Calling out Kyle Hunt, Angelo John Gage and Andrew Anglin’s BULL SHIT
Debate your Cry Baby Victimhood or STFU – NO ONE likes a Cry Baby

 I challenge any of the so called White Nationalist “Personalities” to debate for TWO (2) HOURS. I recommend Deanna Spingola as moderator



Self-described “White Nationalists”, “White Advocates”, and “Pro-Whites” have long played the victim card as much as “Black Lives Matters” Advocates use the “Race Card”. BOTH “White Nationalists” and “Black Lives Matter” have to appeal to their respective follower’s sense of victimhood to bring out the worse and above all keep the cash flowing for their “very important work. In the case of “Black Lives Matter”, they have demonstrated results with their various “Memes” and “Activism”, while White Nationalist’s use of the Meme “White Genocide” has resulted in only internet choir preaching , celebrations of non-existent victories, embarrassing street demonstrations, and a plethora of wannabee TV Stars in the form of You Tube Video Rants posted by White Nationalists who “strike a pose” with ever creative internet tough guy monikers and backdrops as they opine at their victimhood at the onslaught of “White Genocide”.


White Nationalist “personalities” who advance the intellectually dishonest concept of “White Genocide” include, but are not limited to, Kyle Hunt, Angelo John Gage, Andrew Anglin, and almost every other so called White Nationalist personality.
According to these “White Nationalist Jedi Knights, these Elite White men, there exists a “White Genocide, which prevents White men from the following:
1) Having gainful employment
2) Having a White mate – NOTE: A large number of White Nationalist leaders are confirmed race mixers
3) Receiving a higher education
4) Achieving a higher education
5) Having White children – NOTE: A large number of White Nationalist leaders have Non White offspring
6) Functioning in Society

There are many other handicaps and disabilities White Nationalists attribute to “White Genocide’ as well.  Mostly they blame every personal failure and dysfunction on their being a victim of “genocide”.  This cry-babying by American and European White Nationalists does a tremendous disservice to the plight of White people in South Africa and Zimbabwe who are facing a REAL Genocide.


Interestingly, White Nationalists cannot in a logical and articulate manner debate and demonstrate an actual “GENOCIDE” as opposed to a Cultural and Societal Suicide.
When a person freely chooses to “race mix” that is NOT genocide
When a person decides to allow artificial “trends” to influence their life that is stupidity NOT “Genocide”
When people decide to do NOTHING about illegal immigration and in fact keep voting for the politicians that allow illegal immigration that is INDEED voting FOR illegal immigration and is suicide not Genocide.
When people allow gender bending in public schools, that is not Genocide that is suicide.
THESE ARE SOME of the issues I challenge any of the so called White Nationalist “Personalities” to debate for TWO (2) HOURS. I recommend Deanna Spingola as moderator

I doubt my challenge will be accepted. White Nationalist “personalities” rake in far too many Shekels playing the victim card and crawling on their belly and being able to keep people thinking there are victims.
Great political and Revolutionary Movements were NEVER won by victims nor by playing the victim card. No Great People rally to cry baby victims. This is why White Nationalism FAILS, it lacks greatness.
I am waiting gentlemen…silence does speak volumes. 




  1. I need more information regarding Sinead McCarthy. She’s somehow involved in a South African charity for poor white people that I think might be a scam. I believe Sinead even collected donations for a documentary regarding white genocide in South Africa that she plans to release early next year. I am a white South African and don’t deny that the situation is very bad for whites in South Africa, but I fear some people is using our situation to enrich themselves. I don’t expect you to trust me, but can you at least point me in the right direction to get more concrete info regarding Sinead & Kyle?

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    1. Sinead and Kyle Hunt were NEVER interested in South Africa until very recently, when they saw a $$ value. They have a history of raising $$ for specific causes and pocketing the $$. Their own people have called them out on it. They raised $$ for Banners for the so called White Man March, kept the cash, and never provided the Banners.


      1. I’ve been watching this situation for a while now and I had a bad feeling about Sinead. I hope someone can take her down for good. Thanks for speaking up regarding these WN shills. I wish you and your family all the best.


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