matthew hobantwo-faced


Matt Hoban AKA“Ægishjálmur” &
Zack Harbinger AKA “BlutundBoden”

Matt Hoban AKA “Ægishjálmur” and “Zack C Harbinger” AKA “BlutundBoden” are two of many “No Name / No Face” self described “honest and hard hitting” writers for the “Renegade Tribune”, a component of Renegade Broadcasting, whose Radio Hosts also hide behind fake names.  This is remarkably similar to how Antifa operates.

Let’s start with Mr. Hoban, who wrote on Renegade Tribune until being exposed for his Pro-Homosexual views by Giacomo Vallone of the European Knights Party. Hoban who resides in Minnesota wrote under the fake name “Ægishjálmur”. His picture (above) reveals a very effeminate male, as is the case with ALL  Radio Renegades, a trait they share in common with “Antifa”, as well as Antifa tactics.

Mr. Hoban has very dubious credentials for a purported White Nationalist, the same goes for all the “Renegades”. Certainly, Mr. Hoban is NOT a Traditionalist as demonstrated by his comments in defense of homosexuality.  In fact neither are Renegade Broadcasting as an Organization based on what they espouse.

Like an Antifa, Mr. Hoban sought out and initially spoke favorably of and to Mr. Giacomo Vallone of the European Knights Project, going so far as to engage in numerous email exchanges with Mr. Vallone using the email address Matthew_of_Haste@live.com then engaged Vallone in Skype conversations. Hoban then went on to attack Vallone in a “hit piece” on the “Renegade Tribune” using his fake name “Ægishjálmur” on the issue of “Civic Nationalism” vs. “Racial Nationalism”.  This is a common tactic by the “ Antifa-Renegades”, i.e. to reach out to various Ethno Nationalist Entities, then attack them and their people using “No Name / No Face” authors. In fact this is a common Antifa tactic as well.  The most interesting aspect of Renegade hypocrisy is that Hoban attacked Vallone on the issue of “Civic Nationalism” vs. “Racial Nationalism”, when Renegade itself is festooned with Non Whites, Half-Breed Hosts and Transsexual Chasing Hosts and Hosts who have called for the abortion of their own child while talking about the “need to increase birth rates on air”.  Likewise Renegade has had entire “Roundtable discussions whereby they have said on air that a person need only “feel, act, and look like an Aryan to be an Aryan”.  Thus Renegade takes the position that Race is a Social Construct.

More incriminating are Mr. Hoban’s statements regarding homosexuality which come right out of the Cultural Marxist talking points rather than White Nationalist or Traditionalist Values.

On one occasion, Mr. Hoban stated “people are born gay, they do not choose a gay lifestyle”. Hoban then said, “There is no correlation between gays and pedophilia.” Hoban went on to tell Mr. Vallone, “That’s just Christian conservative propaganda. National Socialist Pagans like myself (Hoban) respect people regardless of their sexual orientations.”  Clearly Mr. Hoban and Renegade take the position that National Socialist Germany was ‘Gay Friendly”, which is patently FALSE.

Hoban went on to say, “homosexuality was a good way of telling Christianity to Go fuck itself.”

Hoban’s comments can easily be viewed as an acknowledgement as an admission of his own homosexuality and given Renegade’s association with sexual degenerates, i.e. the Transsexual chasing Nick Spero AKA Circus Maximus and Kyle Hunt’s support for Polyandry in Renegade’s Chat Room, which has also been verified by several Renegade inside sources, this should not be shocking at all.

As with Mr. Hoban, “Zack C Harbinger’s” credentials are equally dubious and his tactics are the same. Using the fake name “BlutundBoden” on Renegade Tribune and to speak on various Renegade Broadcasts.  Harbinger attacks real White Nationalists, those who work publicly, many who who have white spouses and white children and goes to great lengths to conceal his identity.
Zack Harbinger operates a Blog titled “Volkish-Paganisn under his Renegade name “BlutundBoden” here: https://volkischpaganism.wordpress.com/default-page-3/
His name cross references to Zack Harbinger to his Disquis Profile here: https://disqus.com/by/zackharbinger/. Zack Harbinger engaged in an email lobby campaign ( he made requests to have negative material regarding Renegade and Kyle Hunt removed from various web sites)  using the email address, zackcharbinger@gmail.com, to lobby on behalf of Renegade.
A photo of “BlutundNoden” provided by Renegade sources is currently being verified and will be posted later.

Both Hoban and Zack Harbinger engage in tactics identical to those employed by Antifa. They target Real Pro-White Activists and write hit pieces from behind fakle names.  They write hit pieces which are festooned with lies based on discredited sources and Antifa work product, while they themselves conceal their own identity and racial creed.  Both of these closet cases make fraudulent statements about the ethnic heritage of White Activists in an attempt to sow seeds of discord, which is an JDL tactic as well.

No one knows if either of these two “Antifa-Renegades are really White hetrosexuals.  We do know there is a strong likelihood that one of them (Hoban) is a homosexual. We do know that Renegade Broadcasting has half-breed Hosts, Race-mixing Hosts and Sexual degenerates as Hosts and Co-Hosts and has recently made on air statements saying (Drew): “they are not about “hating on the poor little black that just wants to play basketball” http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/return-tyr-race-gender-pronouns-3-3-15/

A review of Renegade’s Tribune shows that nearly ALL of its “writers” go to great extremes to conceal their identity in order to attack real White Nationalist Activists who publicly and openly work on behalf of our people. In the case of Hoban and “Zack Harbinger”, they attempt to infiltrate and mask themselves as some sort of “hardcore White Racialist”, and while attacking real White Racialists and spread disinformation and multiculturalism within the Racialist Movement as some sort of new and acceptable moderation, i.e. the acceptance of Jewish sexual decadence, Jewish Drug Use, Jewish Porn as “Manly”, and finally, some of the most vile attacks on White Women, typical of Jewish filth.

One need only look to a public comment made in the Renegade Broadcasting Chat Room by Zack Harbinger who we now know uses the name “BlutundBoden” to understand that IF he is White, he certainly does Not know what it is to be White.

Quote from Renegade Chat Room
“Fuck her and leave her Brian
THat’s what I do to whores
i fuck sluts and then dump them ••
i fuck whores as revenge against the jews
We need to impregnate as many White sluts as possible to increase White birthrates. Keeping your sperm for a “good girl” is counterproductive.
Most racially aware Whites are men.
Women are natural slaves to the Jew. They must be re chained to White men as their true masters.
They need a man
They want to be controled
I agreee polygamy is the only way Whites can survive.
David Lane supported polygamy.
All White Aryan should have a large harem.”

The time has come to purge the likes of Renegade from our Struggle.  Does anyone actually thing the Tranny chasing, woman bashing, foul mouthed Antifa acting Renegade will appeal to decent White Working Class Families?  Of course NOT.  Its time to acknowledge they are NOT part of our Struggle and shun them accordingly.



  1. We have been visiting Ren T. & Ren B. for a few months and have sensed that their Pro W N Scene is bogus. In fact, we think they are digging rabbit holes for gullible young White males to keep them from becoming active in any way for White Society. Immaturity reigns. Aging kids. lol
    No practical steps are promoted. All @ Jews this and Jews that. OK! What next? = O
    Older Whities not invited. = ? They Know BS? No women. No Families. No Children.
    All @ Vikings, Pics. Pure Nordics ? 100% Real men Germanics ? Pics. Worship of Hitleranity. Romantic Pics of Saxons? Near porno Pics of 100% Pure Scandinavian? girls. 3rd Reich boy scouts marching + flags. Pics.
    100% anti Christian. “Truth Hertz” nutter; mp3. Self promoting expert and priest of Ancient Norse Paganism, that shyster, [Crypto Jew?], BnB: Arrogant and controlling in his promotion of superstition and witchcraft, a la ‘Wotan’, that this must be his way of covering his true identity to get into the European Movement. RT & RB is a business, and in a rut, and will remain so. Not here to promote middle of the road, hard working White families, White social values, morals and hopes. Promoting paganism to innocent White People who only know a bit about Christianity, which is plenty for them, will in no way endear them to whatever??? this business is about. What is it abou??


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