Andrew Anglin (Shortfag) gets his ass handed to him by a Jew Radio Host


Remember “Shortround” the little Asian boy on the Indian Jones Movie??  Well, Andrew Anglin is 1-Short & 2-a Self hating fag, and 3- loves Asians, so hence forth he is now:


Anglin appears on Jewish Radio Host Alan Colmes Radio Show, YES, it was a couple months ago, BUT Anglin got his ass handed to him by a Jew, WOW, guess “LiL Andre” couldn’t rise to the occasion LOL and take this Jew radio Host down.  OR he did exactly what his mission is, to make Ethno Nationalists and National Socialists look as stupid, ignorant, and silly as possible, i.e. deny credibility. A key element of any military Psyop to undermine and bring down a “Movement” or even a “Government” is to create a complete lack of credibility in the minds of everyday people.

PS: it has been revealed in a recent Rape controversy wherein the victim was groomed on Daily Stormer, by the Daily Stormer’s largest financial contributor, who is NON-WHITE with Jew features, including the trademark black hair and conduct btw.


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