A former ANN Host, David Jones, has made some posts critical of my recent article on White Nationalism and on Matt Parrott. I assume this means Mr. Jones endorses Mr. Parrott’s racemixing. This would not surprise me. Mr. Jones once endorsed the current Greek Communist Government when they were running in the Greek elections.

Mr. Jones left ANN because ANN told him he was told he would have to invest the required time in HIS Show. Yes, invest time in his Show. Throughout his time at ANN, when he did his weekly Radio Show, Mr. Jones required others to operate the Radio Controls for him. When he did his weekly Show, he merely talked into his phone. Because Mr. Jones did not have a PC, i.e. use Skype, his Show cost ANN, i.e. yours truly funded his show to a tune of $5 to $10 per episode in Skype charges. Several months before the end of Mr. Jones Show, he was given new positions in ANN, which he asked for and accepted enthusiastically. Mr. Jones never did the work that was required and associated with those titles. He repeatedly stated he was busy volunteering at the local food bank, i.e. handing out food, we all know who gets those hand outs. He also said he was too busy being a full time “activist” attending Town Council Meetings. In the end Mr. Jones did very little in terms of investment of time with ANA/ANN and he put little to nothing into his Show and for all his swagger and bluster he could not get anyone to operate the Control/Board for him and he would not take the necessary steps to do so for his own show.


Mr. Jones has an almost “entitlement” mentality. He expected others who have jobs, families and other real life commitments, which he does not, to be at his beckon call on specific days and time to operate the radio control board for his show and to pay the additional fees so he could do his show from the ease of his cell phone.

He was given written notice several months prior to his leaving that he would have to 1) start operating his own Board, after all it is HIS Show, or 2) find someone to operate the Radio Board controls . Mr. Jones was given nearly 2 months to prepare personally or to make alternate arrangements and he never acted and when the time came, his show went dark and he just quit. This is his fault and no one else’s.

As to my “criticisms” of White Nationalist frauds and hypocrites, Mr. Jones has suddenly taken great umbrage, yet he has a history of making posts attacking most of the same frauds and hypocrites I have. Given this history by Jones, I will not reply to his silly attempt to gain favor.


Mr. Jones is a prime example of “White Nationalism” as described in my recent Essay. It is in reality a hobby for him. His duties to ANN and to his Radio Show were always far behind his other activities, i.e. the Food Bank and hanging out at the Town Council, i.e. playing “Democracy” which he has made 0 impact and he demanded others accommodate both in terms of their time and financially so that he could do his radio Show. When the time came that he had to be fully responsible for his own Radio Show, he simply quit. That shows how committed he really was. Now he is acting like a bitter “Ex” and making nasty comments. The fact is Mr. Jones is gone because he was not committed to his own Show nor committed to the duties associated with the titles he asked for.



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