2016 Year End Awards Transsexual/Same Sex Couple for 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, The Reading Room will, from now through the end of 20016, make a series of 2016 Awards.

Our first Award is the 2016 Transsexual & Same-Sex Power Couple Award.


    Kyle Hunt ( effeminate male) & Sinead McCarthy male features, jawline & Tranny/Bulldike attitude


This Award was easy to award.  This Couple, is without a double, the Tin-Foil Hat, Basement Dwellers, Flat Earth, Prozac sniffing, Drama Queen Power Couple for 2016.

The Power-Bottom screeching of Kyle Hunt coupled with the Uber-Feminist , Tranny Sinead McCarthy has dominated 2016 with their attacks on nearly every White Nationalist, Alt-Right, Traditionalist, or genuinely active and effective political talent, as opposed to H(c)unt & McCarthy’s all talk, all cyber attacks and drama-queen feminism melt-downs.

Of course their greatest achievement is their “bragging” about their child, which they have never shown pride in by showing off to their fellow “Aryans”.  Normally parents are proud to show off their “Aryan” babies, especially if those babies have Aryan attributes.  Of course perhaps the child’s “other” Daddy objects to the “showing off”, the other Daddy being the Asian man who shares the same address as does Kyle Hunt & Sinead McCarthy.  When one does a cross reference of their address, one finds another male with an Asian name, sharing the same domicile (address) as does Kyle Hunt & Sinead McCarthy. Remember, Sinead has strongly spoken out in favor of feminist (Jewish) ideals and Kyle Hunt has spoken publicly ( in Renegade’s Chat Room) in favor of Polyandry (Jewish decadence).  Sinead’s prior hospitalization ( Gender Confusion) apparently failed to cure her decadence.

We are please to award the 2016 Transsexual & Same Sex Couple Award to Kyle Hunt (bottom) & Sinead /Sam McCarthy (Top)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Given Renegade Broadcasting Host Nick Spero/Circusmaximus affinity for Tranny’s, Kyle may be sharing or keep a watchful eye.

COMING NEXT WEEK……The 2016 Schister Award







Kyle Hunt & Sinead McCarthy’s status as political figures subjects them to all forms of public & political scrutiny, review, and satire.

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