“The Jew-Stuff” =Mike Enochaum

Ok..we all know about the “Doxxing”

Remember yours truly is ON RECORD as being TOTALLY againts using FAKE NAMES Because when we unmask these unseen Warriors we find out they are


Non White

Married to Non Whites


NOW >>>>>

Does anyone REALLY BELIEVE THIS guy is NOT A JEW????


I mean REALLY  OMFG this is a KIKE and a PUSSY



2 thoughts on ““The Jew-Stuff” =Mike Enochaum

  1. Due to the vacuum of talent and professionalism in our Struggle, people like this tend to rise to the top. If we had good people, these characters would never get the time of day. However, because of the current drought of content, it’s hard to say NO and ignore them completely.

    As for doxxing, it’s fortunate for Greg Johnson that Mr. Martin is showing mercy, so any lie that Johnson may or may not be living can continue for now.


  2. In our wonderfool bowel Movement every secret squirrel and tedious tard wanting to be a Farce Upon the Plain wanting to hide itz snout or what lies under itz tail sooner or later is found out.

    Kike Penisovitch of “The Kike Stuff”, Andre “the nigger” Anglin, of Daily $permer, Carolyn Yenta-Kahunt-Yeager, and yes, Greg Johnson, everyone eventually knows what sort of snout they have and what lies under the tail.

    Saying that you support a jew with a jew wife infiltrating the bowel Movement and that knowingly you hid the jews for years because they belong in the bowel Movement means that sooner or later your snout and what lies beneath your tail is gonna be outed — by somebody. Everyone in the bowel Movement has an affirmative duty to dig out infiltrating jews out of the bowel Movement.

    See: Why I Support Mike Enoch

    Greg Johnson is making a perfect shit-storm for himself by doing this. We know it.

    My point to Rodney Martin is that unless you have received harm from Greg Johnson like I did from the jews and mamzers pretending to be See-Eye Dentists like Rabbi Baal Finck, Rabbi Eliar James, and SwordBrethren/SoredMamzer Bryan Reo, and them taking down a dozen of my Church web pages, is that you being seen to “betray” Greg Johnson by outing him just out of a sense of duty like a scarecrow doesn’t put any slop in your trough.

    Besides, looking at the recent spats between them all, it is likely Colin Liddell or Richard Spencer will out Greg Johnson first.


    Why not let them betray each other rather than got the blame for yourself, Rodney Martin?

    But you do as you think best. I don’t think that the current situation is going to last long.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Candidate for Mayor of Granby Missouri


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