Re: The loss of life at the Hajj

TASNIM NEWS: In the past two days, many countries, Islamic figures and organizations have criticized Saudi Arabia for its incompetency and imprudence in organizing the big event as this is not the first time this has happened. How do you think such a great annual event should be managed then? I mean, there shouldn’t be a council of several Muslim countries instead of only
Saudi Arabia because Mecca is not only the heritage of Saudi Arabia but of the entire Muslim world?
RODNEY MARTIN: First let me express my sincere condolences to the families who lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with them that they may find peace and above all justice. The tragic events resulting in the tremendous loss of life during the Hajj demonstrates the lack of credibility on the part of Saudi Government and the Saudi Royal Family. It is important to note that what is “Saudi Arabia” was essentially created by the West, specifically Great Britain and the Saudi Royal family was installed and has been propped up by the West since its inception to assure Oil Resources on the Arabian Peninsula flow to the all-consuming Western World. The Saudi Royal families have demonstrated themselves to be very poor caretakers of the Holy sites at Mecca and Medina and despite the fact of their geographic location; the Saudis should NOT be the sole guardians and custodians. There are far more Muslims outside of Saudi Arabia, these sites belong to them as well. I would think the partition of the Holy Sites at Mecca and media from Saudi Arabia, modeled similar to the Vatican whereby Mecca and Medina could be made into International Islamic Holy enclaves governed and funded by Islamic Councils whose representatives are appointed by Islamic Nations. Saudi Arabia would intern grant free access and right of access to these Islamic Governed Holy Enclaves.
TASNIM NEWS: How would you analyze the situation? Why do you think Saudi Arabia failed to manage and provide safety and security for a crowd of two million Muslim pilgrims in an event that is literally held every day and so the circumstances are well-known beforehand?

RODNEY MARTIN: The tragic events during the Hajj demonstrates just how disconnected and incompetent the Saudi Royal family have become. Perhaps they have become so bogged down in secular matters such as destabilizing and attacking other Arab Nations such as Syria and Yemen and funding ISIL to provide the proper focus and attention on Islamic Spiritual matters. No doubt however all precautions are taken to assure the full safety and comfort of every single member of the Saudi Royal family is seen to. There is no doubt the Saudis knew the size of the crowds and should have taken every precaution; the question must be asked what priority is the Saudis placing on their role as “Guardian & Custodian” of Islam’s most Holy Sites? Actions speak loud and the Saudi’s actions are criminal.

TASNIM NEWS: According to reports, the caretaking staff appointed by the Saudi government to be in charge of this year’s Hajj is not properly trained and lack essential skills to run the big event. Do not you think that this failure is mainly because the Saudi government is using its experienced and well-trained forces in wars with neighboring countries?

RODNEY MARTIN: The Saudi Royal Family have near limitless resources at their disposal which can be marshaled, the incompetence demonstrated by the Saudis clearly show they are not deploying the resources needed to manage the Hajj properly so as to provide for the health and safety of the millions of pilgrims who have an expectation of safety each and every day. Perhaps if the Saudis cease its illegal war of aggression in Yemen and cease funding ISIL and provide those resources to expanding greater planning and infrastructure at the Holy Sites at Mecca and Medina, there would not have been such a tragic loss of life. Iran’s announcement that it will pursue Saudi Arabia in International Courts is a positive step and may well expose the Saudis as the secular ‘Party Animals” they are. Those of us who see members of the Saudi Royal Family in Los Angeles can attest to their lack of piety as recent news coverage has revealed.



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