BEN GARLAND UNMASKED – Garland is Anglin’s Smithers

Ben Garland is Andrew Anglin’s resident Waylon Smithers at Daily Stormer. Few have actually seen him, well here he is and doesn’t he look BOTH Jewish and like Waylon Smithers?

Little Ben is always ready, willing, and able to service Andrew. In fact both Anglin and Garland make a stunning couple. Both tower at 5 foot ( Jewish), both talk macho online, which is not backed up in the real world
( Jewish). Both attack White women ( Jewish), Garland has even gone so far as to pen an article stating having White children is not an effective method to combat White Genocide while Anglin has endorsed Whites, IN HIS WORDS injecting White male sperm into Non White females, again, very Jewish.


White Nationalists are so low brow, low information and lack the ability for critical thought, Jews know all they have to do is set up flashy web sites and sprinkle them with a few swastikas and tope them off with so called “hardcore rhetoric” and the proverbial dumbasses will follow.


This is exactly what Garland and Anglin have done with their web sites.

Daily Stormer posted the recent David Duke Show with the Jungle Fever infected Sinead McCarthy. Yours truly posted the now famous pictures of Sinead ( Aryan Woman) McCarthy frolicking with Negros. Some Daily Stormer readers expressed deep concern, especially when yours truly again revealed that McCarthy frolicked with the Negros while she did a Renegade Radio Show titled “Aryan Women” and in fact she continues to frolic with Black Rappers.


Ben Garland, rather than act as a “White Nationalist” and condemn McCarthy’s actions, as many Daily Stormer readers did, attacked the messenger and choose to ignore the fraudulent packaged Sinead McCarthy as a “Pro-European” female.

Why would Ben garland do this? The answer is obvious. Jews often infiltrate Political and Social Movements and distort and create disinformation to undermine standards so as to promulgate their agenda of decadence, race mixing and social upheaval and destroy and or keep Movements they fear marginalized or destroy them outright from within. Anglin and garland are doing a first class job at both.




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