2016 Shister of the Year Award – OF COURSE its David Duke

Where to begin, where to begin…………


David Duke ORRR “Dr. David Duke” as he prefers to be called, LMAO, had no competition for the 2016 Schister of the Year Award.

The Duke of White Nationalist Welfare, which would also be an acceptable title and offer David Duke $1K to accept the title and he will.

Whether it is Duke’s yearly, always near tax time, “help my You Tube Account is being taken down and I need to hire an army of lawyers to wage jihad on You Tube”  or his clever method of having suckers AKA “Supporters” donate their frequent Flier Miles so he can enjoy his jet setting by way of other people’s Perks OR his most recent scam of running for U.S. Senate as a way to live off campaign donations, David Duke is NOT a Grand Wizard of the Klan, he is a Grand Wizard of Jewish type fundraising and living high on the hog  completely absent his own labor, talent, or skill-set.

David Duke art at the fundraising scam has won him the attention of this writer as an all-time scam artist. David Duke is much worse than the Televangelist who targets their fund appeals at the exact same time the elderly receive their Social Security checks.

The all-time greatest David Duke scam was when he posted an appeal for “Free Labor” to come from all around America to Louisiana to provide free labor and donations for materials to restore his damaged home.  In exchange for the free labor, time off work, travel costs, etc, which Duke’s supporters would pledge and incur, they were promised the sole benefit of a little time talking with “Duke the Great”.


Like the Televangelist faithful,  Duke’s suckers, AKA “supporters” give money they don’t have, ignore Duke’s waste, fraud, & abuse ( gambling/embezzlement & tax Fraud convictions) and also ignore Duke’s extravagant lifestyle, jet setting, and his obvious disdain for the low information dopes who are so easily separated from their what little money they don’t have for a few Duke warmed over You Tube videos on a channel he has stated has been shut down for the last 10 years.

Interesting, Duke’s suckers AKA supporters all decry being ripped off by “Jews” who do nothing to obtain their ill-gotten gains, but just what have they got from Duke recently?   Hardly “knowledge”, Duke has been saying the same thing for 40 years.

Let’s not forget Duke’s vanity as evidenced in his #EpicFail Plastic surgery.  Duke looks more and more like Sumner Redstone, just maybe they share some genes??



David Duke does reaffirm the age old example,  “A fool and his money are soon separated”

Congratulations David Duke, 2016 Schister of the Year. For all of Duke’s talk of “Welfare Queens”, he sure must dress in drag a lot, because when it comes to Welfare by way of schisterism, Duke is the King of Queens.

P.S.  Don Black could have shared this distinction with Duke for his Oral Roberts type fundraising on Stormdrain AKA Stormfront and the fact that he and David Duke are so “thrifty” they shared the same woman.


So we’ll give Don Black the “Honorable Mention in this category.

BUR rest assured…… Don Black is the front runner for 2016 White nationalist Parent of the Year for his outstanding work instilling proper values in his son.  I guess sending him to a Liberal College funded by Stormdrain

( Stormfront) donations helped immensely.

Next Week…. 2016 Closet Case WN of the Year

2016 Most Effeminate WN of the Year

2016 Biggest Racemixer WN of the Year



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