Joe Sigur — JEWISH…

Take a CLOSE LOOK…..


TWO disgusting GROSS OLD Jews.. They have the following SAME, nearly IDENTICAL Facial Features:




Oblong Facial shaping

Course hair

Virtually NO Neck, an almost exclusive Jew trait

Large ears ( to hear pennies drop from a mile away)

BOTH Lonely Ole Joe Sigur and the Old Jew Example ( Sumner Redstone) BOTH have affinity for Negresses, Ole Joe Sigur has a Charcoal Briquette, I  mean daughter, with this woman:


( MORE…on Lonely Ole Joe’s Charcoal Briquette  later IF Lonely Ole Joe does NOT either accept my prior challenge OR retract his attack on my wife>>>>> GUARANTEED)

As with Jews, Lonely Ole Joe Sigur capitalized on a sick and dying relative, in Joe’s case, his successful  Rabbi/Teacher brother.  Lonely Ole Joe schmoozed his dying brother, hell maybe giving him a pillow send off, then pocketing his late brother’s assets before the corpse was cold and NOW Lonely Ole Joe has a nice house, new truck when before he lived in slums, an outcast from his Jewish Tribe.


Pictured: Lonely Ole Joe Sigur hoovering over his dying brother Rabbi Steve Sigure  see .. the beard, just picture him in black hat, black suite and his culies done ….

You see, while Ole Joe Sigur’s brother was successful and beloved by his peers and students, Lonely Ole Joe, was mocked and ostracized by the rest of his Shule as a “Fershtinkiner” –a Louse.  Only when his brother was weakened by brain cancer, could Lonely Ole Joe, like a Jew, move in and strip him clean before his dear brother even took a dirt bath.


Shit..even looks like Lonely Ole Joe Sigur




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