Parrott’s Groupies – “he is a white man let him have some Arab booty, she looks white”

Since I made Matt Parrott’s racemixing public, I have received many “interesting” comments from Parrott’s minions. Mr. Parrott states on his Facebook Page that he “never sent his Minions to “persuade” the Non White Arab Female to keep quite, yet while saying this he also says he tried to “reason with her”. Now one must ask what was there to “reason” about Matt?

By the number of silly, nonsensical, and outright stupid comments and emails I have received from Parrott Minions, It can only be assumed that Parrott Minions did indeed attempt to pressure the Non White Arab female.


In his various replies on his Facebook page, Parrott stipulates to “courting the Arab female online” and meeting her in person, for 3 hours thus conceding his racemixing.  A word to Matt and his groupies, Matt has said he did it, so this is NOT gossip.

Parrott attempts to marginalize his actions by saying the female in question is “1/4 European”. Interestingly she is NOT.

While Parrott’s reply attempts to marginalize his “relationship” , it was actually longer and more in depth than he admits. His own Facebook Page shows that it went on for just over 8 months. Parrott’s  December 2014 post he says he and the “Non White Arab female and I are in a rather interesting ( my words) relationship”  ( I will not use her name)  In this December Facebook poast, which also involved the female and Matthew ( All things to All People) Heimbach, Parrott made great light of the females perceived reputation of having a great number of sexual partners.  Yet despite this he pursued her, by his own admission.

Here is the 2014 exchange from Parrott’s Facebook Page:

Matt Parrott
XXXXXX and I are in a serodiscordant relationship, so it’s especially important for her to stay on top of her drug regimen.”
December 29, 2014 at 3:03pm • Like • 3

XXXXXXXXXXXX Caucasian please…..I’m a nice girl.
December 29, 2014 at 6:16pm • Like • 1

Matthew-John Heimbach Matt be nice to OMITTED, she deserves a good man

WHAT COSTS $3000.00

Parrott states he was “blackmailed” out of $3000.00, now why $3000.00, why only $3000.00? why not $5,000.000?? why not $7,000.00??

Sorry, I call bullshit Matt.

What costs $3000.00?

Parrott denies “having relations with the Non White female, i.e. Bill Clinton, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, now ask yourself AGAIN…. what costs $3000.00?

In case you need a little help figuring out what cost $3000.00, abortions cost $3000.00.  Was Parrott “blackmailed or did he engage in discussions regarding payment for an abortion, i.e. killing his mixed race child to preserve his standing as a White Nationalist?  How does that reconcile with his “faith”

Why would an abortion be needed if all Parrot and female had was (1) dinner date and a few online chats, as Parrot represents?


The next logical question that should be asked, what IF the Non White Arab female gives birth? Will Mr. Parrott provide for the child like a proper Orthodox Christian father?

child support

According to 2 closely associated with the situation and the people involved this may well come into play.


In the mean time, Matt Parrott still posts anti-racemixing posts and articles on his Facebook Page, ironic isn’t it. But that is the state of affairs of American White Nationalism.

OFF CLIFFMatt, its time to man up, take responsibility, and stop demeaning the woman.  That is beneath a White man.  You did it, own it.  What does your Bible say?



  1. Looks like I found out the hard way what Parrott is really like. He certainly is no Christian (except in name only). The more I learn about him and interact with him, the more I see he has no interest in Christianity, or in telling the truth. He accused me of being anti-white because I advocate that race is secondary to Christ. And now I am learning he endorses those in the “gaming” sphere.


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