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“A Gividen-Whitaker Ticket is in reality the “Jew-Bug Ticket” OR the “Parasite-Bug Ticket”

It has been reported that the American Freedom Party (AFP) will run Kenn Gividen of “Daily Kenn” for President and Bob Whitaker of “BUGS” for Vice President. This was confirmed by James Kelso, an AFP Director and host of “The AFP Report”, a Radio Show on Republic Broadcasting. This so called “Presidential Ticket is nothing more than a Trojan Horse.  Do NOT let it in your gates.

On the surface, this “Ticket” may seem exciting, however when you dig into this ticket, you find this ticket is a fraud. In the 2012 Presidential Race, the AFP candidate, Merlin Miller said, he wished the AFP “was less racial”. Well, this is exactly what the AFP has done in embracing the Pro Jew Gividen, which makes this ticket contrary to the interests of White Americans.

For a period of time, the ANA sought to work with and collaborate with the AFP, but ended this relationship because of the AFP’s lack of commitment to Race and our Culture and its statements that it takes “all comers”, including Jews: https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/the-ana-afp-conflict-of-principles/

A Gividen-Whitaker Ticket is in reality the “Kike-Bug Ticket” OR the “Parasite-Bug Ticket”. No one likes bugs and finds insects repelling, especially when one of them embraces parasites.


A Gividen-Whitaker Ticket is in reality the pairing of a Pro-Jew Libertarian and a Kosher Conservative. While both Gividen and Whitaker talk about some of the problems, so does Jared Taylor. The fact is Gividen-Whitaker is NOT a “Racial Nationalist Ticket” that truly represents our interests. Now is NOT the time for REAL Racial Nationalists to embrace moderation, Jews, Homosexuals, and failed slogans/mantras that in reality have only served only to excite our own choir and do NOT name the real enemy that attacks us day in and day out.

BOTH, Whitaker and Gividen embrace the likes of Jared Taylor who embraces the Jew as “White” and presents yearly AmRen Conferences complete with racemixing speakers, homosexual speakers and Jewish speakers.


We do NOT need candidates who say they are FOR us but consort with and align with those who are against us and attend Conferences where you run into Non White spouses, trip over a Jew and fall into the lap of a faggot all in the name of “intellectualism” and “moderation”.

DO NOT be fooled by a Trojan Horse. Do not waste your time or vote on a Jew and a Bug, both are repelling.

Embracing parasites and promoting BUGS will not inspire our People to greatness and to shed the chains of Cultural Marxism.  Courage of conviction to confront the enemy who has the boot on their neck is what is needed.






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