By: Rodney Martin
John Friend was NEVER a victim of the JDL
Several years ago John Friend cried around the internet, on blogs and on podcasts, about loosing his job because of actions by the JDL (Jewish Defense League). Friend even produced an email chain allegedly sent to him by “JDL Activists” threatening him. The first problem with Friend’s story, the JDL never announces/telegraphs their intentions, secondly, John Friend, a young recent college graduate who had just arrived in San Diego and the father of a Non White child wouldn’t warrant that type of attention by the JDL.  However, “creating” victimization would indear him in the hearts and low information minds of a great many White Nationalists who are prone to paranoia and conspiracy theories.  A Law Enforcement Psyops Operator would find this the idea cover to use to infiltrate White Nationalist circles.   Interestingly, Friend has never even raised the ire of the SPLC or ADL.   THE  REAL PROBLEM, however is this was a BIG LIE.

I was working with John Friend at the time ( starting the ANA) and when he told me of loosing his job, I wrote official letters for him, which were sent Certified Mail/Return Receipt to his former employer, a private/corporate online College, seeking clarification and making a formal notification of a potential claim.  I still have copies of the correspondence I prepared for John.   Having years of Administrative and Human Resources experience, I advised John to seek recourse and a potential settlement. When John Friend’s former employer replied and provided the reason for his termination, it had NOTHING to do with any action(s) by the JDL.John Friend’s former employer was very candid and frank and provided detail as to his termination.

John Friend’s former employer stated in a reply letter that he had been terminated for violating the employer’s “Company Computer & Internet Usage Policies”, specifically, John had been using the employer’s computers to write and post articles to his Blog and had done so on company time. Upon receipt of his former employer’s detailed reply letter, John Friend stated he did NOT wish to pursue the matter any further.Interestingly, John DID NOT deny the former employer’s statements, in fact he stated his job was often boring and left him with extra time.  I cautioned John that at his young age, if he was going to be an activist, to NEVER take his activism into the work place and to never open his blog on a workplace computer.

While it appears John Friend’s recent termination, http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/…/escondido-fired-city…/, from the City of Escondido’s City Manager’s Officer was a direct result of the City’s disapproval of the content of his blog, for years John Friend raised funds and built a fraudulent “White Nationalist” & “Truther” reputation based in large part of having been a “victim” of the “Jews” and the JDL. I know for a fact that Mr. Friend’s first job termination which he represented as the handiwork of the JDL was in fact a result of his own misconduct because I personally assisted him in challenging that termination and I personally read his former employer’s official letter which clearly spelled out John Friend’s misuse of his employer’s time and equipment for personal use.

John Friend comes from a family of Law Enforcement in Nebraska, this can easily be verified.  One of his Uncles served as a senior Law Enforcement Administrator in the Governor’s Office, while other family members, including a Police Captain and Police Chief have been written about in articles chronicling police corruption.


Many White Nationalists have questioned how John Friend could live in a very “high rent” area, Poway, Ca and yet maintain financial responsibility for his Non White child and live what appeared to be a life of leisure and have unlimited time for “White activism”.  Friend had previously stated he lived off a “Trust Fund”, yet when one looks at the broad number of Groups from all over the political spectrum Friend has attempted to involve himself with, it is not a stretch to conclude his “Trust Fund” is questionable.  John Friend has attempted to get cozy and associate with Groups ranging from “White Nationalist & Nazi to Far Left/OWS and Socialist, all Groups the government has admitted to monitoring, tracking, and infiltrating. Interestingly, while Far left Groups instantly distrusted Friend, “White Nationalists” & “Truthers” bought his stories and continue to do so.    Perhaps John Friend’s “Trust Fund” was for services rendered.  We all have been cautioned about the all too friendly person who finds his/her way into almost every group and is eventually unmasked as the one who was taking names and numbers.

Interestingly, John Friend engaged in an aggressive fund-raising effort for two years representing himself as “unemployed” and needing funds to support his “Free Speech” and “Research”.  However in a broadcast on the disinfo Network Renegade Broadcasting, on Saturday September 12, 2015: http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/renegade-roundtable-scott-roberts-john-friend-9-12-15/ John Friend let it slip that he had been working for the City of Escondido for almost two years. This means, while he was crying for “donations”, John Friend was working for the City of Escondido. In the Renegade Broadcasting podcast, Friend said he had worked for the City of Escondido for about 2 years, first in the Recreation Dept, then he took a position in the City Manager’s Office. While the recent article regarding his most recent termination says he had worked for the City manager for about 3 months, that was just in that position, in fact he had worked for the City for about 2 years.



  1. I have had some concerns about Friend and though I have noticed his troubles with everyone over the last two years, this is the first explanation that seems may have teeth. I just assumed he was a useful idiot that didn’t get he was supposed to follow orders and would get whacked by WNs and AFP and TUT, etc- thanks again


  2. Yes, there was something not right about John Friend’s story. Is “Friend” even his real last name?


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