hellstorm documentaryThumbs-down

I like Tom Goodrich and his book “Hellstorm, the death of Nazi Germany 1944-1947” is required reading for anyone who believes the Allies were the “good guys” and that America is “exceptional”.


With that said, the so called “documentary” developed in conjunction with Kyle Hunt falls far short of the book. In fact the “documentary” is just another “White Nationalist You Tube video” which was eventually removed by You Tube and this is truly unfortunate.


The entire “Hellstorm Documentary” endeavor turned out to be nothing more than a money mining operation by Mr. Hunt. Hunt initially raised, according to his Renegade Broadcasting web site $2500.00, however he never provided the public, his donors, estimates of the project budget something every project should have and be presented by those raising funds. To this day Hunt continues to raise funds for the “Hellstorm Documentary” via its own web site developed by Mr. Hunt, and at one point Hunt was offering “the Hellstorm” DVD for a $50 “donation”. This is completely unrealistic given documentaries and films maybe purchased via Amazon from anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00.

The lack of a budget and the prolonged fundraising campaign demeaned the “Hellstorm Documentary”, into a honeypot/”Movement Welfare” Project for Mr. Hunt. His constant opining that he is “cannot get a real job sounds more like the proverbial welfare queen than a hard working Aryan, but then again his Renegade operation is festooned with Non-Aryans, Homosexuals, Sexual Degenerates, Transsexual pursuers and assorted other urchins.


The “Hellstorm Documentary” is essentially an audio book with slideshow pictures which are all lifted from the internet. Kyle Hunt’s lack of history shines as many of the graphics are inaccurate with the chronology. There does not seem to be a lot of real and original work that went into this “documentary”. It appears that the main work consisted of readings from the book and merging internet pictures, many of which are incorrect with the 1944-47 chronology.
The narration is good at times, save for the female narrator who lacks credibility on the subject matter.


The audio quality is less than professional and the overall presentation fails to meet the standards of a true documentary. Of course Kyle Hunt’s lack of depth in terms of vision and marketing doomed what should have been an outstanding project which had the potential of being a Ken Burns type project, but Kyle Hunt’s limited abilities and narrow view limited its potential and outreach to that of a You Tube Video that reached only the “White Nationalist” choir which may well have harmed the book as well. If a REAL Documentary based on Hellstorm had been done correctly it could have reached a much broader audience and could have aired on a real broadcast Network in the United States such as LINK or PRESS TV. This however was never Kyle Hunt’s objective. Hunt seeks to mine White Nationalism so he may earn enough revenue from the sheep as a televangelist does so he can avoid genuine employment.


Additionally, Hunt lacked the skill set and connections to make a project with the potential of Hellstorm a genuine success. As a result, it has now been marginalized as just another crank, discredited, and “White Nationalist” video, void of genuine historical merit. This is what happens when ego takes precedence over competence. While the book is outstanding, the video is substandard and that is truly sad.

Read the book, skip the video.

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