Behold examples of White Nationalist degeneracy exemplified by the “Proud Aryans” and “Renegades” at Renegade broadcasting:

Renegade and KYLE HUNT must be thrilled to have associated with a Host and then Guest Host NICK SPERO who has no respect for women and pursued a host of Trannies since 2009.  Congrats to Renegade for “being Caitlyn Jenner before Bruce.   Kyle Hunt actually continued to associate with him and designed and built his web site. Here is Spero’s Profile, LOOK see the Tranny’s on his Profile. Since 2009 WOW

NICKIf you can stomach it, here is more of Mr. Spero’s online Tranny chasing profile.  He used the online name “Circus Maximus”, however he should have referred to himself as “Minimus the Lessor”

CLICK HERE ( Warning Graphic) https://veronicakclarkhistorian.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/nick-spero-breadncircus-penis-pics.jpg

Renegade’s degeneracy does not begin or end with Nick “I am Cait” Spero.

Several Renegade Hosts LEFT Renegade in disgust because of Kyle Hunt’s degeneracy and their disgust with Kyle Hunt’s fetish for sexual degeneracy and his “close association with the likes of “Nick Spero”.  Kyle Hunt has attacked as “prudes” those who have called from strick adherence to heterosexual morality while he ( Hunt) has openly supported polyandry in the Renegade chat room.  Former Renegade Hosts have called Hunt out publicly, including former Renegade Host Lugh, a dedicated National Socialist from Canada, who exposed Spero when he attempted to blame a woman when his (Spero’s) Tranny-Chaser profile was revealed and his penis pictorials being sent to Trannys was made public and it was learned he is really sexually attracted to men who change their sexual identity. This was posted publicly at the grizzomsblog ( a Disinfo web site operated by shadowy assortment of drug addicts, drunks, perverts, and sexual degenerates who fear the revelation of their identies. Lugh also revealed Kyle Hunt’s re-posting of Jewish Kabbalah-based writings on Hunt’s “Star Theory Blog”.


Nick Spero’s public statement during his Renegade scandal revealed him to be a very pathetic homosexual and sexual degenerate who has all the attributes of a gross homosexual. He bragged about the love of his body ( like homosexuals often do) and his pattern of photographing it and sharing it with Trannys. Kyle Hunt, according to Mr. “Minimus” Spero terminated him for “being a Homosexual”, but Kyle Hunt continued a relationship with him, even doing web design work for this sexual degenerate. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Nick Spero admitted to sending photos of his penis as a “standard dating ritual”, because in his words this is the norm, he says “most women (Trannys) want to see the goods in advance”. This seems to be the norm for degenerates and perverts, and Kyle Hunt by his continued association has sanctioned this.
Nick Spero made return appearances and Guest Hosted “Roundtables” on Renegade and Mr. Paul Hickman who has been a guest on this homosexual’s pod cast and made a point of participating on his pod casts AFTER all of the damning homosexual information came to light. Homosexuals exercise extreme solidarity, they stand by one another, as do JEWS. Mr. Hickman made the rounds on select pod casts making an artificial Nationalist reputation in the USA that no one in England will substantiate. In mid 2014, an English Activist in Central England revealed that Hickman has been consorting around in English Queer Nationalist circles, whatever that is.

A few mass emails circulated with photos that look strikingly like him at what was said to be an “English Nationalist Queer” event, perhaps EDL? This seems to not be a big revelation according to many in England who say Hickman is never in the company of a female and spends more time conversing in internet chat boards than engaged in all the activism he speaks of on American pod casts. Hickman has spoken highly of an Englishman by the name of Martin Webster. Martin Webster is an open homosexual who has stated publicly he was Nick Griffin’s lover and according to Christian Identity Activists in England, Hickman was a Griffin boy. When this information became public, Hickman disappeared from active online White Nationalist activism, his blog and podcast shuttered. 

In the last few months Renegade has aired open Racemixers, interviewed Negroid Rappers while their Friday Host “Dana” AKA “The General” WHO IS NOT WHITE was caught up in the ultimate hypocrisy.



“Dana” while preaching the need to increase birthrates was revealed publicly to be raising funds on Renegade while having a Narcotic problem, as discussed on comments on Renegade’s own broadcasts and culminated in the public revelation that “Dana” had engaged in promiscuous behavior WITH A WHITE FEMALE resulting in a pregnancy and his demand that the White Woman and obtain an Abortion because he had only been interested in “casual sex”.


This is “Renegade Aryan Values”. Renegade’s lax racial position should not be surprising, BOTH “Dana” and Kyle Hunt have stated PUBLICLY that “if a person looks and acts White, they are White”; by those standards they accept Jews and other fair skinned Non Whites. BUT Wait, they already do. To Renegade, Race is a Social Construct; they have put it in practice. This is in reality Jewish Values.  Lax Racial views and Negroid worship infest Kyle Hunt and his “female mate” “Sinead McCarthy” .  Hunt provided McCarthy with an onair Renegade Show titled “Aryan Women” with the tag line “Be proud of who you are”.  The problem, while Kyle’s “GF” was preaching “Aryan Womanhood” on Renegade, she was frolicking with Negroid Rappers and seems to have been really enjoying herself.

(Pictured Renegade Aryan Women Host & Kyle Hunt GF Sinead McCarthy)


Matt Hoban AKA “Ægishjálmur” and “Zack C Harbinger” AKA “BlutundBoden” are two of many “No Name / No Face” self described “honest and hard hitting” writers for the “Renegade Tribune”, a component of Renegade Broadcasting, whose Radio Hosts also hide behind fake names.  This is remarkably similar to how Antifa operates.

The following was posted by “Zack C Harbinger” AKA “BlutundBoden” in the Renegade Chatroom and demonstrates the low brow scum that is Renegade:

“Fuck her and leave her Brian
THat’s what I do to whores
i fuck sluts and then dump them ••
i fuck whores as revenge against the jews
We need to impregnate as many White sluts as possible to increase White birthrates. Keeping your sperm for a “good girl” is counterproductive.
Most racially aware Whites are men.
Women are natural slaves to the Jew. They must be re chained to White men as their true masters.
They need a man
They want to be controled
I agreee polygamy is the only way Whites can survive.
David Lane supported polygamy.
All White Aryan should have a large harem.”

To this day “Zack C Harbinger” AKA “BlutundBoden” denies making this post, however it was copied via screen shot and many who were in the Renegade Chatroom when he posted the comment have come forward corroborated the fact he made the post.  “Zack C Harbinger” AKA “BlutundBoden” has been exposed as a “single” female hating man with no children who lives off welfare and spends his day online making posts attacking people for doing exactly what he does.  “Zack C Harbinger’s” credentials are dubious and his tactics are the same as all other closeted White Nationalists who are tough online and pussys in real life.

WN_TYPICALA typical White Nationalist in real life – NOTE the fly area

Using the fake name “BlutundBoden” on Renegade Tribune and to speak on various Renegade Broadcasts.  Harbinger attacks real White Nationalists, those who work publicly, many who who have white spouses and white children.
Harbinger operates a Blog titled “Volkish-Paganisn under his Renegade name “BlutundBoden” here: https://volkischpaganism.wordpress.com/default-page-3/
His name cross references to Zack Harbinger to his Disquis Profile here: https://disqus.com/by/zackharbinger/. Zack Harbinger engaged in an email lobby campaign ( he made requests to have negative material regarding Renegade and Kyle Hunt removed from various web sites)  using the email address, zackcharbinger@gmail.com, to lobby on behalf of Renegade.Because of internet restrictions placed by those on such lists such as Megans List, “Zack C Harbinger” AKA “BlutundBoden” is paranoid about revealing his real identity and is careful to always use proxy servers and a plethora of sock puppet accounts, however one person who accepted a Reward for information is providing authentic information which will be posted in an update later.

Mr. Hoban, who wrote on Renegade Tribune until being exposed for his Pro-Homosexual views by Giacomo Vallone of the European Knights Party. Hoban who resides in Minnesota wrote under the fake name “Ægishjálmur”. His picture (above) reveals a very effeminate male, as is the case with ALL  Radio Renegades, a trait they share in common with “Antifa”, as well as Antifa tactics.

White Nationalism, despite its rhetoric to the contrary, is festooned with homosexuality, pedophilia and sexual degeneracy. 

White Nationalists are all too willing to make excuses for their favorite pervert or freak, whether it is the pedophile Kevin Alfred Strom, the homosexual intellectual Greg Johnson (try finding his picture on the internet, I have seen him at the IHR and he is definitely a FRUIT) or the man Richard Spencer and his Fag-Fest NPI called the “example of masculinity” Jack Donnovan.

spencer donnovan stromjohnson

NOT to be undone, Renegade has embraced homosexuality.  Renegade made sure to attend one of Greg Johnson’s homosexual meetings during their famous “Renegade Road Show”.  This Fag-Fest took place at a Chinese Restaurant in the strictest secrecy and according to one now former Renegade, there were as many Jews at the “event” as there were queers.

Renegade’s Matt Hoban who used to use the online name “Ægishjálmur”  has dubious credentials for a purported White Nationalist, the same goes for all the “Renegades”.

matthew hoban

Certainly, Mr. Hoban is NOT a Traditionalist as demonstrated by his comments in defense of homosexuality POSTED ON VARIOUS RENEGADE VENUES.  In fact neither are Renegade Broadcasting as an Organization based on what they espouse.

Using his fake name “Ægishjálmur” Hoban attacked the concept of “Civic Nationalism”  The most interesting aspect of Hoban’s and Renegade’s hypocrisy Renegade itself is festooned with Non Whites, Half-Breed Hosts and Transsexual Chasing Hosts and Hosts who have called for the abortion of their own child while talking about the “need to increase birth rates on air”.  Likewise Renegade has had entire “Roundtable discussions where they have said on air that a person need only “feel, act, and look like an Aryan to be an Aryan”.  Thus Renegade takes the position that Race is a Social Construct.

More incriminating are Mr. Hoban’s statements regarding homosexuality which come right out of the Cultural Marxist talking points rather than White Nationalist or Traditionalist Values.

On one occasion, Mr. Hoban stated “people are born gay, they do not choose a gay lifestyle”. Hoban then said, “There is no correlation between gays and pedophilia.” Hoban went on to tell Mr. Vallone, “That’s just Christian conservative propaganda. National Socialist Pagans like myself (Hoban) respect people regardless of their sexual orientations.”  Clearly Mr. Hoban and Renegade take the position that National Socialist Germany was ‘Gay Friendly”, which is patently FALSE.

Hoban went on to say, “homosexuality was a good way of telling Christianity to Go fuck itself.”

Hoban’s comments can easily be viewed as an acknowledgement as an admission of his own homosexuality and given Renegade’s association with sexual degenerates, i.e. the Transsexual chasing Nick Spero AKA Circus Maximus and Kyle Hunt’s support for Polyandry in Renegade’s Chat Room, which has also been verified by several Renegade inside sources, this should not be shocking at all.

More to come on RENEGADE BROADCASTING A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHITE NATIONALIST DEGENERACY – Check back as this article is updated.




  1. God damn that’s some sick shit. I heard rumors about that circus maximus clown but thought they got rid of them. Although it’s repulsive is there no room for homosexuals in the WN movement? What if they are closet gays? Can they be excepted? After all there were plenty of queers in the 3rd reich


    1. It was NOT tolerated in the Third Reich. Google the Pink Triangles which were on the homos in the Camps. Let’s be clear, IF you are all for Traditionalism and Nationalism, YOU MUST LIVE WHAT YOU PREACH, Renegade not only do NOT live it, they ARE NOT “Aryans”.


      1. Are you aware that New South Wales #GLLO pro-pedo police use the same downturned pink triangle on their badges?
        [Scroll two thirds down]

        And, looking for that, I’ve just seen this for something even more bizzare
        [Top, left]

        The person who turned me onto this fell out with Renegade, due to them being blatant CointelPros, without them giving any excuse that was true. They also then started to say people like me and anyone else who asked them anything they didn’t like or even told them things they didn’t like was banned. Shaun who they’ve now also fallen out with said the man in question had “put him in danger” and “wanted to put [him] and [my] family in danger”. Shaun was the scrawney one who claimed to have no money all of the time and yet constantly spoke about drinking loads of beer, despite it being astrinomical in Australia to buy, especially for a struggling, single father, which he claimed to be.


  2. It was NOT tolerated in the Third Reich. Google the Pink Triangles which were on the homos in the Camps. Let’s be clear, IF you are all for Traditionalism and Nationalism, YOU MUST LIVE WHAT YOU PREACH, Renegade not only do NOT live it, they ARE NOT “Aryans”.


  3. Wasn’t Ernst Rohm a homosexual?He was purged in the NOTLK but not for being a homosexual. Hitler wasnt looking under everyone beds. Why attack Greg Johnson? He does great work at counter currents


    1. The SA was purged in Operation Hummingbird in part because it was a rats nest of faggotry. Its top leaders were known to prey on young recruits, this made its way into the German Press. Johnson does NOT do “good” work. He is an elitist, stipulates to the holocaust narrative and has said NS Germany and Fascist Italy were “genocidal, etc. Essentially Johnson is a classist and looks down his nose at those he thinks are less than, including Whites.


      1. Johnson also publishes some of the most vile homosexual authors in an attempt to merge homosexuality as some form of masculine element of White Nationalism, i.e. Jack Donnovan.


  4. sorry but kyle hunt did not start the whitemanmarch. The whitemanmarch was started in california in 2007 on my space and was ask by the sac skins to be shut down why because the sac skins said they would have a big mess to clean up so the whitemanmarch was handed over to them in 2008. kyle took the name and all the hard work and took credit for it. the whitemanmarch was started to put a stop to all illegals here in the usa but kyle turned it onto a race war, That was not the reason for the march. so kyle is not the true leader for the whitemanmarch


  5. As if anyone needed any proof about Renegade. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be suspicious of ‘black dislikers’. Only low and brainless white people actually don’t like people due to being brown or black. It hasn’t even got anything to do with white supremacism if you’re that way inclined.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I came across Renegade Broadcasting through a comment on youtube. I checked it out and didn’t like it as much as some of the channels on youtube. I commented on a video i didn’t agree with and my comment was removed. I tried to find someone that exposes these people and that’s how i’m here now.

    I care about white nationalism because i like to be around my own people and have countries where more people of my race make up the majority, but i’m one of those people that care about all of humanity. Yes i would put a white stranger first, but that doesn’t mean i don’t care about other people. Even some white supremacist i’ve come across care about all of humanity… they just think they’re superior. This kind of thinking rarely makes it to the mainstream.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Marc,
    “That’s a fact.”, OK, so how did you come to know about this fact and can you share the details with us?

    They’re not doing all that online arguing for free unless they’re working for the you-know-whos, that’s for sure was my conclusion, but I hadn’t thought any amount of money would buy funding by anyone else which is so ‘close to the bone’ in terms oftheir purported anti-Jewish supremacism impetus.


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