Sooooo Confussssed …LMAO


Someone please call Lonely Ole Joe Sigure and help him out….


First……Lonely Ole Joe said I am a “Mexican”… LMFAO…  and he has posted up some pics from my illustrious career, well at least I have one LOL, Lonely Ole Joe has more in common with “Mexicans” than I do, he competes with them at yard work 🙂

Anyway  here is one of the “incriminating Pics….


OK… that is a MUCH younger and thinner me in the center, BIG Cheesy smile 🙂

to my left is U.S. Congressman Ed Pastor, now retired, a very nice man who hired me after I was injured.  He is Latino, as is the very nice lady to my right, do you see any resemblance between us, i.e. do I look even remotely “Latino”?

NOW…if you look just over my right, facing me (left) shoulder, THAT is a Native American.  he was a good friend of mine who is now deceased.  He was College Educated, well spoken and was a very GOOD friend of mine.  He hired me as a high official of a Tribe, REGARDLESS of my being WHITE.  Do I remotely look “Indian” as Lonely Ole Joe Sigure alleges?

You see the pic lonely Ole Joe Sigure posted undermined his allegation LMAO, just like when he posted a pic of me holding the Russian Flag and said I was holding an “Indian” Flag…OMFG, what a dumbass.


Ohhh and Lonely Ole Joe has also posted this Pic….


This is again a MUCH, MUCH younger and THINNER me with 1988 Democratic Presidential Nominee Michael Dukakis and his Wife Kitty.  I was at a Symposium where he spoke and he actually sat with me at the Lunch and I got to talk with him informally.  He and I later became Pen-Pals.  In hindsight, he would have been a far better President than George H.W. Bush. YES..I just said that.  

Lonely Ole Joe Sigure is also “revealing” that I was in the “Army” and may have been in Intel, well no secret there, I was an Intel Officer and as a matter of fact engaged in Psyops against the enemy , but nothing really sexy.  Years ago, it was dropping leaflets from my Blackhawk, Prank calling people, and blasting music to keep Gen. Noriega from getting a good night’s sleep in the Papal Nuncio, which I thought was distasteful as a good Catholic. ….. attacking a Vatican Diplomatic Mission FacePalm

Ohh so Lonely Ole Joe admires my career… here are some more Pics… LOL

My recent attendance at a Reception at the New York City Mayor’s  ( Bill DeBlasio) Residence. DeBlasio, like me is a fellow Truman Fellow.

Unlike Lonely Ole Joe Sigure and many others who throw “virtual” stones, I have and have had a REAL Life & Career and therefore KNOW how the World works and what political Revolutionaries REALLY face.  The problem with some so called “Resistance Movements” or other “Movements”, is they lack people with this type of “REAL” experience and “Intel”.  Any so called “Movement” or “Organization” that takes pride in what it doesn’t know it doesn’t know OR is paralyzed by paranoia, excessive pride, and love of its enemy’s vices, is doomed to fail.   Good luck guys, Gen. Custer had better odds than you and he suffered from all the defects as you do and he had professional troops. 




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