ANGLIN LIES-AGAIN “The Sacramento Victory” Fraud Exposed


   (der Androo Anglin)                                (Heimbach/ Confederate attire & USA Flag ?)

You might recall Andrew Anglin wrote an article celebrating the “great” victory by El Supremo Matt Heimbach’s Traditional Worker’s Party in Sacramento, California.

Interestingly it has been noted Heimbach, the “great leader” was NOT with his troops, but rather safely in the comfort of his Bunker with his mail order bride back in Indiana.



This is a great example of the paid Agent dispatching naive White Nationalists to do stupid so called “activism”, that either gets them exposed to liability, criminal prosecution, or violence, all the while they, the “leader” are noticeably absent, just like Kyle Hunt was no where to be found during his famous “White Man March”.


Kyle Hunt – another “leader” who doesn’t participate in “his” events

The obvious question, why would Heimbach hold any “operation” in California, a State that is long lost demographically, Whites are a mere 35% of the population.

Angelo John Gage was another “Leader” who ordered “operations and didn’t participate     (proclaimed a fake victory at Az State University) w/ his now defunct “National Youth Front”.


Angelo John Gage – Another leader who never attended his Organizations “Operations”

As is normally the case, Heimbach, Anglin and almost all WN Pubahs LIE to keep their low information and almost abject retarded followers to keep sending in money they really do not have.

While Heimbach and Anglin proclaimed a “great victory”, we see a different picture.

Well, we see here,  video proves otherwise as we clearly see Heimbach’s “troops engage, get battered and run away.  Listen closely as the persona taking the video says, Those guys got the shit beat out of them” at the 3:24 mark

While no “WN Activists” were arrested, the fact remains they were beaten and driven from their planned “event”, they were vastly outnumbered and from the onset the enemy seized the event area for which Heimbach’s clown car event had been issued a permit, and when the dust settled the enemy still held it.  That, by any measure is a victory for the enemy.  Additionally, it was noted throughout the various videos that Law Enforcement took no measures to intervene in the combat and allowed the Antifa to engage, attack, and drive the WN from the State Capital grounds.

Heimbach’s “after action” Podcast on Daily Stormer explained his definition of victory which was he believed his people wounded more Antifa, IF that is the measure of victory, then than Germany beat the Soviets, given that the Germans killed or wounded 3X the number of Red Army troops as the Red Army killed or wounded Wehrmacht troops.  We know however the opposite was the case and the Red Flag flew over Berlin and that the capture of territory equals victory.

In the end, Heimbach’s “troopers” were beaten and retreated and failed to hold any of their planned activities, which never should have been planned for a lost cause location to begin with.

Finally, Heimbach’s failure to be with his troops after having ordered them into such a hostile venue demonstrates his rank stupidity and cowardice.

While NOT at the “operation”, Heimabch of course made himself available to speak on Fox News ( A REAL Leader would have deferred to the Boots on the ground Comrade who led the Operation, BUT Heimbach, the Media-Whore spoke on an event he was over 1000 miles (safely) away from:




2 thoughts on “ANGLIN LIES-AGAIN “The Sacramento Victory” Fraud Exposed

  1. I have never, ever met an “activist” in “White Nationalist” circles that wasn’t a pawn of one of the Intel agencies. My understanding of Heimbach, is that at one time he worked as a Social Worker in a mid-western state. Some “Traditionalist Worker” job- a Social Worker? Someone then paid for him to take lengthy trips to Europe for speaking engagements. All on a County Worker’s salary? And for someone in their twenties? C’mon! Also, regarding Anglin and the intel-sponsored “Daily Stormer”. For someone to come up with that many blogposts per day that the DailyStorrmer.com features requires a staff of writers. Did you ever hear Anglin speak? He ain’t no intellectual! It is my understanding that with Anglin and Heimbach, both got in trouble with the law, and now do what they are required to do. In other words, to avoid going to prison, they now do this WN “activism”. When these fronts are set up; they Intel agencies can then identify those in the audience and do al sorts of thing i.e. background checks, FBI stings, Mind Control with EMF, you name it!


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