2016 AssClown Award


This was a tough call, there were (3) THREE Finalists

Sinead McCarthy, for her repeated discussions on her silly Renegade Shows Re: “Male Foreskin Reattachment” LMAO, no kidding, she talked about men having their foreskin reattached as if we all keep that stuff in the fridge just in case.


Kyle Hunt, well, there are so many reasons, he is a natural assclown, but really is just a pussy.


And I could have given the Award to BOTH Kyle and Sinead for their Epic Melt Down

(Sinead sure looks like a Tranny in this pic careful Kyle, Nick Spero might bust a move LOL)


But…… the Award for 2016 AssClown actually goes to

Joe Sigure..AKA “Blindlight”   SIGUREscrewball

Why… there are so many reasons.. but the Top 3 are:

1– He was so easily played by Sinead McCarthy, first he was against her, then she gave him a boner with a little phone play, then he became a tad skeptical, then she did a little hand job on him by way of teasing him with an article, then they had another lovers quaral and now he is right back to being her critic AGAIN…

2– He opines about WN, yet he seems to be obsessed about WN and focuses most of his energy on talking to or about WN

AND….. 3-This is the Perv that prowled around the Net as a Female, so is he a “TransNetGender” or did he, when he was young, wear his sister’s or mommy’s clothes?

Poor Ole Joe…try as he might and no matter how much he talks, NO one listens to him because he talks,looks and acts like the classic buffoon.

So..PLEASE help him out, don’t ignore him anymore he is rather lonely soul, give him a call and chat conspiracies, Jews, and racemixing with him, Ohh, he is one of those , didn’t you know, Ole Joe is a Coalburner.

Give Joe Sigure a call at: He has LOTS to say..Just ask Sinead McCarthy who has spent hours on the phone with him..Ewwww



Editors Note: If Donald Trump can announce Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cell number, we see no issue providing lonely Ole Joe’s number, especially given his practice of recording each & every call and deleting comments that correct his misstatements on his Jewish Rag.



2 thoughts on “2016 AssClown Award

  1. First off, here’s wishing you & your family a very happy 2017 Rodney.

    On Sinead’s Firestarter Media You Tube channel there has a person by the user name Hussairn Knight that has been commenting on all Sinead’s videos. Hussairn claims that he/she knows Sinead in real life & that they are in the process of making a video with interviews from people in Sinead’s past in order to expose her. Hussairn says Sinead is not her real name, she’s half Jewish, she has a biracial child (that was her first child – she also has a child with Kyle who is the blond boy she’s always showing pics of) & that Sinead cheated on Kyle with some Hispanic guy from Orlando. In other words everything you said is true & then some! Hussairn also claims that the reason Sinead won’t ban or delete his/her comments (she has banned me from making comments on her videos) is because if she does Hussairn will notify the authorities of the illegal activities Sinead & Kyle is up to.


  2. Too funny, I’m still waiting for someone to shout about how RIGHT I was about Sinead, Kyle, Yeager-Kahant, and the rest of the cruds. Interesting they attacked me, and when faced with exposure, either fade away, which is what Sinead has now done TWICE or demand “Standards” which is what the Fag Greg Johnson is now doing for fear his pic may be posted, which I will do when I return from my current vacation.


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