David Duke suggested to Sinead McCarthy that her picture with the negro might be a photoshop by jewish trolls.

Here is the picture



BOTH: Sinead McCarthy & Kyle Hunt have acknowledged that the authenticity of the photograph and stipulated to the fact that Sinead frolicked with the people in the picture and had relationships with black rappers.  Kyle Hunt has acknowledged this very recently on Renegade Broadcasting.

David Duke is a liar, fraud and idiot.  Anyone who sends him money is the same.

Duke is attempting to lie and cover up for Sinead Mcarthy who he has promoted but did not do any due diligence on.  Duke himself is a fraud, the man who used took donations for his “very important work” and used them for vices such as casino gambling.




  1. As for the topic… One four-eyed black guy might be forgivable, but a series of negro thug boyfriends would cause too great of a distraction and embarrassment. After all, there are more photos that may come out as Sinead rises in the movement.


  2. what I question is the rapid rise of Sinead. It seems as if she has been “enabled” I also question if she is literally married to Kyle Hunt. Not that I have any real evidence pro or con but she had a gofundme site out of Florida in January of 2015 going and nary a mention of”the cause” I have to question until I get thorough answers whether she is intel of some sort.


  3. by the way, you probably heard her rant attack on everyone a couple of weeks ago. one thing it revealed to me is she totally gets the Jewish question in a way I had never seen her reveal before. The concern is that she was trained for this assignment. She does cookie cutter topics normally to sell WN and if you truly think through white nationalism, you understand it is a “divide and conquor” concept to keep the goy from joining up, even with other whites. So, those concerns , IMO, have to be dealt with about Sinead
    The other over riding concern about the WN movement mixing with the alternative right, is I believe that it’s a deliberate effort to go mainstream and move away from the Jew. That’s a big problem in my opinion and needs to be nipped in the bud. I see Anglin and Gage, the middlemen that name drop the Jew but are really selling goy hate. My two cents


  4. Here’s an interesting one. Andrew Aurenheimer, dropped out of heaven and lands at the Daily Stormer. Helped Joshua Goldberg promote tweets to targets concerning the Jewish supremacist post he made at “The Israel Times”. His mom is 1/2 Indian. Aurenheimer is at least 7% Jewish. If WN stands for anything, Andrew does not qualify but he acts like he does ( I believe WN is a psyop and really means diddly but most following it are quite serious. Jews run the whole shebang)
    so, what doe 1/4 Indian, Andrew do on Thanksgiving? A hate rant aGAINST iNDIANS as if he himself is and qualifies as a White Nationalist. “Jew infiltrator” definitely comes to mind


  5. So I bring Aurenheimer up to Kyle and he says well there’s probably some white blood in the Indian background. This was a tweet, he stopped responding and I added well good then blacks with white blood are cool then, I was worried, lol!
    I’ll remind you all, I am “anti-Jew” I am not pro or anti-white but want a movement bigger than white ppl that’s show only


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