“ALT-RIGHT” AKA “White Nationalists” gonna wake up in a UGGGE puddle


Presently, so called “Alt-Right” or so they call themselves, lets be honest, these are “White Nationalists”, “Racialists”, Neo-Nutzi/Hollywierd Nazzis” et al, who have attempted to re brand themselves.



Even the fraud, fake, & phony Andrew Anglin, is on the “Trump Train” and wears a Trump Hat which increases his height from 5’2 to 5’3.


Andrew Anglin, the man who on Friday dated underage Filipino girls, then on Saturday said he liked black girls and that the “White Race needed to be breed out”, woke on Sunday to opine about how Western Civilization had expolited the poor peoples of the 3rd World, then on Monday woke to become the biggest badass/hardcore Nazi on planet earth, even at 5’2.  Now he  calls himself “Alt-Right”, yep THAT’S RIGHT…. even Andrew Anglin  is in the “Alt-Right Bath House,  right in there with the homosexual Jew Milo ( I love to please black men) Yiannopoulos,Jared ( Jews R White) Taylor, Jack ( I fuck men like women) Donovan, Richard ( Homosexuality is the last salvation for the White Race) Spencer, well you get the idea, all of these “Alt Right” Queens and other assorted degenerates and limp wristed sissy’s  think that they are firmly on the fast track, firmly steaming ahead in the “Trump Train”.


Isn’t odd, that all of these assorted outspoken proponents of “Traditionalism”, “Preservation of Family Values” have all enthusiastically become total Trumpters and thrown their values away and embraced the “LGBTQ” tolerance that Trump vocally supports, even Matthew Heimbach who loves to carry around his Orthodox Cross while attempting to look like a Jesus that has spent too much time at the Buffet is all aboard “The Donald’s Ride, never mind his so called “Traditionalist” shtick which one would think would be at odds with Trump’s LGBTQ embrace.    Actually, its NOT hard to imagine Matthew Heimbach sneaking into one of those .25cent Faggot “arcades” and wearing his knees out. After all, Heimbach has changed his identity and beliefs and so called philosophies so many times Hollywood would think he one of their own…Hmmm actor, agent???


Trump even gave David Duke a renewed income idea, oh I mean motivation to run for public office, saying he was “Trump before Trump”, Duke, perhaps his “My You Tube channel is about to get deleted, send cash in brown bag now” Televangelist scam stopped working so he decided to run for U.S. Senate on the coat tails of the “Trump Train”.  Duke is against welfare, except “political welfare and WN Movement Welfare”.


Boy, oh boy will they soon wake up, all hard up or in a UGGGGE puddle of Bath House Nationalism wet dream.  They actually think Trump is one of them, he’s not. he is merely a billionaire who is taking advantage of low information voters in his sphere in much the same way Hillary and the Democrats take advantage of Low Information Voters in hers.

Both Hillary and Trump, Democrats and Republicans say things in emotionally charged over simplifications in order to get their respective dumbasses to VOTE AGAINST THEIR PERSONAL INTERESTS.


When it comes to Race, which these so called “Alt-Righters” as they now call themselves, base their primary motivation as supporting Trump, they are in for a UGGGGE wake up from that political wet dream.


Trump is more Pro-Jew than Hillary.

Trump is far more “Internationalist” than Hillary

Trump will NEVER build that “WALL”

Trump will NEVER deport a single illegal alien beyond those that are deported in the normal course of ICE operations, BTW, the Obama Administration has deported more illegals than the GW Bush Administration, that is a FACT.

The Homosexual/Jewish Agenda will grow leaps and bounds under a “President Trump” due to the influence of his Jewish daughter and Jewish Son in law.

Speaking of daughters, Chealsea Clinton DID NOT give up her identity and convert to Judaism when she married her Jew, Ivanka Trump DID.

FINALLY, when one looks at the “success” of WN candidates who have run for office in the United States and simply magnify this to the National level, what we see on the horizon, now that Trump has the “stain” of WN painted on his is a BLOW OUT on the scale of Lyndon Johnson’s blow out of Barry Goldwater in 1964.  Not only will Trump loose States carried by Romney in 2012, but Hillary will most likely pick up States that have traditionally voted Republican.

On November 9, all these “Alt-Righters” will wake up, in their respective puddles and realize they have merely had a wet dream, while the rest of the world chuckles at their soiled pants. 


The greatest lesson of Trump and the so called “Alt-Right” is that all these so called “Alt- Right” who have screamed so loud about “White Culture” and “Traditionalism”, and “Values” and against the Jews have all been proved FRAUDS for by boarding the Trump Train, they have embraced EVERYTHING decadent & jew, and perverted, they have LOST ALL credibility to speak for my Race.



8 thoughts on ““ALT-RIGHT” AKA “White Nationalists” gonna wake up in a UGGGE puddle

  1. so, you all are part of the Rev 2 & 3:9, Rev 14:11-bound. ok, well, enjoy your eternity, all of you!!! it is your only hope!!! (rev 14:11, i.e.) It will totttttalllly cure you, forevermore!!!

    On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 9:20 PM, THE READING ROOM wrote:

    > hostann posted: ” Presently, so called “Alt-Right” or so they call > themselves, lets be honest, these are “White Nationalists”, “Racialists”, > Neo-Nutzi/Hollywierd Nazzis” et al, who have attempted to re brand > themselves. Even the fraud, fake, & phony ” >


    1. So, just what are “White Rights Issues”, that sounds like the language of a victim, someone oppressed, someone on his knees. Do explain what RIGHTS Whites have to ask for as opposed to getting out of momma’s basement, off the internet and TAKING.


  2. Does anyone have any more info on Anglin’s time in the Philippines? I suspect the kid joined the US Army and was deployed there. He likely got in trouble there, and now he’s forced to play the role
    of “Neo Nazi” likely as part of the US Army sponsored counterintelligence op known as Daily Stormer. I guess the question is what does the US Army do with the list of all the “users” who post
    at Daily Stormer?


  3. Trump will restore traditional values, he will put women back in the kitchen for Nice Guys like me and make MLP real.

    Jews, furries, blacks, trannies, and muslims are our allies against the evils of feminism and female suffrage.

    If you disagree you are not masculine like me, David Aurini and Donovan are.


    1. Hey “Traditionalist”, so if you are soo “Masculine”, why don’t you have a woman? I bet you masturbate to David Duke and Don Blake. Trump is a FRAUD and a loud mouth rich boy pussy. The type who was a Cheer Leader instead of an Athlete in College and scared shitless to shower with da Boys. His kids all bed down with Jews.


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