What is a “Broke-Back Nationalist”, a Broke-Back Nationalist is a person/Organization who/that CURRENTLY holds themselves out as a “Nationalist” or “White Nationalist” or a person otherwise defending/promoting White Western Christian Civilization BUT while talking Traditionalism, Values, Race, and Culture, BUT by their KNOWN AND PUBLIC actions, statements, associations and alliances demonstrates the opposite by ENGAGING IN and the SUPPORT OF militant homosexuality, Judaism, Atheism, Decadence, Race-Mixing and Perversion which are contrary to the preservation of White Western Christian Civilization and Race.

This list is not in any ranking and is updated regularly based on new information.
We will endeavor to post REAL Identities along with online names used by these individuals.

Email: director@wvfoundations.org to submit a name with specific data for inclusion of a person onto this List.

Richard Spencer             Andrew Anglin                   Kyle Hunt             John Friend
Angelo John Gage          Nathan Damigo                 Jack Donovan       Greg Johnson
“Sinead McCarthy”      Nick Spero(1)          National Policy Institute   John DeNugent
Kevin McDonald            Jared Taylor                         AmRen                 Matthew Heimbach
Renegade Broadcasting        American Freedom Party                     White History Month
Shaun Surplus                  Scott Roberts                       Mike Delaney        William Finck
William Johnson             Joe Northpal(2)                 TradYouth                 Matt Parrot
“RamzPaul”(3)            Guillaume Faye                Sam Dickson    Andrew Aurenheimer(4)
David Duke                   Kevin Alford Strom            Don Black                    Stormfront                 Alex Linder                   Will Williams                     National Vanguard



(1) AKA “Circus Maximus”
(2) Likely an online name
(3) Paul Ramsey – Oklahoma
(4) AKA “Weeve”



  1. Interesting @ Jared Taylor = Jew Wife, { anti White People}, Kids are thus all Jews.
    Angelo J Gage = promoting vaccines for children. [Monsanto/ Gates = Jew run]
    For list = Bob Tuskin, Jew, [USA]….Jack Sen, [UK], “”a true Englishman””: Indian Origin, 25%. Claimed by Indian press as one of their own + promoted by, INCREDIBLY!, John DeNugent.
    Very strange: The only ones prepared to fight the darkie hoards and to make protest, are White Polish People in the UK. No help from the English wimps. Indian Jack Sen denigrates White Eastern Europeans but says very little about his people sinking Poverty Rock.

    However, all these posers and bandwagon riders and confused strangers have done something good. They have brought to light the determined destruction of all White People by something evil in this world. Reptilians? Black Nobility?

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  2. John Friend, in his search for identity, seems to be toying with ‘Christian Identity’, aka “British Israelism”. All must be allowed to believe in whatever they want. Critical Thinking required.
    CI / BI, is a beautifully concocted pile of BS. Totally lacking proof. No historical evidence. CI/BI morphs to suit the fortunes of the movement. Untermenschen are allowed in: Resentfully. It’s for the lost with low self esteem.
    However, there is some good in this make believe cult. Their desperate attempts to explain themselves and distance themselves from ‘False Jews/Ashkenazi/Khazars’ makes them super sensitive to Israeli / Talmudic Jew shenanigans, which they expose eagerly. Hence, J F interest.
    Strange, but it is probably infiltrated by Jews, as is “Christogenea”, which is run by Jews.


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