David Duke has finally exposed himself as either having dementia or being the  “agent” many, including Tom Metzger have speculated. Duke has never satisfactorily answered the question why he has been able to travel so freely in Europe while so many other “evil” and “wicked” American Racists are banned from travel in the very European Nations Duke has traveled and resided in. Gotta wonder? Duke has indicated he has “provided advice and information to various Far-Right Groups in Europe”,…. really? Based on what? Duke’s own success is marginal at best. In reality, he served more time in prison for ripping off well-meaning donors, using donated funds “for the cause” on his personal vices, than his time as a La State Rep. So, who has Duke been providing advice and information to? The “Far Right Groups” or to you know who on the Far Right Groups”?


Perhaps Duke is the Pide Piper and has been retained to lead White Nationalists in the direction where the system wants them to go?

This aside, Duke took the cake today.

In his broadcast today, September 23, 2015, David Duke’s Show summary stated in part as follows:
“…Dr. Duke started the show by referring to yet another article from the Jewish press exposing the Jewish role in promoting the ongoing tsunami-gration into Europe. 100 British Jewish clergy, invoking the Holocaust, signed a letter urging PM David Cameron to take in more Syrian refugees.
Then he brought on Sinead McCarthy, a pro-European journalist and video producer. They had a far-reaching discussion on the Zio media indoctrination of whites to feel guilt, view themselves in a negative light, and refrain from reproducing. They also talked about what regular people can do to make a difference in the struggle to liberate ourselves.”

You might recall “the Pro-European” Ms. McCarthy pictured below frolicking with her “fellow Europeans”, there are many other more graphic pictures:


There is one very big problem, Ms. McCarthy lacks all credibility as she routinely cajoles and engages in relationships with black rappers and one of her “mates” the effeminate “beta male” Kyle Hunt, has spoken in favor of polyandry.

Duke indicated during the broadcast that “women do not want beta males”, LOL….. well take a look… BETA BOY who shares his lady with Negros. 

Duke says he opposes race mixing, yet he showcases Ms. McCarthy as a “Pro-European woman”, well Mr. Duke, it seems you are like many other “White Nationalists”, prone to ear tickling but short on substance and standards or maybe Duke is just coming to the end of the road.  On can only hope.  Many are tired of his “Emergency Fund Appeals” around tax time opining about You Tube taking down his channel which always seems to be up.   These charlatans can make great videos, podcasts and blog posts, but then live lives of Sodom and Gomorrah and otherwise Jewish decadence.


This is the fundamental problem of White Nationalism, “do as I say not as I do”, while the White Nationalist paper tigers and internet fearless leaders are panhandling for their “very important work” for which deliverables have been noticeably absent, while their lifestyles have been extravagant.

Pardon me while I puke.


  1. Is there anyway he didn’t know about the affairs of this journalist? Anyways there is something about Duke that doesn’t sit well with me and his non stop cucking for Palestine is getting ridiculous


  2. 1) As a Radio Host and a “Dr”, he had a duty to conduct due diligence on who he represented as “Pro European” 2) I don’t have an issue with supporting Palestinians, however Duke does it as a fundraising prop, his support is very shallow.


  3. Duke also implies the OCT on 911 is accurate not to mention that the protocols are “good fiction” like 1984. Also, his buddy Black,protected Anglin by deleting a big anti-Anglin thread on Stormfront.
    One problem I have Rodney with being so tough on everyone’s personal morality is how are you ever going to grow unity if you exclude people because of race-mixing and stuff.

    I think it’s a given, all these ideas of white ethnocentric nationalism will never come to pass with Jewish power in place. For us to compete with Jewish power we need authentic aware people to resist and not exclude because of race

    When this is done, and done well, we remove from the enemy the ability to demonize white Jew wise people by pointing out all the race hate videos they post on everyone. I keep saying that we have a multi-cultural clash problem, not a race problem, and we should be recruiting for awareness, not a bunch of superficial characteristics that boil down to personal prejudice towards what you were born into.

    When you attack Sinead, don’t you think you should know the type of blacks she socializes with and whether or not they are good role models?We all criticize cultish behavior but in this day and age, that’s all a movement will be if there is an exacting set of morality placed on every member and this is why I come back to the Jew

    It’s not a personal opinion that the Jew is destroying our society to remake it totally judaized, it’s a fact. Islamists should be our allies as they know better than all others except maybe the Jew-wise faction of the white race that the problem is the Jews.

    Blacks, because the Jews are like “a warm and fuzzy” big brother to them and are pretty indoctrinated towards class and race warfare due to the slavery history being pinned on whites by you know who, will come to us in dribbles at best at least at first.

    Now this military discipline you preach (my analogy) that includes code of conduct and lifestyle will be fine down the road for certain things but at this point the number 1 priority should be challenging the Jew on Twitter (why Twitter and not the streets) . This is so because our movement is so intoxicated with covert Jew infiltration and our resistance is so scattered, twitter allows us to all come together from different locations and when we grab a one issue pony like Ann Coulter who clearly works for the enemy and is pro Jew and protect her against Jewish intimidation, we just may sway onlookers.

    Too, I believe as we pick our fights according to spontaneous availability such as the immigration issue, shills get the opportunity to expose themselves. A mantra I repeat is that you can’t resist when your “generals” are being paid by your enemy. It will be fake. So the first resistance we need to apply is resisting the enemy in our midst

    We need to cut down our have tos to essentials for beginning real resistance and that means taking what most people consider race issues back to the source jew culture destroyer (because he is the true threat) We have to realize they rule us by lying, that these false flags being perpetuated are done to get us talking about certain things they prefer (Rebels flags, etc) and we need to talk about the false flags because you can’t accept an initial enemy lie and beat him in most cases (I don’t consider it being a conspiracy theorist to demand the evidence all be brought to the table over weird made for tv events and to point out what can be seen by close scrutiny. Far better that than rant on the divide and conquer issues the Jews are orchestrating)

    I think the Syrian invasion really needs to be blamed on the Jews here. Anyway, I’ve said enough.Have a good day


    1. Yes I advocate a military type discipline, that is the one good thing I came away with from my service and the one thing WN lacks and why it fails consistently. Middle East Policy is the fault of the Jew AND Christian Zionists. The “Sinead” issue is one of pure hypocrisy. The Renetards attack me and others based on false rumors while they give a pass on real issues in their own living rooms. My next article will be on the false hood of “White Genocide”.


  4. hey, one more thing. I believe in all Hitlerian right and lefties, as an initial step, to come together to form the core of an anti-Jewish power movement. If this were accepted people would stop addressing just white people with their concerns. What I have noticed and I believe due to the fact both the Hitlerian right and left are covertly Jew run is that they are trying to create an ideological battle between these two positions. The Hitlerian right and left should unite on the Jew and save their ideological struggle on other things for when a dis-empowered Jew has become fact

    The movement should be anti-Jew- Everything else causes condescension, not to say focusing on the Jew won’t, but that is, after all , the elephant in the room.

    Can the room be cleaned before you remove the elephant? No! Can a sinking ship be saved by rearranging deck chairs? No! You have to address the leak and the leak is the Jew. Race Wars is bailing water. You subsidize addressing and finding the leak with bailing water. In other words you do it as necessary. You obsess however on finding the leak

    My final analogy on that is my WWE analogy. Vince McMahon is the Jew behind the curtain. The WWE stage event is the world as presented by the Jew. When the “audience”, us, cares who wins on the WWE stage and cheers and boos, the only real winner is Vince, Jew, McMahon. As long as we care about the fight in the arena we will never take on the real fight of rooting out Vince McMahon and dragging him to a real oven that he pretended to have been exposed to in a previous WWE fake match (the holocaust)

    I might as well explain “Hitlerian-left and right” Traditional politics are masonic and hide the Jew element as Jews control masonry

    Hitlerian left and right are folks who believe in what Hitler stood for (gentiles ruling gentiles) and want to enact it. They have very different interpretations of how to do so but the uniting thing is they want gentiles ruling gentiles. The masonic uniting thing is to perpetuate covert Jew rule. How they go about that varies between left and right but they meet behind the curtain in unity.

    We contrarily, should accept disunity of ourselves behind our curtain and unify in the street targeting the Jews or at least Jew aims if it needs to be camouflaged.

    An area of concern here, IMO, is all the WN racist groups that prefer to ignore Jew lies about Hitler, WWII, and Jews themselves. They ultimately want a kinder and gentler JWO, and that ain’t gonna happen but the Jew wants to believe it might. Of course, that may also be a co-option issue we have to deal with

    Sorry for the ranting- Joe Sigur


  5. That is correct Chris, when was that again and this is when? Since Duke got the boot from Europe, and you gotta wonder what took them so long?? Did his contract finally expire? he has taken a low brow approach and hooks his wagon to whatever personality he runs across online. Duke’s job is what exactly? You Tube videos?? WOW, entertainment, he never says anything we DON’T already know yet you fools send him money you probably don’t have for his “very important work” which has not yielded ANYTHING. Remember this is the guy that spent those donations on Vices, what makes you think that isn’t happening again? Isn’t interesting that around January/Feb of each year he sends out “Red Alerts” his You Tube Channel is bout to be taken down and he needs to raise a bunch of money to fight for it..BULLSHIT, more like a bill we all have on April 15. So, what has changed since the time I had Duke on my former show, I looked at him the same way I look at any other huckster. Apply the same criteria and Duke is a old White man living off welfare in anther form.


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