Show me yours…I’ll show mine


Lonely Ole Joe & his “BabyMomma” –Ole Joe be saying hummmm


Lonely Ole Joe Sigure is attempting to reignite the old discredited crap about my wife, as usual, he hasn’t done his homework.

Lonely Ole Joe Sigure has not been made aware that after Yeager-Kahant made this discredited claim, a family pic of mine, from 2006, made its way around the newt and showed:

My Redhead/Green eyed wife ( impossible for an Indian), very gorgeous

My Blonde/Blue eyed children

After the 2006 picture of my family was made public, even dirty old Yeager-Kahant remarked my wife was White and never raised the issue AGAIN

This resulted in my receiving many apologies, verbally and in writing from those who had jumped on the nasty old jew concubine’s bandwagon.

To be clear… Lonely Ole Joe Sigure is a Coalburner, he has a daughter as a result

IF.. he posts is offsprings picture, I will repost my family picture from 2006, which is inline with the requirements & demands contained in his most recent “video”

Additionally, Lonely Ole Joe Sigure MUST also promise to issue an APOLOGY on his site to my wife, when he is proved WRONG.  I can care less what is said to and about me, I am a combatant.

Finally, Lonely Ole Joe Sigure takes great umbrage at my having gone around “bombing everyone”..Hmmmmm


EDITOR’s Note: These are example Videos, recordings of my flights were strictly verbotten.


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