JOE SIGUR, SINEAD McCARTHY – Rhythmic Slapping & Endorsements


How do “endorsements work”, some (Joe Sigur) say a picture is an endorsement, i.e. when 2 featured speakers are pictured with the host…. NOT  For instance, when David Cole and Rodney Martin BOTH spoke at the IHR and both were photographed with IHR Director mark Weber after the event, was that Martin “endorsing” Cole, hardly so, especially given Martin criticized Cole for his turn about, alcoholism, and acknowledgement of the Holofraud narrative.  Martin also called bullshit on Cole’s “return” as opportunism, based solely on hypocritical Republicans purging him for work he (Cole) had done some 20 years prior.


Martin (left) w/ Weber (center) Cole (right) Speakers at IHR in 2013

In the case of Joe Sigur, who has self appointed himself  the authority on who is an “Op”, “Agent”, “Jew”, etc., endorsements work quite differently.    In fact it is Sigur who is the fraud himself, who engages in false attacks on on targets such as “Sinead” whom Sigur has had a long obsession. In case you missed it, FIRST Sigur condemned “Sinead” & the “Renegade Jew-Crew”, now he has ENDORSED them.  Why?, well you see “Sinead” like any wicked Jewess quickly handled Sigur (using her female assets & Sigur’s weakness) by way of a set up phone call (baiting Sigur with offers of sexy juicy tidbits in Sigur’s own Chat Room).  “Sinead” allowed Sigur to express himself in all the ways a butt-ugly 66-year old man would do thinking he was all alone on the phone with the 30-year old Kosher object of his affection.


Of course “Sinead” had her pal from down under, Shaun Surplus on the line (recording EVERY word & sound).  Remember, “Sinead” likes 3-ways, she lives with 2 men, Kyle Hunt and a Gook, all three are listed in the phone book (its public info..LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF) at the same address.  After it was revealed the call was tapped and ready to air, Sigur , first expressed the desire to threaten legal action at not having granted permission to be tapped ( hypocritical for him since he tapes everyone else), then silly Ole Joe Sigur quickly succumbed to the “deal”, he would endorse “Sinead” and the Renegade Jew-Crew and they would not broadcast his assorted GROSS “sexy talk” coupled with rhythmic slapping sounds… Ewwwww



                                     Ewwwww Ewwwwww   Yuckkkkk  Grossssss  Barfffffff

Sigur had previously discussed, exposed and attacked “Sinead” and assorted Renegade Broadcasting freaks, going so far as to discuss in great detail their degeneracy, Jew conduct, etc………THEN Mr. Sigur officially blesses their conduct and dismisses years of incriminating evidence and first hand testimony from actual former Renegade insiders because these former Renegaders will not submit themselves to Mr. Sigur, an unknown.  Sigur attacks these witnesses for having long since moved on with their lives after having  years ago exposed Kyle Hunt’s various slimy tactics, including misuse of donations, sexual degeneracy, race-mixing, etc.


Sigur creates the Jewish illusion of having “conducted” an investigation, then cleared the likes of “Sinead” and Renegade and discounts their degenerate conduct…WHY..because Sigur sanctions and supports and has said so publicly that he is a 1960’s/70’s type “Hippie”, a Movement which was Jewish/Marxist created.  Sigur states publicly that he has and does support:

Racemixing – Sigur has a Black daughter

 Use of illegal Drugs – Sigur says he was a drug user, his appearance bares this out as well as his paranoia

Sigur consistently belittles character issues in the exact same way Jews do as being “personal shit” and unimportant.

Louis Beam once said in a famous address to the National Alliance… “what type of victory do you have if you act just like the Jews you replace”  In the case of Joe Sigur and his Renegade degenerates, they ARE the Jews that must be purged


This is how “endorsements work for Joe Sigur & “Sinead” & the “Renegade Jew-Crew” and Joe Sigur, “Sinead” & The “Renegade-Jew-Crew” ARE the classic definition of an “Op”.






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