Andrew Anglin has admitted he CURRENTLY engages in sexual relations with “Asians” and “Arabs”.  Anglin further states his readers “don’t care because he has a great site” Golly Geeze are White Nationalists so simple minded and stupid??….. YES they are.

anglin utter 

In a Facebook Instant Message exchange with another person Sinead Mccarthy, who herself is infected with Jungle Fever, Anglin stated he can do whatever he wants because White Nationalists like his web site, a sad testament to the intellectual capability of White Nationalists isn’t it?

Interesting that Sinead McCarthy who floats around in the Renegade Broadcasting sewer telling men how to “reattach their foreskin”, pardon me while I puke,  is attacking Anglin on this issue isn’t it?? Here she is getting up close and personal with one of her “special friends”.  LOOK AT THAT SMILE 🙂



What Andrew Anglin proves is White Nationalists are full of proverbial shit.  In fact White Nationalists are so full of shit they are actually brown.   White Nationalists say one thing but do another… LITERALLY, White Nationalists trash talk Non Whites but are very much willing to jump in the sack with an attractive Arab, Latina, or Negro.  In Anglin’s case, he has stated he likes them young. White Nationalists are always willing to justify, make excuses and rationalize race-mixing, faggotry, pedophilia, and other assorted freakary by their favorite web site proprietors and pod cast pubahs.  WHY? Because they are frauds themselves and believe in absolutely NOTHING 0 / ZIP / NADA.

Andrew Anglin says what many have long known, White Nationalists are an online fantasy club, drawn only and loyal only to web sites that allow them to play make believe tough guys.  In real life many of the most mean mouthed White Nationalists are jokes, most are effeminate little boys, like the 5 foot Anglin himself.  Most White Nationalists have no White woman and attack women for their own “short” comings..pun intended Andre.  While White Nationalism preaches “Traditionalism” and “Values” it is festooned with homosexuals, pedophiles, and other assorted sexual degenerate freaks.  This is demonstrated by the long diatribes calling for lowering age on consent so 40 year old men can hook up with 12-year old.  In fact Andrew Anglin wrote such a diatribe on his now defunct web site “Total Fascism”

Here is the Facebook exchange between Anglin and Sinead ( Coal-Burner) McCarthy


Editorial Note:  Andrew Anglin has made a practice of crying foul when his double life has been exposed.  He has threatened legal action, etc.  This post WILL NOT be taken down.  Anglin is a public figure per Federal and State Law.  Andrew Anglin presents himself as a “Publisher” and an “Activist”, as such he opens himself up to broad review and scrutiny.  However if he would like to engage in legal action over this, this Blog would welcome the opportunity at the Discovery Process, Depositions, et. al. and Anglin’s in person appearance in a Court Room so other interested parties, including Authorities, may have access to his person.  As to his “Troll Army”, a warning and a PROMISE,  with the proper skills and contacts, it is NOT difficult to follow an online trail to a real identity and places of residence and work.  Actions DO HAVE  consequences.  I have those skills and contacts.



  1. I’m no friend of Andre “the nigger” Anglin or Sven PakiShanks or the rest of the mamzer or jew ZOGtards. Would you mind me re-posting this on my forum? The infiltration of niggers, jews and beaners into so-called “White Nationalism” should be a topic of concern to the remaining genuine elements, and thus I think you gain by letting me re-post as is with a hyperlink your above message.

    Secondly, I’ve a potentially landmark case before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding abuse of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in which Bryan Reo, acting in conspiracy with William Finck and Eli James took down 10-12 of my web pages. See Reo v. Lindstedt 15-3756.


    ^Appellate Brief^

    This might be a landmark case and thus of interest to your followers and listeners as well.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


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