NEW -Richard Spencer Meme “Dickless Dickie”


From this day January 20, 2017 and forever on Richard Spencer shall forever be known as “Dickless-Dickie Spencer”

“Dickless-Dicky” Epic NEW Spencer Meme.

Special credit to “Vic” a commentator on this Blog for properly developing this

proper Title for “Dickless Dickie” Spencer

Please see Vic’s Video: https://mobile.twitter.com/Common_Filth/status/822629542430904320/video/1

Of additional NOTE:

As a former Boxer I am well aware of “sucker punches”, we call them “snake punches”, the ones you don’t see coming, a “snake punch” that doesn’t floor you is always countered by REAL MEN & REAL FIGHTERS. As Vic’s video property points out, “Dickless Dickie” first instinct was to 1- Run Away 2- Fix his Faggy Hair 3 – Cry

I am personally recommending these girls “toughen up” “Dickless Dicky” Spencer and teach him to be a man and to fight,


Spencer has been hanging around far too much with Fags like Jack Donovan and Limp Wristed sissys who bed down with Jeweess’s like Jared Taylor

The so called “Alt-Right” and “WN” are festooned with limp writsed sissys and pussys. I am a broke down old fighter, I would have pivoted that lefty and put him on the ground. Incidentally the Lefty did NOT hit “Dickless-Dickie” very hard at all AND NOT even with his fist, the Lefty hit “Dickless-Dickie” with his Forearm, and in REAL Fighting all that was, was a “Push” or “Shove”….. LMAO and that  which was enough to nearly cause “Dickless Dickie” to cry a river of White Genocide, OMFG, I need a drink.



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