The “Renegade”Radio Network & the “Renegade” Listener defined

A new analysis of “Renegade” and its listeners COMING SOON…..


Among many questions answered, why “Sinead McCarthy” uses “Goddess” in all her various ridiculous screen names, i.e. ” Shiska Goddess”  and now Goyim Goddess”

Is Kyle Hunt an “Alpha”, “Beta” or ” Tranny” and can he possibly be Sinead’s “Babby-Daddy”.

and …MORE




2 thoughts on “The “Renegade”Radio Network & the “Renegade” Listener defined

  1. Can’t wait for your analysis. I see Kyle & Sinead are using the David Duke trick of claiming their website is being attacked to get donations.


  2. It’s an election year – much is going on. We need an intellect with a coherent world view to counter the retardation around us. I say that we need you back on the air waves Mr. Martin!


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