditional European family-oriented values.)
  1. A Person with 3 confirmed Aryan Grandparents, 1 Non-Aryan, and who appears and lives Aryan is a Mischling or “crossbreed” and, while such an individual may be able to support the Cause of the All Nationalist Association monetarily, he or she nevertheless CANNOT be considered a full-member of our Organization by virtue of the fact that such folks are NOT full Aryans.
  1. A Person who has only 2 Aryan Grandparents is Non-Aryan and thus totally INELIGIBLE to be considered for membership in the All Nationalist Association.
  1. An Aryan who is engaged in active sexual perversion – which includes (yet is not limited to) miscegenation, pedophilia, bestiality, homosexuality – is excluded from consideration altogether, and WITHOUT exception. 

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