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Check back for our COMPLETE article on ” Grizzom’s Blog”, AKA “Mami’s Shit”, the ultimate “Online Bath House” for internet tin foil hats, degeneracy and the place to go for the low IQ.

“Mami’s Shit” is a Blog and Online Repisitory for various Tin Foil Hat Podcats.  Most notably David Duke who has refined the art of online panhandling to feed his various vices and James Fetzer who has a fetish to see dead children and raises money online from mentally ill who believe everything is “fake”.  Fetzer feeds the tolls by using big words to make these poor souls paranoia seem scientific.

The site is operated by a “Team” on “Admins” who use fake names and are each very secretive and paranoid about their real identities being revealed.

The “Mamis Shit” Admins are, according to their fake names, as follows:






Given that these “Admin’s” often mock, attack and engage in distortion, perhaps its time to unmask and reveal them and determine whether or not they have any credibility as promulgators of “Truth” or “White Nationalism”.

Meet “Zapoper” or “Zap” as he is affectionately referred to at “Mami’s Shit” Zap is an obese non-Aryan pothead who receives government stipends and ran into trouble with law enforcement a couple years back. More on this later.

Non-copyright photo –

NEXT, we will meet “Mami”, another pothead on disability but presents himself as a “Admin” promoting Truth, etc.  Pardon me while I puke.

It seems Grizzom’s Blog is run by a bunch of welfare queens who sit around getting high at taxpayers expense.

The final article which will showcase White Nationalists bragging about sexual degeneracy, illiterate statements, outright falsehoods, and the most vile attacks on women, second only to Andrew Anglin’s false front Daily Stormer.

Here is a brief  sample of the content DEGENERACY  AND comments SUPPORTING DEGENERACY by so called “White Nationalists” at “Mami’s Shit”. QUESTION- WHY WOULD ANY DECENT AND CREDIBLE SITE POST THIS?

From April 14, 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Circus Maximus – Nick” is Nick Spero

His online profiles which he used to pursue Transsexuals were revealed.  He had pursued Transsexuals for over 3 years and his “friends on his Profile contained many “Trannys”


I was going to put out a statement on my Talk Shoe account on Thursday April 3rd but after speaking with a couple of friends, they helped me realize that my reaction to defend myself was motivated to appease the people at Renegade Broadcasting rather than for my own best interests. So I took time for myself to reflect and actually get out having some fun. That decision led to reuniting with a high school sweet heart that happens to live less than a mile from me.  Funny how things happen once you detach yourself from the internet world.

Many people are aware of the bad blood between Mike Sledge and Kyle Hunt. Prior to the recent blow out on Renegade, I accepted a time slot on the network. Already aware of the ongoing controversies occurring on the network, I had hoped to make a difference. My intentions were to mend fences, elevate the network’s image, and be a force to be reckoned with by putting out good radio shows with solid guests. I entered a hostile environment and got caught in the cross fire.

My presence on Renegade and quite possibly Circus Maximus’s rapid popularity; struck a nerve. I put out some hard hitting shows these past couple of months and the feedback along with the numbers, validates that statement. These infiltrators and collaborators will go to any length. The ends justify the means. A few months ago I connected with a woman from a chat room that lives with Mike Sledge’s girlfriend in Austin, TX. I flew her here to stay with me for a week without knowing much about her. There were times I left her alone to tend to work related matters and left my computer on as a favor in case she wanted to use it. In that time, I noticed that my yahoo account had been compromised not making the connection to my recent visitor. Some peculiar events and shift in people’s behavior took place soon after her departure back to Austin.

We all have been told about agent provocateurs with ulterior motives that are highly motivated to derail any momentum being built and destroy all progress; except for the progression of the Jewish agendas. A lot of you are aware of the recent attacks on me via the chat rooms and some radio personalities out there that have spoken about me in both a negative and positive light. After my 1st official appearance on Renegade, I was contacted by Renegade and told that an old photo cropped up attached to a photo storage site that I have not used for years. Even more hilarious; there are rumours that I am a homosexual which caused Renegade to ask me to leave the network. That cannot be further from the truth. I am a father to three beautiful white children, was married for 6 years and am currently seeing a woman that I had dated in high school. Does this sound like someone who is a homosexual? If it’s that important to people to point out who the homosexuals are, why not keep it simple and look at those that do not have any children and who play the role.

The thought of my full body shot being posted all over the internet without my permission or knowledge was quite embarrassing at first. Since this all went down, I am hearing people make fun of my penis size and even some guy saying how they are jealous that nobody sent my photo to them. I am actually quite proud of my body and have plenty of love for myself to just laugh at all of this. It would have been nice if people would have at least posted my erect penis instead of the one where I was experiencing shrinkage! The women in my life have never complained before. Why are guys pointing this out?

Some even asked why I would even have a naked photo of myself in the first place. The answer to that question is; women sometimes require seeing the goods prior to meeting when connecting on internet dating sites. Meeting people the old fashioned way is becoming more difficult, especially when your life consists of spending your free time on the internet instead of getting out; so people like me who love women will play the game in order to obtain the prize. What’s degenerate in regards to that and who placed you in charge of moral authority? Although I have made several poor decisions in my past, I learn from them, move on from them instead of dwelling on them and do not repeat those mistakes. I can look myself in the mirror each day and feel proud of whom I am, knowing that my energy goes towards the betterment of my family and loved ones.

Now that I am a celebrity by having the paparazzi spread my nude shots all over, I will ride the momentum and continue to put out good radio podcasts until the listeners decide I am no longer valid for entertainment purposes and for their personal growth and development. One thing I will never do again is align myself with another radio network (this is not criticism of Renegade or any other network for that matter).I realized that when someone does this, it is like entering a marriage. You marry into all the components of that network even if you have a different value/belief system and you become part of that group. For me, that is no longer acceptable. I would rather be judged on my own personal merits and actions than being lumped into an entity that I have no control over. These are my observations.

Thank you for your time…and watch out for strategically-placed hair dryers.


1776blues said…  EDITORIAL NOTE –  This poster identifies as a “White Nationalists and routinely attacks women, but is just fine with Mr. Spero’s pursuit of Trannys.

Thanks for the honesty. The shows you’ve done have been really good. I will look forward to future shows.

George Jones said…

I think it’s lower than low to attack a man’s manhood.

Strange how this crap always goes down. Jews don’t have to destroy truthers, they destroy themselves. The other “truthers” that make it in this BUSINESS usually join the jew such as fat boy alex jone$ but I digress.

And speaking of egos Kyle and Sledge are just another group of guys who make it more about them than the cause. Don’t dare question them or smear them; only they can do such things because they are high and mighty and know it all.

Consider yourself lucky not to be affiliated with these infighting degenerates with their huge egos. They will continue to do themselves in, just watch.

Lugh said…

If the site was fake why did it disappear the second you found out about it?
Lots of queers end up married, especially queers who like trannies.

BnC said… EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Mr. Spero


How do you know when I “found out about it”?

Are you an expert on queers?

Lugh said…

It was within a few hours that I knew you found out about it and it disappeared. I know this because I it was a short window between when people started figuring it out and you went AWOL.
This is a pretty sad rejoinder here. You should just own up to your own depravity instead of claiming some vast illuminati conspiracy is responsible.
I have to say, I am not an expert on queers. I remember back in the day you were a hardcore Celtic Rebel fan, and always went after me for supporting WNs back then. Now you side with ballerina WN?
Weird fucking world we live in.

BnC said…

Strange world indeed.

Hard core!

You seem bitter. Lot’s of speculation in your words.

Lugh. Why would I cover all the expenses for a REAL WOMAN to travel/stay with me for a week if I was into trannys?

Have I ruined your fantasy?

Illuminati conspiracy? SMH

The only things I was critical of you was being a poor radio personality, constantly interrupting people during roundtables and constantly banning me from the chatroom.

Let me refresh your memory. You called me a hasbara and defended Mike Delaney when I shared my personal experience of when I met Prothink and JAM in 2008. You even called me liar and said I never even met those guys.

I know who I am and I don’t give a fuck if you think I am a depraved human being. Your opinion never mattered to me and never will…

BnC said…

Just last week, Lugh was complimenting me on my past radio shows and I was polite to the guy regardless of our history. Flip floppers, instigators, and those that hijack other networks should be our main concern.

Like what George said, it’s not always the jews that destroy our chances. We have many sabotagers that visit this site daily along with many other sites. Some of them even have radio shows that are being posted on here.

BnC said…

I probably should have asked this from the beginning:

How would any of you feel if people posted your naked photo all over the internet without your permission? How would you handle that?

I am sure some of you wouldn’t dare show your face again and probably disappear altogether. I believe that was the motive for my situation.

Interesting enough, I got an apology via text message from my visitor from Austin the day after all of this happened to me.

Maybe Gingers do have souls after all.

jankyj said…

from dave in tx site:

Registrar Abuse Contact Phone:
Reseller: BlueHost.Com
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: KYLE HUNT
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street:
Registrant City: SANFORD
Registrant State/Province: FLORIDA
Registrant Postal Code: 32771
Registrant Country: UNITED STATES
Registrant Phone: +1.508.
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:

Kyle owns the site mike’s new network will be hosted on.
Isnt that something?

mephistopheles lux said…EDITORIAL NOTE –  This poster identifies as a “White Nationalist and routinely attacks women, but is just fine with Mr. Spero’s pursuit of Trannys.

I think I speak for everyone when I say the last thing we wanna see is your “schmeckle” BnC. I mean who hasn’t done embarrassing shit that in retrospect was dumb? Get up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

Your shows have been really good man, and you always came across as sincere and honest in my book. So I have no reason to doubt you now.

I thought you were crazy to hitch your horse to the drama-gade wagon, and hooking up with a friend of Sledge’s harpy… well the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter. Your okay in my book.

zapoper said… EDITORIAL NOTE: “Zapoper” is one of the “Admin’s at Mami’s Shit and routinely sanctions sexual degeneracy and other Jewish decadence.  He is a alcoholic who is prone to embarrassing skype tirades.

So trannygate is over and no one was sent to prison?

Lugh said…

Again, if it was fake it wouldn’t be taken down immediately. If it was still up, we would probably be able to see it was created before you tried to use chatroom drama and plane tickets to try to get laid (with people who are banned from here and can’t even defend themselves).
You are a liar and a degenerate, and you might be good with words but I can trust you no longer.

chris katko said…

We should all take this as a valuable lesson, learn from it, and take steps to rectify our own personal life situations.
For example, upon learning of this tumultuous debacle, I immediately deleted my account and profile at TOSSMYSALAD.COM , permanently deleted my sphincter close up pics in my “Brown Dwarf Star” photo gallery.
Then I pulled up every nude selfie penis pic I could find of myself on the web and reran it through Photoshop, using the “enlarge image” option.
These are just a sampling of simple actions that can make your online existence less controversial for those around you.

mephistopheles lux said…

Zap,I thought tranny-gate refered to Iconocunt.

Chris, just use the negro filter in Photoshop. Be careful not to set it to Asian though.

chris katko said…

Mephisto-I tried that filter but it kept making my wanger look like a wet turd.

Boston Wolf said…

Nick be a man an admit your a Tranny Chaser. If that’s what your into who cares you put out good radio shows man. Most of these people who yell and scream about Jews and niggers all day are closet faggots themselves. Trannys are the 3rd gender so I dont THINK it makes you gay. If so who gives a shit right? Take care mate..

EDITOR’S NOTE: “Circus Maximus – Nick” is Nick Spero

His online profiles which he used to pursue Transsexuals were revealed.  He had pursued Transsexuals for over 3 years and his “friends on his Profile contained many “Trannys”

Mr. Spero’s Profile is here:

NICKMr. Spero’s more graphic profile:


Mamis “Admins” Who are they and why they fear having their true identities revealed?  We will reveal them with the help of a former Mami’s Admin

Zapoper’s drunk Skype calls

Mamis courting of Jews while courting White Nationalism at the same time

Mami’s the online “Hollywood” for “Anon” freaks see conspiracy theories behind the cost of escort services.

Mami’s promotion of John Friend’s fraud on the Truth Movement and White Nationalist Movement -

Comments at Mami’s – Fake names, Trolls and Degenetates



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