by: Rodney Martin, Chairman
All Nationalist Association.

“No Political or Revolutionary Movement can succeed that is so openly hostile to its women as is the case in the White Nationalist Movement”

One must ask if Andrew Anglin’s real objective all along has been to portray White Nationalism in the worse possible light so as to assure normal hard working White Working Class families are driven into the loving arms of our enemies? When one looks at Anglin’s persistent choice of posting prepubescent females you have to wonder, as a parent I certainly do. When you look at his headlines and taglines, you have to wonder how he can achieve his stated goal of attracting “New People” or to “Wake New People Up”. When you look at his and most of the low life comments, as in Anglin’s most recent article, and most others, attacking our White Women: http://www.dailystormer.com/dear-brothers-this-red-pill…/…/…, that consistently refer to White Women as “Whores and Sluts” you have to wonder how Anglin and his E-Army will save our Race without women.


Andrew Anglin’s approach is NOT “Hardline” or “Hardcore” it is subversive and stupid and serves the objectives of our enemies while stroking Anglin’s grossly inflated sense of self importance and ego.

Anglin and his online eunuchs seem to forget the Vikings and Wehrmacht they say they seek to emulate fought to the death to defend their women and children. Anglin and his low brow information squad are hardly the caliber of the Waffen SS, they are more like a rag tag group of sexually frustrated racemixers, homosexuals, and adult adolescent degenerates who can’t get a date and as a result engage in self loathing by venting their frustration online against our White Women. It’s time for these swine to shut up, they are harming our Struggle and they insult our Wives, our Mothers, and our Daughters.


This swine at “Daily Stoner” are working over time to assure White Nationalism does NOT grow into a viable and credible Revolutionary Movement by making it look as unattractive and repulsive as possible to as many White people as possible. Its time for ALL of them to look in the mirror and as Robert Matthews once said BE MEN. Play time is OVER.




  1. I say too damn bad. You all sound like a bunch of insecure freaks. If you want your White Homeland go back to your country in Europe where u originated. (Which is actually Central Asia) All these WN do is cry rivers of tears so who cares. As for this freak: you reap what you sow WN’s! So heil these nuts, freaks.


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