by: Rodney Martin


Where to begin, where to begin. In the aftermath of the South Carolina Church shootings, I decided it was time to take a long hard look at this thing called “White Nationalism”. In the interest of full disclosure, my biological mother is from Camden, South Carolina however I was not raised by her, I was raised by my grandparents from Los Angeles. I have attended family gatherings in South Carolina and found the people in South Carolina, to be some of the kindest, most religious and racially aware, both black and white. Interestingly, in the aftermath of the shootings, blacks went on the political offensive NOT calling for more gun control but making the final push for the purging of all things Confederacy, with an emphasis of the Confederate battle Flag, graves, war memorials, and any other symbol which a small vocal and above all active faction within the black population finds “offensive”. In true fashion the weak willed Republican dominated political establishment in the south, caved and began the cultural purge in South Carolina, Alabama, and throughout “Dixie”.

They are winning. The internet tough guys who bark on the internet for our “Culture and Values” are not. When approached by CNN and asked if he stood by his internet based bravado, Kyle Rodgers, the loud mouth internet mouthpiece of the CoCC, ( Council of Conservative Citizens) who famously said “never back down to the left wing media, hid behind his door like the preverbal High School nerd running from the Jocks and screamed at the CNN crew to go talk to his big mack daddy Jared ( Jews are White) Taylor. http://www.cnn.com/…/council-of-conservative-citizens-griff…. This is the reality of White Nationalism, tough online, cowards in real life and almost always refusing to own their positions when confronted in person.


The so called “E-Activists” or internet “Trolls” are all talk in real life but in reality are often cowards and never stand up for what they say they believe online.



Contrast the self-described White Nationalist “E-Activist” to Black, Latino, Jewish, and any other Leftist activist . Black activists took to the streets and pushed their interests and agenda, self-described “White Nationalists” continued their online, anonymous bravado via various websites, chief among these is Stormfront AKA Stormdrain led by Don Black who uses Oral Roberts fundraising tactics, demanding $7K per month from low information self-described “White Nationalists” for the honor of “blogging about the “problem”. This shtick has enabled Black to live in comfort in Palm Beach, Florida ( a Jew dominated City) while sending his son Derek, his former right hand man to a private liberal college which resulted in young Derek bowing before Mark Potok and the SPLC and no doubt delivering Stormfront user data to Potok and Morris Dees. VNN led by Alex Linder is another active forum and web site. VNN is famous for the rehabilitation of and giving a voice to none other than Frazier Glenn Miller AKA “Traitor Glenn Miller”. Years before Miller killed White People at and near Jewish Centers in Kansas, he was informing on the likes of Bob Miles and Louis Beam. Then there is the Daily Stormer AKA Daily Stoner gang led by the towering Mr. Andrew Anglin. At barely 5 foot, Anglin thinks of himself as the hardcore badass in the “Motionless Movement”. Anglin once professed (on Carolyn Yeager-Kahant’s Radio Show) his great respect for Traitor Glenn Miller as a “Great Leader”. When Anglin is not bashing White women as “whores”, “sluts”, and “worse than Jews”, he has called for age of consent laws to be lowered to age 14 so prearranged marriages between girls and 30 and 40 year-old men could be set up by his Pedo dream State. Perhaps Anglin’s insecurities regarding White women has more to do with his own failures and insecurities with the opposite sex. There is something wrong when a 31 year old male who has only ever expressed desire for underage girls of Africa and the Philippines making obsessive attacks on OUR women. Of course Anglin who has appointed himself the world’s hardest hardcore Nazi, seems to work very hard remaining out of certain jurisdictions, not indicating where he resides, and for nearly the last 2 years has attempted to live off donations, i.e. “Movement Welfare”. For a “Movement” that prides itself as “Racists” or “Racialists”, many at “Daily Stoner are all too willing to overlook Anglin’s fetish for underage Asian and Black females and the fact that at age 31,


Anglin has never been with a White Woman, has no White children, and has actually attacked marriage while patronizing brothels in Eastern Europe with the publisher of a web site Anglin has borrowed material from and reposts on Daily Stormer. Cut & Paste and claiming 14 hour work days is the actual standard of practice at “Daily Stoner”, symbolism over substance is the hallmark of White Nationalism while Blacks, Latinos, Jews, and others engage in real activism and advance a real Agenda based on substance, White Nationalists engage in online circle jerks that make the porn industry blush. The fundamental difference between “White Nationalism” and activists of Leftist Organizations such as the NAACP, LaRaza, MeCha, ADL, et. al, is simple, the Leftists are not dominated by, identified by and exists solely by websites and anonymity. Nor are they dominated by low information, mentally defective hobbyists who see conspiracies around every corner who still live at home with mommy and daddy at advanced ages, have not been in a real relationships with the opposite sex, have no children, lack any semblance of an education, lack real jobs, careers, and professional development and go so far a to viciously attack those who work in the Struggle who bring these essential tools to the motionless” Movement based on nothing more than jealously, envy and self-loathing. While White Nationalists are high-fiving Dylaan Roof for murdering old women in a Church, pardon me while I get ill, the Leftists are advancing their agenda by leaps and bounds.



It is common to hear low life White Nationalist trouser stains post long diatribes attacking people who have done something with their life/lives as “obviously being an “Agent” or a “Jew” or some other nonsense because we cannot have talent and ability in the motionless Movement. Then these self-appointed experts spend hours (because they have no life) on their favorite groupie web site or podcast opining on subjects they have absolutely no real or practical experience, education, or life experience. Most laughable is the volume of posts on White Nationalist web sites on “marriage” “relationships”, “and “women” posted by men who blame everything and everyone but themselves for their failures in life. Generally speaking when people are having difficulty with life and the opposite sex, or with finances, or with employment, the first culprit is the in the mirror. Honest self-reflection is essential to personal growth and development. Blaming others is the way of the wigger. A fundamental defect with White Nationalists is their steadfast refusal to engage in personal responsibility, accountability and inability to self-police. It is far too easy for White Nationalists, especially White Nationalist males to blame feminists, Jews, White Women, race mixing, Hollywood, or Chemtrails for their inability to grow up, stop watching cartoons and playing video games at age 30+ and get a job and move out of mommy and daddy’s house and do something with their life.  They don’t have a mate because, women are looking for men not adult adolescents who would rather watch porn and go to strip clubs (Jewish decadence) than court and spend time with them.

Many White Nationalist males have made a plethora of internet posts regarding the need to “guide” our “dominate our women” or get them back into certain roles. Frankly given the severe character flaws demonstrated by White men, especially White Nationalist men, character flaws which include rationalization and justifying race mixing for males, failure to assume the proper role of father and husband, justifying the patronizing of porn and other Jewish decadence, disgusting disrespect for our women, having children BEFORE marriage, the refusal to grow up and act like men, i.e. the outright refusal to get a job and provide for a family, and bellyaching about taking care of their offspring. Until our men address these issues, until our men ACT LIKE MEN, they are in NO position to guide anything, let alone someone’s daughter or sister. For the record, I have been married for nearly 24 years, my wife has been a traditional home maker and in addition to running the home (until her illness) has homeschooled our 5 children. I have NEVER found it necessary NOR would I ever find it necessary to “dominate” or “guide” her. Quite the opposite, I seek her advice and counsel regularly. As a Nationalist father of 3 daughters, given the present state of affairs of White Nationalism, I would NOT want my daughters to marry a White Nationalist male. I would much rather they marry a very conservative and culturally aware male who is gainfully employed and places fatherhood very high as a priority in life and is educated and treats my daughters with respect and dignity. My daughters do not need to be “guided” by an adult adolescent who talks the talk but fails to walk the walk. All 3 of my girls can keep house, are educated but at the same time can fire a weapon almost as good as their father and all 3 are college bound. Those who fear strong and educated mates are at heart girly men who seek to exercise their dominance over girls because they are weak males in the company of other men, they are in a sense “closet cases” and White Nationalism is festooned with a lot of “closet cases”. Kyle Rodgers is a prime example, big talker but “pussed out” when he had the chance to step up and own his words and views and we see this all too often when the loudest badass on a White Nationalist blog or forum thinks his real name has been revealed and he freaks and demands all his info be deleted from the blog or forum .

Clocks run forward, White Nationalism has failed to understand and embrace this successfully, I repeat, failed to embrace the future successfully. White Nationalism has failed to embrace trends, media, the news cycle, current events, music, art, and culture to its advantage. Contrast this to the National Socialists who were cutting edge in their time in terms of embracing change and the future.



In a real and successful political movements the cream rises while the pond scum sinks, this has not been the case in White Nationalism. In fact the pond scum has drowned out the crème and driven out many valuable assets, including families, which provide the next generation. Too often the pond scum of the motionless Movement are all too willing to sacrifice future growth, including generational growth all so they can be the biggest turd in the toilet, i.e. so they can self-confer some grand title in a group of 3 or 4. Groups like RaRaza, MeCha, NAACP, and ADL have understood the key to success is discipline, advancing their agenda to the next generation, and most importantly completely absent in these organizations is the fragmentation, character issues and cannibalism based on personality tiffs. These Organizations message has been consistent, disciplined and above all, they are led by the best and the brightest of their respective Organizations and never allow pond scum in the membership to run off their assets. Too many quality people, especially families have walked away NOT because they grew tired of harassment by the ADL and SPLC, but because they burned out on the internal drama and vicious attacks from anonymous White Nationalist “E-Activists”, who are often so self-loathing and disappointed with their own failures in life, that they attack others who have been successful because of hard work, education, discipline, and character. Often these “e-activists” cite National Socialism as a much needed model, however under National Socialism, it was indeed the best and the brightest that was looked upon as the greatest asset to the National Socialist National Community, and the National Socialists was especially supportive of recruitment of families. The opposite has been the case in American White Nationalism. A case in point is Daily Stoner advocacy for an all-male organizational model which is actually more in line with some twisted sister militant leather homosexual club than anything “Nationalist” or “National Socialist”.


Finally, the greatest weakness and the most glaring reason why “White Nationalism” fails, is a large number, most likely 75 percent, of those who self-identify as “White Nationalists” and frequent the various White Nationalist web sites do so as an internet based hobby only and really do not hold White Nationalist beliefs as core principles that guide their life. This is routinely seen when they are pushed in online debates, the only debates they will engage in because they can do so via fake names and gang sounding screen names that enable them to be more masculine than they really are. These self-described “hard core” “Nazis”, “Racialists”, “Racists”, “Identists”, etc, when pushed on solid racial ideological issues always retreat to making exceptions for their favorite mixed race or Non White friend or family member or even bed mate. In many cases they are all too willing to accept Jews and Homosexuals as “contributors to the Cause”, just attend AmRen or the American Freedom Party conflabs, it will not be too difficult to trip over a Jew and land in the lap of a Homosexual while hearing speakers opine at the state of “White Culture” and “White Civilization”. Those speakers generally have Non White spouses or same sex spouses which make these so called “Pro-White”, “Traditionalist”, and “Nationalist” gatherings even more hypocritical. American “White Nationalism” because of its hobby based nature is nothing more than a hodgepodge of various groups with a Baskin-Robbins like ideologies, i.e. 31 flavors, SOMETHING to suit everyone. This is so typically weak it provides no real viable alternative to the current political system. But then again, White Nationalists are not really serious about it to begin with.



White Nationalism is in reality an internet based hobby. While some, such as David Duke and Don Black make a decent living, Duke off the same video or when he is BSing low information followers about his You Tube Channel being removed, with different titles, and Black as a hybrid Televangelist/Crack Dealer, demanding cash or he will take the blog away, thus the addicts will happily send money they don’t have so they can post silly comments from behind what they think are clever “screen name” which the SPLC always seems to know the real identity, yet the low information groupies have not figured out why the SPLC know who they are. 98 percent of all those who self-identify as “white Nationalist have absolutely NO intention of taking any affirmative action to make any meaningful change that would establish an Ethno State on the North American Continent.


There are many reasons for this, too many to list, but chief among these are:

Americanism: in reality most White Nationalist will jump up and chant “USA – USA” right alongside Kosher Conservatives

Libertarianism: a vast majority of self-described White Nationalists are in reality “Libertarians”, despite their professed support for National Socialism. They are the first to invoke “Liberty”, “Freedom”, and “Individualism”, which are the 3 primary ingredients that have led to the destruction of White Western Christian Civilization on the North American Continent.

Character: simply put, a huge majority of self-described White Nationalists lack the character, discipline, and honor to put a real Movement above themselves and are in reality web site and podcast Groupies rather than political or ideological soldiers.

Commitment: a large percent of self-describe White Nationalists are NOT committed to being part of or have any real understanding of a real political revolutionary struggle and a) what it takes to effect real change b) being part of something that is NOT “democratic” where they do not get to vote on everything.

Symbolism or Substance: White Nationalists are like cats and the laser light. White Nationalists fall in love like a teenage girl for every new face, and declare their allegiance to the new “fuhrer”, that says something catchy, only to be disappointed when they learn he is saying something different to different people, has no real ideological core, likes Jews, blah, blah, blah. This has plagued White Nationalism for years as it is common to hear White Nationalists say, “all we need is THE LEADER”. Well, White Nationalism has LOTS of Leaders, what it lacks is ideas and a broad based Ideology. Groups like the ADL, LaRaza, MeCha: NAACP, DO have ideas and are committed to an ideology and are successful regardless of who is in charge. White Nationalism fails to understand this ON PURPOSE because unlike MeCha, La Raza, the ADL, NAACP, et al, White Nationalism is like a video game, it is fantasy, an escape, a HOBBY. There is NO real desire to do what is discussed.

Compromised: Too many self-described White Nationalists, even those who profess to be “hardcore” are compromised or are all too willing to compromise on the Race issue. Jared Taylor and his AmRen Jew Crew takes the position “Jews are White”, the so called “hard hitting Renegades at Renegade Broadcasting have had and do have an assorted cast of multiculturalism and take multicultural positions. Kyle Hunt’s “mate” has a history of carousing with black rappers while “General Dana echoes Renegade’s Racial Policy saying “if it looks and acts White, it is White”. One must ask if a Black who has what Blacks used to call “good skin and could pass” said he/she is White, would Renegade be good with it? The National Youth Front, a brainchild of the American Freedom Party, itself Jew compromised, started off led by a leader married to a Non White who proudly supported Israel. Its current “Leader” is a self-proclaimed “anti-supremacist” and hypnotist who uses Hollywood imagery as examples of White Ancestors. The fact is almost all so called White Nationalist entities are compromised on the issue of Race and none dare establish a Race Policy for fear of offending their own members who are themselves compromised or race mixed. This has and does lead to schizophrenic messaging and hypocrisy. A prime example of this is Matthew Heimbach who passes himself off as whatever the group is he is talking to and is the proverbial media/attention whore going so far as to show up in Charleston and proclaim Dylann Roof was a “victim”. Heimbach, like Commander Angelo John Gage is a prime example of the White Nationalist AssClown who spends too much time screaming “look at me – look at me” and too little time on any thing substantive.



Ask anyone with a real life, as in someone with a wife or husband, children, a real job or career and education who takes Ethno Nationalism seriously and has a desire to preserve a future for their children and they will tell you that it takes an incredible toll on their families. Most shocking is the fact that the greatest toll comes NOT from “Antifa”, or Jews, or the ADL, or the “OPP”, but from so called White Nationalists and anonymous White Nationalist trolls that call themselves “Racialists committed to the 14 Words. While Marxist Organizations use the internet as an effective tool to marshal resources, communicate and to move resources from one ground operation to another, White Nationalists use it to engage in the most depraved cannibalism which in the end denies the motionless Movement the essential tools in the toolbox to grow and develop from a Struggle into a Movement. The White Nationalist Movement is dominated by individuals who by any standard should be as far away as possible from any alternative political revolutionary struggle and most certainly no mainstream political movement would tolerate the absolute crap that is seen in the motionless White Nationalist Movement.

Because of the complete lack of self-policing and the complete absence of character, discipline, and honor, White Nationalism allows any mentally defective low life with a PC and internet connectivity to declare themselves some sort of “Supreme Chancellor” by night from the Imperial HQ of their Momma’s basement, as is the case with many well-known personalities in the motionless Movement, and go on rampages in the Superman Underoos attacking people who come into the motionless Movement with real talent, abilities and experience that is desperately needed. In almost every case the talent leaves because people with real lives, i.e. families, careers, etc, have little time for this nonsense and the motionless Movement is left as it always has been, the same little sewer dominated by the same little turds who think they are big fish in the small pond.


To all of this I say NO THANKS. I have a wife and 5 children and have better things to do.



  1. Great analysis Rodney, Totally agree. I almost wish we didn’t have Internet so that the cowardly trolls could never surface.


  2. Thank you and I do understand your anger. The White Race is at the end of the road and most of these “warriors” are playing games. We cannot afford this situation, the enemy is gaining momentum because we have too many rotten apples in the “Movement’s” basket.


  3. I think Rodney’s theory is if the bad apples were discarded, good people would join in. I am more pessimistic, I think if the bad ones quit, things would be still motionless, but more quiet. I think good folk would find a way to join if they were around, and they would drown out the noise of the bad guys.

    However, Rodney has real world experience, so he may have seen examples of this, with reference to the families that he mentions.


  4. excellent article and is indeed the farce of a movement in a nutshell. this all needed to be said and thank you for taking the time to say it.


  5. Great analysis, Rodney. The problem is that nobody can really define “white” objectively. Aryanism or ARYAN NATIONALISM makes more sense. A lot of the White Nationalists that I have met during the last twenty years in the movement have been REAL assholes. Noble and decent folks of ANY race can be regardless as ARYAN


  6. Well thought out article. One of the main issues from my perspective is that WN sites appear to be testing grounds for all sorts of psychological manipulation by various organizations. Most WN that I know have had some sort of traumatizing event in their lives to “wake” them and as a result many have some type of mental issues. The groups I follow tend to be highly introvert focused and intellectual at their core but have deep problems when it comes to infiltration by organizations attempting to sway opinion. Since the main “enemy” of WN is in part the main stream press, the WN are very sensitive (over sensitive) to opinion swaying techniques. This results in a degree of paranoia which can also be attributed to the fact that some countries (Germany) will actually incarcerate WN activists.

    I will not deny that there is most certainly deeply rooted cancer in the WN communities. But I would argue that at least a portion is due to active measures by outside groups posing as WN to drive potential ‘recruits’ away. The WN community at large has struggled to find a unified way to deal with this and as a result lashes out sometimes against their potential supporters.

    If one is an Intellectual white Nationalist with a family I would keep my online presence low and anonymous and seek to build a real world community among your friends and family.

    I understand the desire for leadership and organization (I have tried multiple times to organize disparate WN groups without limited success) but the ‘enemy’ has had poured enormous amounts of resources and experience into countermeasures against such ‘typical’ organization. If you truly desire to be a part of a WN ‘movement’ the only chance for it to get off the ground will be in the form of unaffiliated localized grassroots communities connected only by anonymous online discussions.


  7. Good analysis, but you’re missing a couple things. The biggest of which is if anyone does have a white nationalist movement that becomes viable, the government of the country that it is in will go out of its way to demolish it. So far they have been very successful in either discrediting, financially draining, or just straight up killing anyone that gets big enough to be deemed a “threat”. There are always cowards, these exist in any group, but the very real threat of being ruined is there for white people.


  8. First time I have seen your blog, followed a link over
    from AFP, where Andrew was interviewed.

    There is some disturbing people Andrew is associating with.
    So bad I cannot believe what I am reading.

    This requires further research, it would fit perfectly with your blog,
    especially this article here which I largely agree with.

    The commentators at AFP seem to be correct, I don’t think they
    believe what they are seeing too, why don’t they just go straight
    to Andrew and tell him?


  9. You suggest white nationalist should march like adl, larazza etc. That will get them doxed and loose job.
    You suggest not to be internet heavy. But first time while nationalist have global reach due to internet. Which provious generationsfailed. You suggest family men. Well Hitler was not a family man so was Emma Lazarus not a family woman.


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