The fact is….Mr. Parrott pursued, bedded and made plans to marry a “Non White ” woman, an Arabic woman to be precise. When he got cold feet because he feared the “White Nationalist” backlash, he marshaled his mob squad to apply pressure on the Arabic female to “keep quiet”, after all, Mr. Parrott and his cohort Matt Heimbach, present themselves as examples of Christian White Nationalist Orthodoxy, pardon me while I puke, the same Mr. Parrott who has paraded around the Country as Mr. Heimbach’s lap dog saying something different to every Group, i.e. the Al Gore of the motionless White Nationalist Movement. Now that Mr. Parrott has been called out, he is attempting to play victim (crybabby) and is having his groupies come to his defense and say he is being unfairly “trolled”, again, pardon me while I puke.


It was Mr. Parrott and his minions who trolled his now Ex Non White GF attempting to pressure her, in their words to NOT “out Matt”. I received a set of these FB Instant Messages a little while ago calling on me to be “decent”. That is something Mr. Parrott, Mr. Heimbach et al should do, after all isn’t it Mr. Parrott and Mr. Heimbach who carry big crosses at demonstrations and make a point of referring to “their faith” and “traditionalism” at every opportunity.  Messers Parrott and Heimbach more resemble preachers like Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker than the great Orthodox Cosmopolitans of the 1930’s and 40’s.   What we have learned from Mr. Parrott and from the actions of his Comrades in their attempt to cover up his race-mixing is White Nationalism is festooned with Racial Hypocrisy and when it comes to these so called “well spoken young “Leaders”, they are much like Homosexuals, very prone to a lack of impulse control and very promiscuous, these are character defects which enemies can and will exploit. In “Trad Youth” there is one “Leader” who is divorced and pursued a Non White female and another with a Mail Order Bride from Eastern Europe…..PATHETIC.  The solution is simple.



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