Ken O’Keefe is one of those “Look at Me”, “Leaders”, “Spokesman” etc that is a lot less there than meets the eye.

Noticeably absent from O’Keefe is a detailed accounting of the $120,000 raised and how it has been spent or if it has been spent, dollar by dollar.

UPDATE: Source: http://www.shoah.org.uk/2012/03/02/ken-okeefe-mulit-milion-empire-built-on-gazas-blood-shed-and-suffering-gaza-starves-ken-get-rich/

The following are a plethora of Pay Pal and Crowd Funding “Missions” all associated with or operated with by Ken O’Keefe:







Total so far $7,325

Pay Pal:


Paypal> rizchoudry@gmail.com purpose ~ Ref: class-rooms-1312065437

Paypal> shop payments also go here^^^^

Paypal > The Samouni Project purpose ~ Samouni Project

Paypal > Donations go to 1worldcitizen@spamarrest.com

Paypal > samouniproject@sky.com


By Catherine Myles on Sunday, 31 July 2011 at 03:29


We the committee were formed officially after two convoy members presented an agenda to Ken O’Keefe in regards to his mis- handling of the Samouni Project.Under his autocratic leadership, it would have gone nowhere. His interests were solely those of self promotion and getting his personal company Aloha Palestine set up with “Commercial Vehicles” that he intended to keep. In the last ten days we have discovered that we have all been duped by this 2 bit con man and lied to in the most horrendous manner. Volunteers who have worked harder than KOK has ever done in his life, have been treated like abused dogs and set up as fall guys,by this devious manipulative and frankly evil man.

We cannot at present publish all receipts and accounts as we are working very hard to get the project moving in the correct manner. We will give all accounts and the receipts we have, KOK claimed to 2 different members that receipts were lost. So we have no way of accounting for what he did with these monies.

Anyone who wishes to take legal action against this man and his IT worker who helped with all his websites and paypal links we will assist in any way we can. We wish to shed light on a all we can at present and will do our utmost to collate and publish all we have. Legal action may have to be taken after the full accounts are done. This may take some time.

okeefe quote.png




Ken long ago figured out, tickle the ear of the low information “Conspiracy-Tard”, “Truther”, “Wing-Nut”, “Neo-Hollywood-Nutzi”, and they will willingly part with what little money they do NOT have.  Ken has dabbled in all of those spheres, i.e. he knows he can’t make enough money in one sphere, so he fondles the junk of people in each.

Ken provides publicity stunts, including fraudulently renouncing his U.S. citizenship by burning his Passport, despite his knowing the clear legal process.  Ken O’Keefe has NO intention of renouncing his U.S. Citizenship, he receives too many benefits, including healthcare from the Veterans Administration and he is too well established, including, according to Joe Westcott, who did a public records search, a $700,000 home in HIS name.


Ken has for at least the last TEN (10) years according to Joe Westcott, who was once an ardent O’Keefe supporter, lived solely off Activism Welfare, AKA Donations, in the form of funding various Projects, Missions, Travel, etc.

Ken is now 47 years old, he was born in 1969.  Ken is becoming “yesterday’s news” with the new generation of millennial activists, much like David Duke is a “has been”.  While Duke has decided to run for U.S. Senate to raise funds to fund his retirement, O’Keefe has come up with a much grander scheme.  Complicating O’Keefe’s retirement planning is O’Keefe’s new found GF who is half his age and no doubt O’Keefe has learned very young girls are BOTH expensive and require a LOT of attention, which explains O’Keefe’s recent actions.


Pictured: O’Keefe w/ 24 year old GF  How foolish he looks

O’Keefe’s recent “Mission” which he called “One World Citizen”  called for a Ponzi Scheme that called for the development of a “Contract” that people would sign up for $12.00 that would abate all their income tax liability because taxes pay for war.  An army of “O’Keefe One World Citizen Ambassadors” would be recruited to sign people up to this “One World Citizen  Agreement“.  To kick start this “Mission” AKA Ponzi Scheme, O’Keefe recruited a  Support Group to do the initial planning work, who he said would be paid from start up funds raised from “Crowd Funding” and an attorney would draw up the legal document.

O’Keefe raised $120,000, NONE of the Support Group were paid and ALL of them QUIT.  A meeting was held in Acapulco where the Support Group was all present, BUT O’Keefe was NOT available due to his having to provide the endless amount of attention a 24 year old girl friend REQUIRES and a 47 year old man MUST provide for fear a much younger man can and will provide. O’Keefe has subsequently stated $4,000 was spent on “legal”, but no legal Contract is required??? Seems contradictory?

When confronted for accountability by his closest associate, Max Egan, O’Keefe broke with Egan and drafted a rambling document accusing everyone who questions him of being “subversive”  Noticeably absent from O’Keefe is a detailed accounting of the $120,000 raised and how it has been spent or if it has been spent, dollar by dollar.

Now…what Ken O’Keefe did NOT disclose to his Support Group or those who donated to his “One World Citizen Mission” was that concurrently/AT THE SAME TIME O’Keefe was raising funds for the “Mission”, he was seeking to purchase land in Dominica.  Dominica is a small Caribbean Island that has NO Extradition, thus O’Keefe can NEVER be extradited in the event he is indicted for any crime from any Country from which a donation was sent.

There are many questions which are obvious:

Why won’t O’Keefe provide a dollar for dollar accounting of each dollar donated for the “One World Citizen” Mission?

Was the REAL “Mission” the purchase of a retirement home/land in Dominica for Ken O’Keefe?

If O’Keefe learned there is NO way to abate Tax Liability, why did he NOT tell his donors and ask them what they wanted done with their donation?

Why is O’Keefe personally attacking those who are asking legitimate accountability questions?

This concept that a “Contract” can be signed that would exempt people of Taxes is an outright FRAUD. There is NO Contract that one can sign that would exempt a person from taxes. The only option ( for a U.S. citizen) would be to legally renounce Citizenship and move to a Nation that has NO taxes.

The simple thing for Ken to do is post a line item by line item accounting of the funds collected and how they have been spent. This won’t happen because he will cite “Mission Secrecy”. This is BS, because everything about the so called “Mission” is already out there. Younger girl friends are really expensive, especially when you are trying to recapture lost youth.

In a year the young girl will have moved on, Ken will feel like a fool ( in private, never admitting it in public) and will most likely have yet another “Mission” for people to donate to. A fool and his money are easily parted.

Tell me, honestly, doesn’t Ken O’Keefe look like an outright FOOL…..







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