By: Rodney Martin, Chairman
All Nationalist Association

Many self described “White Nationalists” decry the influence of the Jew, how often do we see the Barbara Spectre You Tube Video? White Nationalists opine at the Jewish control of monetary system and corruption of OUR institutions and culture and these same White Nationalists know all about the latest Hollywood trash, yet they say we must rid ourselves of the TV/Rabbi Box. The reality is, many of these White Nationalists enjoy and revel in Jewish decadence and “Jewish Values” most often in the name of “Freedom”.

It is not uncommon to hear White Nationalists posting long epistles on “Stormdrain” and other Blogs, or hear them playing renegade on various pod casts engaging in gutter talk, often using profanity as a primary language, degrading OUR women like the third world trash they say are contaminating our culture. Then of course is the love affair many self described White Nationalists have with sexual degeneracy, pornography, homosexuality, and other degenerate Jewish fetishes including pedophilia in its many forms whether it is support for 12 and 14 year old age of consent laws or the rehabilitation of convicted pedophiles as “White Nationalist Leaders”. So called “intellectual” White Nationalist organizations such as Counter Currents, the American Freedom Party, National Policy Institute, and American Renaissance are either operated by a homosexual or openly embrace homosexuals and pedophiles as they do Jews. When one attends events sponsored by these Organizations, all of which are “Gay/Jew Friendly, and also claim to be “Race Realists” one must be careful as to not trip over a Jew and fall into the lap of a homosexual.

Likewise the candid observer cannot help from observing the hypocrisy at these “moderate” events as the Speakers talk about preserving our “Culture at these self described highly intellectual “Race Realist” seminars while bedding with have Asian or other Non White spouses or “same sex” bed partners, yet these are the intellectual vanguard that will save our race. These hypocritical so called intellectuals who look down their collective pointed noses at our hard working White Working Class and Street Activists must be called out. They bed down with Non White spouses, cheat on their spouses while globe trotting on donations or engage in homosexuality but hock their books to the same honest hard working White people they detest. These Classist Swine are no different than Kosher Conservatives or Progressive Marxists we seek to over throw. Like televangelists who praise Jews, these false prophets they take donations from hard working White people who live on Mac & Cheese and tell them they must be “moderate” and “unoffensive”, meanwhile they trot around the globe dining on wine & cheese and engage in degeneracy while engaging in self graduating circle jerks. They have no concept of what real White Identity is and what real White people deals with day in and day out.

Race mixing along with homosexuality is a Jewish Value promoted by Jews in Non Jewish Cultures. Like illegal narcotic drugs, which numb the mind, Jewish values are addictive and destructive. There is a reason Jews promote BOTH drug legalization and race mixing, at the same time. Both are socially and culturally destructive. One is used to numb and control our minds while the other is used to destroy our physical being. We see more and more self described White Nationalists engaging in drug use and defending drug use, again in the name of ‘freedom”. Interestingly, we even see self-described White Nationalists beginning to moderate on Race. We now see many self described “Pro-Whites” and White Nationalist Groups take great precautions to avoid stating Racial Policies or positions. Some go so far as to say “if it looks and acts White”, that is good enough. This is not only wrong, but is the egalitarianism which Racial Nationalists are supposed to be opposed to.

Meanwhile, some White Nationalists say White women may not engage in sexual relations with Non Whites while a White male can so long as no offspring is produced. While the hypocrisy of this position is obvious, it demonstrates a more serious problem within White Nationalism. This statement, which has been made numerous times on various White Nationalist pod casts and blogs demonstrates the seriousness of the Jewish infection and lack of impulse control and lack of understanding of what White Identity really is. Race mixing is race mixing, regardless of gender and regardless of whether an offspring is produced, treason is treason. Racial Nationalists have been too infected with Jew Values and often use engage in Jew Speak, including the use of “Freedom” as a rationalization for their use of Jewish Values.

There is very little difference between “Freedom” and “Progressive”, both terms are used to justify the adoption of Jewish values. Freedom is used by Jews and their puppet masters to get Libertarian/Conservative types to adopt Jewish decadence, while “Progressivism” is used by Jews and their puppet masters to get Liberals to adopt Jewish values. Sadly far too many self described White Nationalists are in reality Libertarian or Conservative minded. This was demonstrated when so many so called White Nationalists, including Don Black of Stormdrain, Jamie Kelso, and other timid souls came out of the closet as “Ron Paulsoviks”. Why do so many of our people believe it necessary to send money to Don Black for fear of loosing the ability to blog? Does anyone believe it really costs $7,000.00 per month to operate a web site? Does the term “you have been Jewed” ring a bell? More importantly why would a White man take such advantage of his own people? Of course you are “free” to send money, to whom ever you wish, that is “freedom” isn’t it, but has it translated into anything substantial besides a private liberal education for young Derek Black and the thanks of Mark Potok and the SPLC. Bloging, like dope, keeps our people sedentary and our minds numb.

White Nationalism suffers from a form of schizophrenia. While decrying the decadence of the Jew and the Jewish handiwork on Western Civilization, many, if not most self described White Nationalist fail to purge their inner Jew and continue to partake in the very buffet table of Jewish decadence, some do so under the rationalization of “freedom”, while others do so under the rationalization of “returning to their Pagan roots”, which is odd. Some claim to engage in whoring, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, creative body art and other vices is some form of “manhood”, then rage on Stormdrain and various podcasts at their inability to find a decent White female mate, suitable to build a family. The term garbage in, garbage out comes to mind when I hear adult adolescents vilify our White women because they themselves have not purged their own Jewish Values.

As long as we see typical Jewish-like comments in so called White Nationalist Chat Rooms like the one below, White Nationalism and White Nationalists can never hope to attain the status that the National Socialists did in 1933.

Quote from Renegade Broadcasting Chat Room

“Fuck her and leave her Brian
That’s what I do to whores
I fuck sluts and then dump them ••
I fuck whores as revenge against the Jews
We need to impregnate as many White sluts as possible to increase White birthrates. Keeping your sperm for a “good girl” is counterproductive.
Most racially aware Whites are men.
Women are natural slaves to the Jew. They must be re chained to White men as their true masters.
They need a man
They want to be controlled
I agree polygamy is the only way Whites can survive.
David Lane supported polygamy.
All White Aryan should have a large harem.”
Until individual White Nationalists undergo a fundamental reformation and purge themselves of Jewish Values and commit themselves to Folk in place of individualism and ideology in place of groupism and understand that “freedom” as they have understood and practiced it is Jewish, White Nationalism can never be a viable Movement and will always be susceptible to infiltration, fragmentation, division, and infighting.

White Nationalism must expel Jewish Values.



  1. Absolutely. You can see it clear as day with men, and I see it clear as day with women too. They scream and yell about the jooz, but act out as the jooz wish for them to act out.

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  2. I would like also to add that MANY so-called “White Nationalists” deliberately REFUSE to make large families with their female companions!… Too much “inconvenience” for them!!


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