Pedo “Blut” is back he is now “Yo Mama”

You might recall, the former “Blutundboden:” was unmasked and exposed as someone who is NOT supposed to be on the Net.

Well, he back, he is commenting on YouTube as “YoMama”

You remember this gem, he was the one who said this:

Quote from Renegade Chat Room
“Fuck her and leave her Brian
THat’s what I do to whores
i fuck sluts and then dump them ••
i fuck whores as revenge against the jews
We need to impregnate as many White sluts as possible to increase White birthrates. Keeping your sperm for a “good girl” is counterproductive.
Most racially aware Whites are men.
Women are natural slaves to the Jew. They must be re chained to White men as their true masters.
They need a man
They want to be controled
I agreee polygamy is the only way Whites can survive.
David Lane supported polygamy.
All White Aryan should have a large harem.”

You can see the expose’ of him published last here here:https://anaannblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/07/update-renegade-broadcastings-blutundboden-unmasked/

Here he is:

blut und boden

Now, lets face it, does anyone really think this ….. LMFAO has ever kissed a girl, let alone been naked with a girl, even a hooker LOL.

We also found this pic of the “Blut” in action, not the fly area of his pants…..


Lets be clear just what ole Pervy Blut is, he is someone who can’t be online, so he uses a LOT of fake names, but when he got caught, he deleted accounts and went out of his way to deny, deny, and deny…but we know what he really is, he is a gross fuck that has nasty things on his computer in the spirit of Kevin Strom and who lurks in his cave hoping to lure little kids ( probably boys) in with candy, what a sick fuck. His online fantasy life of being a tough “Nazi” is all fake, in real life, he is a limp wristed, lisping pervert.


“Blut” or as he calls himself now “Yo Mama” in his living room…

WOW, as a matter of fact…do you see a resemblance……


Call and ask him….. 4041-1



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