by: Rodney Martin, Chairman
All Nationalist Association.

The “Movement Big Mouths” who are long on talk and short on action showed their true colors this past Sunday. ANN Radio held a Telethon to support and raise funds for Order Hero and ZOG POW Gary Yarbrough. The Telethon featured Gary’s wife Susan who has worked tirelessly to bring her husband home as well as Pastor Butler’s successor, Pastor Mo Gulett of Aryan Nations, National Front Propaganda Director Eddy Morrison from the United Kindom and David Jones an Independent Nationalist from the United Kingdom. Harold Covington of the Northwest Front spoke about the importance about NOT forgetting about our POW’s.

Conspicuously absent and AWOL from supporting a REAL Hero like Gary Yarbrough have been the self important Egotists, including but not limited to: Andrew Anglin and his Daily Stoner, David Duke and his Televangalistic Machine, Alex Linder, the man who rehabilitated Traitor Glen Miller, the Flash in the Pan Dynamos like Matt Heimbach and his boy wonder Matt Parrott. NOT a peep from Commander Angie Gage and his “National Youth Front who regularly besmirch the prior generation for its “inaction”, guess REAL activism like The Order is not on par with that of the NYF’s picketing. Of course the “Movement Gentlemen” such as Jared Taylor, Tom Sunic, Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, and assorted Jew & Faggot Friendly Furbees consider themselves above the likes of a warriors like Gary Yarbrough. Interestingly, all of this hypocrites have at one time or another invoked Robert Matthews and or The Order, yet they have been AWOL when one of the The Order’s foot soldiers has been in need and in the vase of Don Black and his stormdrain, did actual harm.

There are many more who have failed to support our POW’s. The Gary Yarbrough effort has provided an example for all to see.

It was revealed during the Telethon that Don Black of Stormdrain fame had actually harmed Gary Yarbrough’s Parole and had insulted Gary’s wife. If any thing come out of the Telethon beyond raising funds for Gary’s Legal Fund it should be the revelations regarding Don Black and just how toxic his Stormdrain is and why real White Nationalists should boycott it and just how hypocritical many so called Movement “Personalities” are. Most are long on talk, short on action and very lacking in loyalty to our POWs. Can anyone really imagine a Revolutionary Movement being viable with so many so called Movement Personalities that conform to the existing System? Of course all of these Personalities have their own aggressive fundraisng efforts which feed their entitlement lifestyles. Every man for himself seems to be their creed rather than supporting our Comrades who have paid the ultimate price.

Are these “Personalities” really Leaders? I think NOT.



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