On Richard Spencer….


A few facts in response to Spencer here:
1- The only manual labor Richard Spencer has ever done is give Jack Donovan a handjob or reach around.
2- Why is Richard Spencer trying to look like/dress like Johnny Depp? Spencer is no Johnny Depp.
3- Richard Spencer has said “homosexuality is a bedrock of Western Civilization” and he has said “Jack Donovan is the ideal example of male masculinity”, the same Jack Donovan who wrote on Rooshv’s Forum, ” I fuck men like they are women but am glad they are not”. Gotta wonder if Donovan has made Spencer one of his “women”??
4- Spencer is willingly being the Media’s White Supremacist Media Whore just so he can get on TV and try to portray himself as masculine, when in fact he is effeminate, limp-wristed sissy. Spencer couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag. I guarantee it.
5- Spencer’s crowd, in their private meetings scream “Jew-Jew-Jew”, yet overlook the fact that EVERY SINGLE Trump Son-in-law and daughter-in-law are Jews and all of his grandchildren are JEWS and Trump has elevated more Jews to high Government positions than any President in history.
6- Spencer is attempting to use the Media’s mislabeling of Donald Trump as a “racist’, “Nazi”, “White Nationalist” or “Alt-Right” to be the Media’s Whore to prove their point, gotta ask why??
7- Spencer knows Trump has actually met the effective end of Ethno Nationalism as those who were involved in those Entities have now become Kosher-Trumpster-Konservatives, yet Spencer is attempting to use Trump’s shadow to be self-important.


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