Lonely Ole Joe Sigure..CoalBurner


It is NO SECRET that Lonely Ole Joe Sigure is a #CoalBurner….  He has publicly stated it and has acknowledged his love of all things Nubian, including his little Nubian Princess Daughter, who he says he raised on his own.

First, let me say he should be commended for raising a child on his own and his child is a political NON-COMBATANT and children should NEVER be injected into our various political battles.  As such, UNLIKE the Jewess Sinead McCarthy AKA>>>> Heidi, who DID post pics of Lonely Ole Joe Sigure’s daughter, I WILL NOT.

I do obey some decorum in the field of combat, political or otherwise, unlike those who posted pics of my minor children several years ago, i.e. the ex-wife of a jew Yeager-Kahant, the Renegade Jew-Crew, and others.

However, it is NOT out of order to provide for public review, the Negress Female who Lonely Ole Joe engaged in degenerate carnal relations with.


BEHOLD… Lonely Ole Joe Sigure’s Nubian Queen, Mother of his ONLY child…..


Maybe now we understand why Lonely Ole Joe Sigure became a Cross-Dresser and acted as  Tranny online…..

Give Lonely Ole Joe a call and ask him all about her….



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