2016 AssClown Award Update


LMAO — Lonely Ole Joe Sigure has accepted this year’s 2016 AssClown Award by throwing a fit  he even made a video about me crying about my attacking WN and so called “Alt-Right” personalities ob “personal” issues, you know faggotry, racemixing, loving up Jews, etc, things lonely Ole Joe Sigure says is “no one’s business”  Hmmm isn’t that what Jews say???.. well of course, he is a “AssClown”

First he checked out and reviewed my body, noting that a few years ago I was out of shape no shit guess what a Fag..LOL sorry Joe, I don’t swing your way, I’m sure you’ll find a nice man some day, but I’m straight.

Ole Joe Sigure ..Comes Out……


Then of course he replays the litney of bullshit, I’m an “Indian”, I’m a “Mexican” Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah… Sorry Joe …WRONG ..but you’re still an ….ASSCLOWN

Oh and by the way now lonely Ole Joe Sigure is now in contention for the 2016 Dumbass of the Year Award as well, he posted this pic of me and said I am holding an “Indian Flag” LMFAO …what a #DUMBASS


This is the Flag of the Russian Federation, a picture taken when I organized a demonstration in support of Crimea’s Right of Self Determination.  Hmmm, Ole Joe is right, I was out of shape back then LOL.  🙂

Lonely Ole Joe also posted this pic as some sort of “incriminating evidence” LOL


Well Joe, GUILTY as charged, I do love Boxing and I do like Girls, BUT Ole Joe Sigure acted and pretended to be a female online to men…. so Hmmm yeah ????

Lonely Ole Joe really has LOTS to say now so give him a call, BUT carefull he records each & EVERY call OMG what an #ASSCLOWN



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