Remember Baghdad Bob? the Iraqi Minister of Information under Saddam Hussein, who, while American Tanks were rolling up the Baghdad streets just a few hundred yards from his press conference, famously stated “there are no American tanks in Baghdad” he also made the following silly statements:

“There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!”
“My feelings – as usual – we will slaughter them all”
“Our initial assessment is that they will all die”
“I blame Al-Jazeera – they are marketing for the Americans!”
“God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of Iraqis.”
“They’re coming to surrender or be burned in their tanks.”
“No I am not scared, and neither should you be!”
“Be assured. Baghdad is safe, protected”
“Who are in control, they are not in control of anything – they don’t even control themselves!”
“We are not afraid of the Americans. Allah has condemned them. They are stupid. They are stupid” (dramatic pause) “and they are condemned.”
“We have destroyed 2 tanks, fighter planes, 2 helicopters and their shovels – We have driven them back.”
You get the idea, false claims and silly statements like these do a tremendous disservice and undermine credibility and can reflect poorly on an overall Struggle.


Commander Angelo John Gage, as he is referred to on Daily Stormer, and his National Youth Front (NYF) sadly have followed the “Baghdad Bob” model in 2015 by making grandiose pronouncements of victory, particularly in regard to its “Mother of all Battles” at ASU – Arizona State University over a University course titled “The Problem with Whiteness”, which the NYF protested.

To be clear the All Nationalist Association (ANA) opposes classes such as the one at ASU and opposes the practices at Universities which are nests of Cultural Marxist theory. However we view engaging in actions at Universities as a waste of time, effort and resources which are limited in our Struggle.

The youth attending Universities have just left home and, and while living off mom and dad’s generosity, are embarking on their liberal vision quest and change political and social positions so often it is not productive to recruit them into anything at this stage in their life. Young University females are drawn to “social justice” and young University males are drawn to young females and both are drawn to the “Party life” and the assorted decadence that goes with it. Youth at Universities are the greatest supporters of homosexuality, race-mixing, drug legalization and almost every other Jewish decadence, thus the ANA views any effort to engage persons in any serious Racial Nationalist effort AT THIS stage in their life as futile. While there are some committed young people, “youth” is not the mainstay nor required demographic of a reliable and credible Racial Nationalist Movement. Young White family’s ages 25 to 45 are in fact the demographic White Racial Nationalists should be targeting for recruitment.

For example:http://www.mrctv.org/blog/video-college-students-dont-recognize-ronald-reagan

To fight in the heart of enemy territory is a waste of time and accomplishes nothing but ginning up emotions for fundraising purposes and allows the enemy to use us as props to further advance their agenda. White Nationalist activism on University campuses does NOT advance our cause and in fact works against us UNLESS we have a solid cadre of student support on a respective Campus which was not the case at ASU. We should never allow ourselves to be used to advance the enemy agenda. Likewise we should understand who we really should reach out to, i.e. who is most likely to support our message, i.e. the White Working Class parents who can no longer feed their children and who understand they are being displaced and are realizing they cannot feed a hungry child on multi-culturalism and diversity.

Pictured- left Angelo Gage NYF / Right Robert Poe ASU

ASU, Arizona State University, like nearly every University is a nest of Cultural Marxism, festooned with young people who have left home and are on their leftist vision quest. Needless to say it is a complete waste of time, effort and energy for an outside Nationalist Group to march onto a Campus absent any support from any students on the Campus and launch an operation, yet this is exactly what Commander Gage and his majority over 25 year old “Youth” Organization did. This begs the question of credibility issues on many fronts, standing at the venue (ASU) and the lack of bona fide “youth” in a self described youth organization. Angelo Gage, like Disinfo Agent Veronica Clark, claims he is a “graduate from the International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Conversational Hypnotist”, held demonstrations at ASU (which lacked ASU students) and essentially huffed and puffed then issued a variety of statements proclaiming victory on par with the ending of the Wizard of Oz, “pay no attention to that man behind that curtain”, in Gage’s case, the man behind the curtain is the truth.

Perhaps Gage believes those who support our Struggle are as gullible as the faithful who follow televangelists so blindly and hand over what little money they have without question or he thought no one would engage in critical review, fact check or he believes based on his NLP and hypnosis training, and thus his pronouncements of victory would be accepted as fact.


The fact that Gage’s “National YOUTH Front” has a schizophrenic policy regarding the term “youth” further complicates its credibility issue. The NYF originally stated they accepted persons to age 40, an age well beyond the generally accepted idea of “youth”. It appears the NYF actually has more persons over the generally accepted age range that reasonable people consider “youth”. Gage’s sidekick on his weekly pod cast is age 46. We believe this reinforces our position regarding the futility of recruiting persons at this stage/age in their lives, especially on University Campuses. Further complicating the NYF’s credibility issues is its “sponsorship” posted on its web site, by the American Freedom Party and Kenn Gividen, an American Freedom Party Board Member and its 2016 Presidential candidate. Gividen is openly Jew-Friendly and describes himself as a “Paleo-Conservative”. Gividen has a history of working with self described Zionist Jews and distancing himself publicly from Racial Nationalists. In fact the NYF is the creation of and a division of the American Freedom Party which is in reality a Civic Nationalist organization festooned with Jews, Jew supporters, race mixers and assorted intellectual hypocrisy. The NYF itself makes no mention of the Jewish Problem on its web site and Gage himself engages in significant Jew-Speak, going out of his way to declare excessively in his pod casts and interviews that he is “not a supremacist” and on one occasion Gage declared he would “patronize a Jewish Deli”. This type of groveling given the NYF’s “sponsors”, the American Freedom Party (AFP) and Kenn Gividen, both
Jew- Friendly and supporters of Jared (Jews are White) Taylor is problematic. As the age old test goes, if they do not name the Jew, their message is not true”.

More can be found on the AFP and Gividen here:https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/on-the-american-freedom-party-its-presidential-candidate/

Likewise Gage’s NYF’s embrace and use of Jew Hollywood actors in place of our real historical hero’s is problematic. In a recent NYF graphic calling on people to “embrace the blood of our ancestors”, which is noble, the NYF used Jew-friendly, race mixing, homosexual friendly Hollywood actors in its graphic depicting our heroes from the past. The problems is at least one of the depictions , Conan the Barbarian, never existed and is portrayed by a Arnold Schwarzenegger, a pro homosexual race mixer who fathered an illegitimate child with his Mexican maid. Another image depicts Brad Pitt who is an advocate for homosexual marriage and has a cadre of non whiter adopted children with his mixed race spouse yet this Hollywood trash are highlighted as noble in NYF propaganda simply because they are dressed up in costumes. This sends the wrong message to our youth and to our people, we should be working to end our People’s drug-like addiction to Jew Hollywood fantasy, not reinforcing it and certainly should never embrace Hollywood actors who attack our people and our values at every turn.

Ancestors                                       NYF’s depiction of “our Ancestors”


Despite Commander Gage’s consistent declarations of victory in his “Battle of ASU”, in the form and fashion of Baghdad Bob, statements like “ The NYF got a teacher fired” and other glowing and victorious statements. There were no negative impacts from ASU Donors, ASU is a State Institution. The fact is, after all of the NYF’s bluster, ASU supports the Class, “The problem with Whiteness”.

The President of ASU, Michael Crow issued a blistering rebuke of the NYF and support of the class: http://www.statepress.com/article/2015/04/asu-president-michael-crow-takes-stance-on-controversy-surrounding-problem-of-whiteness-course

Crow, the ASU President made no mention of any ASU Donor having any negative impact, which is contrary to Gage’s statements, in fact Crow defended Bebout (the Professor who actually created and taught the course) and said he was just teaching the course as it should be taught.

Crow also highlighted the fact that the NYF had absolutely NO support or members from the ASU student body, “These individuals outside the University who said these things, they can say whatever they want…..we repudiate what they say….Those individuals who stir up controversy about the course are not a part of the ASU community”.

Gage and the NYF have also taken credit for “getting a teacher fired”, this also is false. In fact the NYF and an ASU Graduate Student who is also a Teaching Assistant had engaged in a series of on campus demonstrations and counter demonstrations. The Graduate Student in question, Robert Poe, a Canadian National, like many Graduate Students teach classes under University Professors. These Graduate Students are called “Teaching Assistants” or “Assistant Professors” and enjoy no tenure or other benefits that full Professors do. During one of the many demonstrations with the NYF, Mr. Poe, who is a despicable Leftist/Marxist, made certain public statements regarding his willingness to do violence. These statements (to do violence) are illegal under Arizona Law and not permissible under University Policy. As a result, the University disciplined Mr. Poe; in short, he was suspended for making the illegal statements. Despite his obvious violations, ASU Students, Faculty, and Student Press supported Poe, http://www.statepress.com/article/2015/02/asu-associate-leads-problem-of-whiteness-101-teach-in-on-tempe-campus/ which speaks volumes to the futility to engaging in Racial Nationalist activism on University Campuses, even in Conservative Arizona. ASU’s Department of Justice Studies rallied to Poe as did ASU Students to assure he would return to his Teaching Assistant position, which according to ASU sources, we will in August, 2015.

Commander Gage and the NYF have stated that “they got a teacher fired”. Is this accurate? Or is it an attempt to make further declarations of victory that are not accurate? The fact is the idiot Marxist Poe got himself suspended and the NYF had nothing to do with it. The rooster does NOT get credit for the sunrise.

In the end, despite all the NYF/ Baghdad Bob pronouncements, the end results after the “Great Battle of ASU” are as follows:

ASU has endorsed and support the Class and it WILL continue to be taught.

ASU exposed the NYF for having absolutely NO/ZIP/0 support within the ASU Student Body and made light of the fact that all of the NYF protestors were outsiders and NOT ASU Students. For a Youth Organization, this looks bad to say the least, especially when looking at video of the event, the NYF Protestors were clearly NOT “Youth”.

NYF received NO/ZERO/ZIP/0 support at ASU and not a single NYF demonstrator was an actual ASU Student.

The “story” actually ended up being more about the NYF and White Nationalism (in a negative light) than an honest debate on the Class. The NYF by NOT having standing at ASU, i.e. having any Student members, lacked the ability to use ASU mechanics to attack and challenge the Class intellectually. In fact the NYF distributed Flyers at ASU attacking the Class that was festooned with spelling and grammatical errors thereby playing into the hands of our enemies that Racial Nationalists are “uneducated” and “lack sophistication”.

Next term, when the Class is taught again, the actions of the NYF will be incorporated as reinforcement of “the problem of Whiteness”, i.e. the NYF allowed itself to be used as a prop and example for the enemy to use to advance its agenda.

The National Youth Front actually did more to promote and make the Class popular and attractive than to end it. No doubt enrollment in the Class will increase next term as Leftists seek to support the Class and Moderates and those who are indifferent seek to “investigate”. This benefits our enemies as we currently have very few venues to refute what is taught in such classes other than disgusting low brow web sites like the Daily Stormer or Homosexual havens like Counter Currents or Jew Lover Sites/ Groups like the NYF’s parent the American Freedom Party and AmRen.


We have to come to terms with reality. We are a long ways from victory. We are NOT political players and we do NOT influence any policy or decision. That is frustrating, especially given the enormous amount of energy and devotion many commit to our struggle and a struggle is all we have, we do NOT have a Movement. We do not have the unity, discipline, commitment, and above all ideology and worldview needed for a Movement. In the interim, all we can do is thin the heard, focus in quality rather than quantity in terms of membership and develop a cohesive ideology and worldview that must take the place of groupyism and personalityism that feeds the so called infighting and allows for government infiltration, i.e. butt-hurt feelings and wounded pride. We must commit to the idea of our children’s future and not the pocketbook of our favorite website administrator because he entertains us.

False claims of victory are just another form of entrainment designed to keep the donations and superficial support coming. False claims of victory are designed to appeal to those who demand instant gratification. Real Political Revolutionaries understand the enemy we face and the real battles we should and should not fight. The NSDAP struggled for 16 years before coming to power, Lenin struggled for over 20 and both Lenin and the NSDAP faced much weaker systems than we do. The NSDAP and Lenin both had cohesive ideologies, order, discipline, and above all character within their respective membership. Our struggle lacks all of these critical elements, thus we have experienced 50 years of abject failure. White Ethno Nationalism is in the political wilderness. Making grandiose claims of victories, which are false, are not substitutes for what is truly required. The best we can do now is build capacity, be chess masters in terms of using current events to our advantage and advance our message and play our enemies against each other.

False claims of victory, despite their short term success for “to-the-choir” back slapping and fundraising actually do a disservice to our people and a greater disservice to those in our ranks. False claims of victory undermine our credibility and ability to be taken seriously. No one ever took Baghdad Bob seriously despite his impressive uniform and official title. No one will take White Nationalism seriously if “Baghdad Bob” type tactics are employed to disseminate our information.



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