ANGELO JOHN GAGE “Broke-Back Nationalism”




Angelo John Gage HAS COME OUT?  First he packaged himself as the exciting powerhouse hardcore Alpha, now he, along with Nathan Damigo, who uses the handle “Flashy Haircut on Twitter, YES REALLY, has “Come Out” in Beta Boy, “Broke-Back Nationalism” Brand.  Gage is now embracing Jack Donovan, who like his “#2” Damigo is a fan of assorted homosexuals “on the Right” including Milo Yiannopoulos, Damigo unfollowed Yiannopoulos on Twitter very recently.  Damigo sang the  praises of Jack Donovan ( you may find him on You Tube doing so) after the last NPI ( National Policy Institute) Fag Fest.  Donovan, a devout and militant Homosexual comments frequently on the notorious “Roosh V” Forum, “RooshV” is a Non White who advocates sex with White Females, and has written about his own exploits having engaged in sex with females unable to give legal consent after long nights of drink. Donovan has famously stated:

I basically fuck men like they are women — but I’m glad they’re not.”



Donovan is a speaker and a regular attendee at NPI. It MUST be noted that while Donovan is welcomed and embraced at NPI, Matt Heimbach was banned at the last NPI Conference based solely on his anti-Homosexual views, thus NPI specifically by this action embraced the faggotry of Donovan and rejected Traditionalism. It must also be noted that almost ALL of the NPI Conference Speakers have Non White spouses, i.e. Jews or Asians and are Atheist.


Let’s be clear, NPI made the “Policy” Statement of rejecting Traditionalism in favor of militant Homosexuality and denied an attendance based solely on the fact that the attendee has anti-homosexual views, that is NOT the position of a “Rightist” Organization” it most certainly more resembles the “Left”.      Despite KNOWING ALL THIS, Angelo John Gage has just announced he will be attending NPI and has embraced NPI as “just another Strategy” Gage also says he wishes to “to meet up with old friends, one of which is Nathan Damigo the head of the defunct National Youth Front which is rumored to be in the midst of a “ReBoot” however it is unclear why the NYF was shuttered to begin with given BOTH Gage and Damigo have stated publicly it was, and I quote, “an internationally successful organization”.   REALITY CHECK, “Internationally Successful Organizations DO NOT shut down, especially as quickly as NYF did and not over a letter from an obscure Youth Ministry making a very weak claim of Copyrights. 

Yes I know, Angie has a beautiful wife and child, but so did Heath Ledger’s character, LOL.

Gage’s recent shitstorm with Renegade Broadcasting over his recent “strategy” change is hypocritical.  Gage was WITH Renegade when Renegade was attacking many others who exposed Renegade for the EXACT issues Gage is now bringing up. Interestingly Gage ignores the most serious issues involving Renegade because he himself is guilty of the same “infractions”.  Gage was willing to sit in front of any microphone and engage in self promotion regardless of who and what the Host or Network stood for or misdirected.  Today he no faces the mud by Renegades assorted No Names, No Faces, who exist ONLY online because they are scared shitless to do anything REAL.  Gage knew this while he was in bed with Renegade and hoped right in with them.


Gage’s new Jew Free which is in reality Jared Taylor Jew Friendly, Taylor by the way is also a NPI regular and is married to a Jewess.  Gage describes his new epiphany as “strategy, BUT it is anything but “new”.  The following have LONG adopted Gage’s so called “new” strategy regarding , David Duke who uses “Zio” & “Zionist”, Bill Johnson & the AFP, Jared Taylor and AmRen, and Counter Currents, another Homosexual “New Right Bath House.  None have been successful.

Gage himself has his own history with Jews.  After he burst on the “scene” with his first video, he did some initial Podcasts and eventually became a host on “The White Voice” on a Network called “The White Voice”  It was operated by a person who never revealed himself and who used the fake name “Joe Adams”  “Joe Adams” was later revealed to be a young Jew living with his mother in New York City.  Those early podcasts by Gage on the Jew-operated “White Voice” LOL gave an interesting insight into Angelo John Gage.  In one early interview, he stated,

“he (Angelo) cannot have a job unless (he) is the boss, because is  so superior and (he) cannot take orders”,

Gage also went on to attack officers in the Marines in that same broadcast. Gage became part of “Joe Adam’s” Network who hammered the point that Jews are White and went to great lengths to direct Whites away from Jews but we don’t hear much about his time with “Joe Adams” do we?


Today Gage along with “Flashy Haircut” Damigo” is doing the same.  Interesting isn’t it, “Broke-Back Nationalism” is leading our people into the blossoms of faggotry and meetings where Christians are excluded, Jews are welcome and Faggots teach about masculinity.

Are you REALLY buying this?



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