Joe Sigur ( “Anti-Jew”) and his Candy Crush Sinead McCarthy (“WN”)

  1. White Nationalists (WN) lack courage of their conviction, unlike the Left, who go out and engage the public and advance their ideas and issues, (WN) find every reason they can concoct to hide behind fake names on the internet, never attend real meetings. WN substitute “online” activism for real activism and believe 6 million blog posts are equal to the Third Reich’s victory over France in June 1940. Of course (WN) are wrong and often get discouraged when they realize all their online efforts is a complete waste of time and has only been preaching to the choir.


  1. (WN) really don’t believe the bullshit they spew on their various blogs, podcasts and endless essays, books, and conferences. When one looks into the various (WN) “Leaders”, “Spokespersons”, and assorted “Personalities” and separate what they say from what they do we see HUGE discrepancies.  I will expand on this in individual subjects below.

Take the following for example(s):


Renegade Broadcasting – Kyle Hunt, Sinead McCarthy, Nick Spero, Shaun Surplus, and Charles Guiliani   This so called “Pro-White” & “WN” Entity attacks the so called “Alt-Right”, whatever that is, and almost every other person and entity in the “WN” non-Movement for degeneracy, faggotry, racemixing, etc.  However all of these persons are GUILTY of each and every one of the charges they level .  Kyle Hunt & Sinead McCarthy  are listed in the phone book at the SAME address ALONG WITH AN ASIAN MALE, this means Kyle Hunt AND Sinead McCarthy SHARE a home with a Asian male. Sinead has talked about unique marriage contracts and Kyle has spoken in the Renegade chat room in defense of polyandry.  


This detail was originally posted by Joe Sigur at the “Anti-Jew” web site blindlight.org. Joe Sigur is NOT a “WN” but rather is “Anti-Jew” and seeks unity of all vs. the Jew.  This, like “WN” fails for all of the same reasons.  Joe Sigur removed almost all revealing and damaging information about Sinead McCarthy and Renegade Broadcasting after Sinead McCarthy exposed Sigur’s non-white (black) daughter and Shaun Surplus threatened to post a recorded phone conversation between Sigur and Surplus & McCarthy, which was recorded via a trap sprung on Segur by McCarthy and Surplus in Sigur’s chat room.  The recording is said to be   “embarrassing” and   Sigur, who once was skeptical of Renegade and McCarthy now sings her praises after he was trapped into making the embarrassing recorded statements. Sigur, who long was interested in McCarthy used his interest in her as a “potential Op” in order to strike up a rather sorted relationship with her, which allowed McCarthy to utilize her female instincts, now Sigur admits he was looking foolish, but blames those who provided him information he asked for, including me for his falling into the Jewess’ trap.  Was the embarrassing call phone sex? Or did he make some other admission?

We all recall Sinead’s Negrophelia


Sinead McCarthy once sought the affection of a radio Broadcaster who uses the name “Celtic Rebel” and used her female “assets”.  Celtic Rebel confirmed this in an email to Joe Sigure.  Sinead has denied any relationship with “Celtic Rebel”, BUT many now former Renegade Hosts and Co-Founders who witnessed her in the company of FIRST “Celtic Rebel”, then left him for what she thought were greener pastures, i.e. Kyle Hunt.  Here is Celtic Rebel’s rather graphic description:

From: celtic rebel 
 Monday, February 29, 2016 1:04 PM
 I am the Next Hitler
 Re: Contacting the Celtic Rebel
Offhand, I’d say you’ve devoted way too much headspace to that crazy bitch. Setting things straight, NOT a former girlfriend.She’s a crazy groupie; and the reason I stopped having sex with truth groupies. Guess I was lucky the first few times. She uses people, as she has a history of being “used.” She came to fuck me while she was living with her boyfriend. She had sent me some nudes, and when I said I wouldnt’ buy her ticket, she called her uncle with some bullshit stress story and had him pay for her to fly down and fuck me.  While here, she tried, like hell, to make herself a part of my show with some ludicrous teenage NWO mind control story.. When I refused, pointing out that her parents were right to send her to a teen rehab center considering she was a 14 year old, prostituting herself out for drugs (plus that same show had already been done by another former drug addict turned truth groupie Sherie on another Oracle show) … she started targeting my guests (ending up with Kyle, among others). Her parents do have some money, but I think they had enough of her drama and sent her off to New York (out of sight, out of mind).She doesn’t believe in that racist stuff, and I’m not even sure if Kyle does. She’s had sex with a few black dudes. She’s an opportunist. Kyle is after the money. She is after the attention. The time we spent together was purely sexual, and we didn’t really talk that much after, other than her “randomly” showing up as a new “best friend” or “lover” of almost everyone associated with my show for two years after. Getting rid of her, has been a process, and unforutnately, as seeing from your note, and that of others, it’s still not over. Does she really discuss me in the vid? As I said a second ago, I prefer to let that mistake of a period pass, so didn’t watch the vid.Look up the 10 traits of a sociopath, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who she is (she fits every one). As to your other questions, though others have suggested I was “honeypotted” … her and I didn’t really get that much into family and such, the brief time we spent together was spent sexually, and for obvious reasons, not “intellectually.”Alex (Celtic Rebel) PS: Hope this is not a shocker, but your “movement” has always been full of liars.



Renegade’s Nick Spero was long ago exposed as having a fetish for Transsexuals and his online dating profiles was made public which showed he had saved profiles of acknowledged Transsexuals for at least 3 years.




Sinead McCarthy has been exposed as a feminist and a whore who came on to Celtic Rebel, Celtic Rebel’s graphic details will be posted here later in the week,  using sex as a tool to achieve her objectives and moving from one man to another.  In a recent email exchange she indicated she “never had non-white friends” that is interesting given her frolicking in these pictures which she has acknowledged to be authentic.  Additionally, while Sinead has demanded absolute disclosure from everyone she has attacked, she has refused to produce a family picture of her with her husband and child.. why?  does she have more than 1 and will the child show clear non-Aryan features?


Charles Guiliani spends his mornings on Renegade attacking Christianity more often than he attacks Jews and he NEVER takes a pro-White position, despite Renegade supposedly being a “WN” outlet.  An analysis of Charles Guiliani’s Shows by subject, reveals the following results:

                            0 Pro White Shows     90% Attacking Christianity    10% on Jews

I addressed all of the “Renegade” issues after Kyle Hunt attacked me numerous times and over time many of the “Renegades” left and added their voice to mine.  Today, Renegade is well known as a nest of degeneracy where Kyle Cunt allows Jewess Feminism to reign supreme and Renegade floats a few truths on a sea of lies.



Daily Stormer& Andrew Anglin, Alex Linder & VNN are two that attempt to package themselves as “hardcore”, yet both are effeminate pussys who if found themselves confronted in a real situation, would submit or reveal themselves as having always been on the side of the Multi-Cults.  Both say one thing and do another and have held up the most dubious individuals as shining examples of “leaders” for “WN”.  In Linder’s case he provided the online platform for Traitor Glen Miller to reintroduce himself to a new generation of “WN” and thereby partially rehabilitate himself, young “WN” kids are too lazy look into the backgrounds of the many idiots who say “all the right things”.  Linder & VNN gave Miller the platform to show off his former parades and flags and spin bullshit when those who were there reminded people that Miller was an informant who spent years in FBI witness protection.


Likewise Anglin came out of nowhere, having been on  3rd World Sex Tours, including Philippines, we all saw the video, where he spoke eloquently at the plight of the brown at the hands of the White.  Even after he had started his “Total Fascism” site he stated “white people should be breed out” Need I say more?  Today he lives off donations from his groupies he calls his “Troll Army” who think posting comments on his plagiarized cut & paste site and engaging in littering certain policy makers twitter feed with juvenile memes is akin to winning the war.  This is more of the “WN” cult-like delusion I will talk about later.  Anglin, like many “WN” shares a sick and perverted quasi pedophilia fetish that they attempt to mask as “Traditionalism”, i.e. having old men marry child brides.  “WN” had this issue before, he was called Kevin Alford Strom, and like Anglin, he has his cult-like groupies who defend him to the death despite his being caught with thousands of kiddie porn images and his attempt to date a 9 year nonwhite child, even hiding in the bushes at her school old .  Has Anglin gone this far?, we don’t know but there is some odd reason he chooses to stay in 3rd World Nations or in European Nations that have 3rd World-like child sex Laws.


The remaining “WN” can be described as the “Intellectual WannaBees, these include, but are not limited to:

Dr. Greg Johnson/Counter Currents

“Dr.” David Duke

Richard Spencer / NPI

Jared Taylor / AmRen

Nathan Damigo – Whatever fraud Group he has started now

Angelo John Gage

Dr. Kevin McDonald

American Freedom Party


All of these so called “WN” Entities become more irrelevant every day.

Angie Gage reinvents himself so many times that one would think he is a Kardashian, next we should expect to see him posting nude selfies on a motor cycle with his Arnold Schwarzenegger  wannabee cigar.  I have to ask Angelo in his quest to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, if he has ever banged an ugly Latina maid? Gage was a superficial fraud from the beginning with no depth or commitment to anything except his goal to be a Brand © or a Pubah.


David Duke,is the ultimate professional panhandler.  What took the cake was a notice he posted a year or so ago on his web site announcing a “unique opportunity” for young people to come remodel and do home improvements on his home in Louisiana.  You see his home had been rented out while he had been living in Europe, one must as how a “WN” can live and travel in the EU while other are banned, seriously ask.  But finally Italy gave Duke the boot or so he said OR his contract was NOT renewed and the $$ ran out and he came home and needed that icky rental renovated to his “standards”.



Of course Duke, never to miss an opportunity, went right to work and target the young “WN” and posted a notice that said in exchange for their “free labor”, they would get “a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit with Dr. Duke”.  Pardon me while I puke.  How many of these young kids left jobs, if they had them or maybe school because they bought Duke’s bullshit?  All because he was too much of a JEW to pay to fix his own house.  Then of course is Duke “regular fundraiser”, every year, around mid-January, just in time for April (Taxes are due), he cry’s RED ALERT, his You Tube Channel is about to be taken down and he needs LOTS of money to pay for legal fees.  Of course his You Tube Channel has NEVER been taken down.  A few of his videos have been removed because he has used copyrighted images and music, but his Channel has NEVER been taken down.  Like the good Televangelist, Duke knows how to make his cash flow crisis your problems.


Taylor & his AmRen along with Spencer & his NPI and Greg Johnson’s Counter Currents and the so called “Alt-Right” are all the same Fag-Fest Shul.  They are a confab of limp-wristed sissys, who suffer from carpal-tunnel syndrome because of excessive pen lifting, writing books that each other reads and writes glowing reviews on each others blogs.


Yes, I am going to criticize some sacred cows, including Dr. Kevin McDonald, so I will take him out first.  In a recent exchange with me on Twitter he defending homosexuals and stated those ( like me) who are concerned about the “Gay Agenda” and its impact on children, are not serious about winning or defending Western Civilization.  To this I say excuse me to the good Dr. McDonald who himself is an atheist, the kissing cousin of the Jew and Communist and who himself routinely stipulates to the Holocaust Narrative.  While he may write a good book, his social decadence is no different than what Jews do, thus to this I say it does NO good to purge the Jews but retain their influence.   Furthermore, McDonald has long been affiliated with the American Freedom Party which is openly Jew-Friendly and he collaborates with a strange assortment that proudly proclaims Jews are White and embrace Homosexuality as “conducive to Western Values”.  Sorry, Dr. McDonald is Jew-lite,


Jared Taylor is a waste of time.  He is married to a Jewess, which explains his “Jews are White” position.  As in the case with Richard Spencer and his NPI Conferences, should you attend an AmRen Conference, the speakers will either be:

  • Single
  • Homosexual
  • Married to a Non White


As you proceed around an AmRen or NPI Conference, you must be careful to not trip over a Jew and fall into the lap of a Homosexual as the invitees are dominated by those two segments while REAL Pro-Whites and Christians are specifically BANNED.




Dr. Greg Johnson and his Counter Currents is a degenerate Homosexual operation and publishes militant homosexuals who proudly post homosexual BDSM, attacks white women, and regularly engages in elaborate fundraising.  At one point Johnson proclaimed homelessness because he had stayed too long in the Gay Das Capital of San Francisco.  Johnson never posts pictures of himself, while I have attended IHR Meetings where he has attended, I will NOT (at this time post his photograph), he, like the rest of the “New Right”, Alt-Right” and Renegade Broadcasting take the position that if you are White you can engage in Jew conduct and Non Whites can be White, as long as they think and act White…hmmmm, go figure, perhaps this covers for their racemixing.


Of particular note is Richard Spencer’s “close relationship” with Jack Donovan.  YES, Spencer is purportedly married, to a Russian émigré, BUT Rock Hudson was “married’ to and Spencer receives a lot of untraceable money to fund his operations.  Spencer’s “mail order” wife is Pro-Stalin, and writes Pro-Stalin articles, this would seem to be the opposite of “WN”.  Meanwhile Spencer speaks and has spoken glowingly of the militant Jack Donovan, even going so far as to assure he is invited to almost every NPI Conference as a speaker or attendee.  Spencer has even introduced Donovan as “the example of male masculinity” at one NPI Conference.  Meanwhile Donovan has posted regularly and publically on RooshV’s form, stating “ I fuck men like they are women”, and providing graphic details.  Looking at video of Spencer and Donovan when Spencer introduces him, it is clear there is “chemistry”.  The question is what kind of chemistry and does Donovan use Spencer like a woman?  Spencer certainly fits the bill, he is effeminate and has that twinkly in his eye when he interacts with his “idea; example of male masculinity”.


Jack Donovan blog post at RooshV forum “I fuck men like women”

The fundamental issue with Taylor, Spencer, Renegade, McDonald, et al, is that they engage in long circle jerk diatribes regarding Traditionalism and preserving Western values, all the while reveling in Jewish Decadence.  Of course they have excuses for their “individual circumstances” and their groupies will always give them a pass because of “the valuable work they have done for our people”, valuable work that has provided 0 results thus far.



The newest or rebranded group is Nathan Damigo’s Group which was formally the “national Youth Front.  Nathan raised around $10K for a printer then shut down for 8 months or so, now he is back because people wanted to know where the donations went.   Nathan is a felon who beat up an elderly Muslim taxi driver, is effeminate and uses the Twitter handle “flashy haircut” and qualifies as one of Jack Donovan’s women, but he brags about Aryan Character.  Need I say more?


3.“WN” are NOT really interested in forming a REAL and viable and serious political movement, instead “WN” are only looking for free entertainment and a release for frustration.  99 % of ALL “WN” use fake names because they do NOT want to be associated with what they spew online.  It’s NOT that they are fearful of losing a job, home, or being prosecuted, that is actually very rare despite the few cases which are plastered on various “WN” blogs and forums and many of which are false.  Most “WN” are fired for performance issues as was the case with John Friend who worked on his blog on company time. What “WN” are really and truly fearful of is offending their Non-White friends, associations, and even women they date.  They are fearful of not being able to slap the backs of their black friends at Monday Night Football Parties and on Super Bowl Sunday.   They are scared that they won’t be able to go their favorite Mexican Restaurant or that their Latino friend will tell them to cume caca. For all their talk, and that’s 99.9% of “WN” talk and only online and from behind the safety of fake names, there is little to no courage of conviction.


4.“WN” lacks depth.  Literally if you ask a “WN” what their economic program is AND/OR to address the complex economic and trade issues of 2016, their eyes glaze and all they can say is “Gas Kikes and kill niggers and spics”.  Likewise, “WN” have no broad-based worldview required to develop a modern, emphasis on MODERN political movement, thus they are limited to their little and aged, nerd based effeminate speaking engagements such as the “London Forum”, attended regularly by Martin Webster, the most famous Nationalist faggot on the British Isles, who proudly boasted of anal sex with Nick Griffin, where “Nationalists opine at the nastiness of buggers while having a large fat one sitting in the front row saying here-here.


  1. WN” have  NO talent pool, i.e. group of educated people that can develop a comprehensive alternative governing program AND then manage and administer such a system. Unlike the National Socialists in Germany who embraced persons from all Classes and walks of life, today’s “WN” only embrace the low brow and low life. This leaves them absent the core leadership ability to do anything except have a drunken and drug induced brawl and inform on each other as law enforcement easily uses weakness to divide and conquer.  “WN” shun and attack anyone who have an education above 6th grade level and assume anyone who embraces “WN” and who have enjoyed a successful career is a “plant”, “Agent”, “informer”, “spy”, etc, .  In fact in each and every case where the FBI has successfully recruited an informant within “WN”, it has always been the defective individual that has significant moral and legal issues which the FBI can always use as leverage.  Joe Segur who operates a web site which seeks to “build a resistance against the Jews” and self-proclaims himself as “the next Hitler” has castigated me for “always bringing up personal shit” in my criticisms of “WN”.  This from Mr. Sigur who while reaching out to “WN”, and proclaiming himself as “the next Hitler”, while at the same time embracing Jewish decadence, including race mixing, he himself has a Negro daughter, and has admitted to having been a “hippie” and embraces the liberation of the 1960’s & 1970, a liberation brought to us by the Jews. Needless to say, “WN” interaction with the likes of Mr. Sigur, including my recent entertaining his inquiries regarding Renegade Broadcasting, masked by what he represented were his desire to expose “Agents”, what it turned out to be was an unhealthy desire fulfill his desire to have a relationship in some form with Sinead McCarthy by first acting as a protagonist, then becoming her defender.  This type of circle jerk is all too common in “WN” and takes us to our next item.


  1. “WN” is festooned with lonely hearts and otherwise dysfunctional and defective individuals who have been rejected by or cannot function in real society, thus they turn to the most ridiculous conspiracy theories, often proclaiming everything to be false, everyone out to get them, everyone a government agent, and so on. “WN” is most likely the single greatest laboratory of paranoia and other assorted mental illness on earth.  This is most likely why we see the complete absence of serious dialog on issues and an unhealthy preoccupation on individuals, their families, their livelihood, their children, etc.  “WN” often opine about lost jobs due to harassment from foes, yet in reality most “WN” who have actually lost employment due to harassment have lost their jobs as a result of harassment from fellow “WN” and not from any interference from the ADL, SPLC, or JDL.

ahave job

  1. “WN” are welfare Queens, while they scream and opine about “Niggers and Spics ripping off hard working White Workers by being on welfare and not working for a living”, “WN”, especially its “Leaders”, “Spokesmen” and assorted “Personalities” are textbook examples of Welfare Queens and are the farthest thing from “White Workers”. David Duke has NOT had a job since he left the Louisiana House of Representative 20+ years ago.  Others like Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy live in subsidized housing and make excuses as to why they cannot work.  Hunt for example says his “high profile prevents him from obtaining employment”, yet other far higher profile “WN” personalities have worked for years and without incident.  The same goes for Andrew Anglin who has stated he works 14 hours per day on his web site, yet his web site content does not substantiate that claim.  There are many forms of welfare, making false claims of work and productivity in order to obtain donations is the same as a welfare queen making false claims in order to receive government benefits.  Shaun Surplus has stated on-air that he uses donations he receives to pay his personal utilities.  He seems to be a striking bloke, why can’t he get a job? The “WN” argument is they need lots of money for the “very important work for the Movement”, as with anything, there should be measurable results in order to evaluate success, so the questions must be asked for all of the thousands that “WN” donate to their various “Pubahs”, “blogs”, “podcasts” what return on investment has been achieved? Since 1965, is “WN” any closer to achieving victory?  Let’s see, the number of Whites has substantially declined, there is far more race mixing, there is rampant homosexuality, and Jews are stronger than ever.  Even more specifically, today,in 2016 most so called “WN” entities embrace almost ALL of this decadence.

real genocideYES..this will piss many off, BUT it is accurate.. History is NOT subject to emotion

8. “WN” is a perpetual “Pity Party”. Because “WN” lacks any substantive and cohesive worldview, it attempts to rely on victimhood.  In fact, “WN” crys victim more than the NAACP, ADL, LaRaza, MeCHa, and all other Minority Organizations combined.  On one hand, “WN” speaks to the proud superiority of the Aryan People, but does so while on its belly crying about “White Genocide”.  “WN” men opine at not being able to obtain a suitable female, because of their own preoccupation and embracing of Jewish decadence and attacking Aryan women. It is not uncommon to hear effeminate males, such as Kyle Hunt, immediately drop to his knees and cry about “White genocide when given media appearances, but is unable to cite why Aryan people are not reproducing, why Aryan people are choosing to self terminate and how television and mass media prevents him and other “WN” males from having White females and having white children and why so many “WN” males do NOT have white mates and white children and in fact so many “WN” personalities are homosexual or have non-white wives and racemixed offspring. The “White Genocide” narrative is a cunard to provide yet another honey pot fundraising opportunity and to provide White people a venue to deny personal responsibility and to attempt to marginalize REAL Genocides.  In 2016 White People are NOT being “genocided”, they are engaging in Cultural Suicide.   The fact is  a sober one, if you want to know why your world is shit, look in the mirror, start the change there and work outward.

NYF_MEMBER9. WN” are politically schizophrenic. While talking in glowing terms about National Socialism, and NS Germany, “WN” are in reality hyper Libertarians who preach “freedom of speech” and demand to vote on everything from the beer to nachos at their phone booth size meetings. “WN” attack democracy, yet they move from group to group because they are at heart “Americans” and the concept of the “Fuhrer Princip” is foreign to them. This is further exacerbated by the fact that “WN” is festooned with very low IQ individuals who lack the necessary good order and discipline to make an effective political revolution. Of course “WN” attack, ridicule, and heap scorn of Ex-Military as those having served “ZOG”, interestingly these mental midgets overlook the fact that nearly every senior member of Germany’s NSDAP had served in the German Army.  This again speaks to the complete lack of necessary skillset in “WN”.  While there is an abundance of tow truck drivers and day laborers, some of which complain about having to take instruction from their bosses at work, there is a complete lack of a wide range of talent required for a real political movement.


    LEFT: “WN: assisted by Black Police Officer   RIGHT: “WN” Pisses his pants when confronted by Black counter Demonstrator

10. WN” is just a hobby that many who professes to be “WN” use to boost their ego or to create an artificial persona. Those in“WN” create extreme and very hardcore persona on their various blogs and web sites.  They almost NEVER use their own photo.  The persona they use in their various online “WN” chats is almost always polar opposite to that of their real person, i.e. “WN” is a case study in Jekyll & Hyde personalities.  “WN” allows the most effeminate and limp-wristed White male to be the biggest badass who will easily take down 4 to 5 “niggers” or “spics” single handed.  Of course the opposite is true in real life.  Most  “WN” will cut and run at any real confrontation, and will deny their deeply held online WN beliefs when confronted by Antifa or any other potential hostile.  Most “WN” engage in “WN” as a result of being pissed off at a minor issue or due to an economic issue.  Most, if not all “WN” will or do leave “WN” at obtaining a decent job with benefits, promptly deleting as much of their “WN” digital foot print as possible.

WN_TYPICAL11. Both “WN” and so called “Anti-Jew” Groupies are plagued with hypocrisy and inconsistency. While “WN” operate from an anti-Jew and racial perspective, the “Anti-Jew Groups seek Unity by all to remove Jews.  These two Groups have irreconcilable differences and both are infected with Jew operatives and while both decry the Jew, they both embrace Jew values.  This is evidenced by Joe Sigur, who works diligently calling for unity against the Jew via his real name on his blindlight.org site, while using sock-puppet/fake accounts, even acting as a female, perhaps acting out a deeply held fantasy, to entrap “WN” into making statements contrary to their values and tenants.


12 .Sigur has also made large contributions, up to $1K (under fake female names) to web sites (Rebel.is) for operation costs in exchange for editorial liberties.  Joe Sigur is a self-employed gardener, he cuts lawns, so his source of funds for $1K should be as questioned as much as he questions the people he has labeled “Ops”, Specifically, is Joe Sigur fronting for the ADL, SPLC, or JDL?  $1K is a lot of money for a person who cuts grass to donate to a web site. When asked to comment on the source of the funds, Sigur did NOT replyObviously, Sigur used the donation to obtain access, then obtained the web sites’ user data.    This type of infiltration and Jew tactics plagues BOTH the “Anti-Jew” AND “WN” Movements to a point both are so corrupted.  Within BOTH Movements there is advocacy of “tolerance” and use of outright “Jew-Speak” and adoption and acceptance of all the Jewish Agenda items that it makes no matter if the Jew is purged or not, their influence would remain.  As Louis Bean stated in the 1990’s, “it is not a victory if we win and adopt the values of the Jew”.  Unfortunately this is what BOTH “WN” and the “Anti-Jew” Movements have become, people who rail against the Jew, but are addicted to porn, racemixing, drugs and every other social and moral decadence the Jew has used to destroy or Culture and Civilization.

To answer Joe Sigur’s question….. This is why I bring up personal shit, because it’s the personal shit the Jew has used to destroy us and they have used Agents and Trojan Horses in our midst like Joe Sigur, Sinead McCarthy, Kyle Hunt, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, et all to accomplish it.



  1. You mention that Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy live in subsidized housing. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the cooking videos that is available on Sinead’s Firestarter Media You Tube channel. Their fridge and cupboards are fully stocked with organic food which is very pricey even for someone like me that has a full time middle of the range job. The even drink organic vodka. I suspect they might be getting an income from somewhere else besides donations.

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  2. NOTE: The Editor has NOT said “subsidized” in terms of Gov’t, Kyle Hunt, it has been reported by multiple sources who has visited his home, resides at a home owned by his father. Also, Sinead & Kyle are listed in the phone book as living at the SAME address as does a ASIAN male. Is this the “creative marriage contract Sinead has spoken of? OR the Polyandry Kyle has spoken of? OR is it why Sinead has NEVER proudly posted pics of her baby like almost every “mommy” has?


  3. Giuliani is not only shill that doesn’t talk about white issues, he also spews out mainstream conspiracy media bullshit aka “giants”, ”
    Moon mysteries”, “alien ruins on Mars”, “Kennedy was killed by his wife, who is also secret jesuit” etc Red Ice radio crap before they changed their rhetoric. This is all designed to make you ponder about non-issues and not to be focused of getting RESULTS, as stopping international jewish monster. Regegade has degenerated even into worse bullshit then Oracle used to be.


  4. Good info here. Also would like to add that Anglin very much speaks like the “Wiggers” did back in the 1990’s. For those that don’t know, “Wiggers” were young white men who were big fans of rap music culture. If you really dig and investigate there WN “talking heads”,you usually find a military connection. Since the intel agencies have billions of taxpayer money to spend each year, I suspect that this all part of their domestic counter-intelligence program. You’re correct, the WN “movement” is a complete joke.


  5. You are correct, they have all the money in the world and why is anyone surprised if they concentrate their efforts on white nationalists, potentially the most dangerous group of all? Unfortunately most americans are so apathetic and degenerate that even without subversion WN would be pretty non-influential.


  6. I might just be paranoid here but Kyle & Sinead were both actors. Some people have also suggested that Kyle is gay. Is this some kind of psyop that they’re busy with? Do they seriously make enough money to live on through donations for this to be a “welfare scam” so that they don’t have to work like the rest of us?


  7. Kyle is an effeminate male, which is why Sinead is with him. No doubt Sinead is the power top and dominates him and all the other effeminate Renegade Cultists.


  8. The pictures of Sinead with black men wasn’t what made me think she might be a mudshark. Her ex-lover Celtic Rebel saying that she slept with black men was what convinced me. Funny how she doesn’t address Celtic Rebel’s claims. Also I don’t remember Rodney saying in the article that the picture is of Sinead’s child – it was just one of many random pics posted with his articles asking the question if Sinead’s child is white. Another thing – what proof is there that those DNA tests of hers isn’t photo shopped or that it wasn’t someone else’s DNA? She keeps addressing certain points & avoiding others. What a Jewy thing to do.

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  9. I know a lot of people all over the place who are in touch with them (sin aid and kyle) and who think that they are wonderful people… the people I know of are in the truth, revisionists movement and even if I did try to pass them on information about sin aid and kyle they still believe that they are good people doing good stuff. Tks for all the info provided here! I am French… and I have been very disappointed to find out all this!


  10. This was an amazing critical analysis of current “anti-Jew” groups and the “WN.” I wasn’t sure how many people even knew of Joe Sigur and his tactics, but I found your information here a real treasure. Thank you.


  11. I found some of this info helpful but it seems that you don’t do anything other than trash things. I honestly have no idea why you even write this blog if you believe that the problems plaguing the White race and its related Jewish complicity is imaginary. Why would you be so interested in this “non movement”? What is your objective? I could understand it if you just attacked all of these “leaders” but you just blanket attacked every single person in the “non movement.” Some of the attacks were unjust as there are some people in the “non movement” who are as active as they know how to be, who practice what they preach, who earnestly seek the truth, and whose life problems are a product of unfavorable circumstances. So please clarify for me what it is you actually stand for and what your motivation is for doing this blog?


    1. Exposing Frauds, Goofs, and Personality Whores is NOT “trashing things”. Education is bliss and a great motivation. What is your motivation? who are you? Rarely do these Pubahs practice what they preach and know as much as they let on. At Charlotsville they ran away and left their flocks to face the wrath of the enemy. At least Custer fought to the end with his troops. #Leadership


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