cooking the booksCOSSmheimbach

It is no secret that shortly after his graduation, Mr. Heimbach, though unemployed, traveled extensively around the Country, coast to coast,going from Group to Group in an attempt to forge some sort of “Nationalist Confederacy”.

Travel is expensive, one must incur gas, lodging and food costs.  WHO PAID?

Here are TEN Questions which can be asked given internal events and was documented in internal emails by CoCC ( Council of Conservative Citizens) Board Members which included the resignation of some of its Board Members:

1) Did the CoCC pay the costs of Heimbach’s travel?

2) Did the CoCC pay Heimbach’s travel costs “off the books” thereby avoiding certain Audit and reporting requirements?

3) Why did some CoCC Board Members express concern at the method in which Heimbach’s travel was being paid and why were their concerns disregarded?

34) Did the CoCC keep (2) sets of Books?

5) Did the CoCC “Cook the Books” to assure its funding of this travel was covered up?

6) Did CoCC Board Members eventually resign citing “concern over the method in which Heimbach was being funded  with CoCC funds”?

7) Which Board Members resigned and will the CoCC make their emails on the matter public?

8) Were any of the funds ever paid back?

9) Why were these travel costs paid and if so, paid in such a way that alarmed some CoCC Board Members so much that they resigned?

10) Did CoCC ever report the expenditures and did Heimbach report them as income or reimbursements?



  1. You mean Wee Willie Johnson wasn’t footing the bill? I think Wee Willie kicked in some cash. This is indicative of the new guard of White Nationalism though, none of the “leaders” have jobs. What in the hell does Brad Griffin do for a living besides tell other people who do something for a living that they have nothing to worry about? How about Angie Gage? All he does is apparently sit around and collect his PTSD cash and make You Tube videos. Camp Comradery? More like Camp Cash-radery.


  2. It’s about time to reject as leaders these professional beggars and malcontents dwelling in poverty. We need people in the movement who show they can at least provide for themselves and their families. Then they may worthy of respect, and possibly reach the point where others would look to them for leadership.

    One person I can definitely respect is Kevin MacDonald. The man has enough discipline to keep his job, and express his political views unapologetically in his books and in the media. He actually takes the cause seriously enough to write long books full of words, that take time to read, are researched, foot noted, and show him to be an expert in the field of Jewish evolutionary psychology.

    As for David Duke, I like him. He’s professional, he has a body of work, but I still have difficulty respecting him. He has lived off donations for a long, long time and his soft-spoken voice does not make me feel that he’s too upset about maintaining the status quo. He reminds me of a TV preacher, especially when he asks people to include him in their Wills.

    I also like Bob Whitaker. He is a “great philosopher” in our struggle. He produces slogans, mantras, and makes good punchlines. However, he can’t seem to develop his talking points into arguments that are substantive and convincing to an intellectual crowd. I was disappointed to see that his book “Why Johnny Can’t Think” reads like a collection of his blog posts. A former alcoholic, he also shamelessly admits that he receives a government check for a mental disability.

    Finally, I also like Carolyn Yeager. Let’s assume her ex husband Theo Kahant is not a Jew, but a “normal white man”, as she puts it. I still have a hard time respecting her. Yes, she puts in time, does her research, and tries her best. But she seems confused and frustrated often, unprepared, and lacking in energy. She lives somewhere out in Texas or neighboring state, has no children and its not known how she supports herself. She will however gladly announce donations she receives from “Hymie Schwartz”.


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