On Colin Robertson – “Millennial Woes”

……….did Colin Robertson “doxx” himself to create a sympathetic situation to open the hearts of people and their of course their wallets?


Colin Robertson AKA “Millennial Woes” is the classic example of basement dweller “White Nationalists”.  First we need to understand AT AGE 34 Mr. Robertson is NOT a “Millennial”. Holy shit this MAN is nearly 35 years old, and says his opining anomalously on You Tube is his “job”, well obviously not “job” enough to move out of daddy’s house at nearly 35 UNTIL he shit his pants because sunshine was shined on him or he was drug out of the proverbial closet.

At age 34 Mr. Robertson was still living with his father

Using a False name/handle

Opining “White Nationalism”

NOT expecting to make any real sacrifices because he thought he safe & secure behind his fake name/handle. …UNLIKE the many who are out in public standing up for their views.

Robertson is, like Greg Johnson, REVOLTING because they are so paranoid of being revealed BUT talk of the strength of Western Civilization and Aryan Character.

Mr. Robertson has issues:

He claims to be a Millennial yet he is nearly 35 years old

He was, until he was exposed, STILL, living in his fathers house, acting like a Millennial, in his T-Shirt, no job, making You Tube Videos.  This is quasi mental illness.

AND..he is a sexual degenerate, possibly, emphasis on possibly, the reason he ‘was” living with his father at nearly 35 years of age is because he is a PEDOPHILE.  Like so many Pedophiles, they tend to remain at home at advanced ages, using the good will and blind spot of parents.

Watch/Listen here as Robertson justifies Pedophilia and says he is attracted “Pretty Boy



Colin Robertson represents modern White Nationalism and all its inherit flaws

It reeks of freaks, degenerates and abject cowardice

When confronted “in reality” “unmasked” from their fake names and handles, 99% run away, and find a new hiding place and opine at being bullied and how unfair they have been treated, i.e. they act like pussys and NOT proud Aryan Warriors.

EXAMPLE: When the knock came at Robertson’s door, he freaked out like a coward.  A MAN who  is willing to stand up for his beliefs would have invited the Reporters in, sat down and gave the interview and defended his views.

Robertson ADMITS, living off the welfare/donations of others is his “job”, well, unlike David Duke, at least Mr. Robertson is an honest schister.


In his most recent 1 hour + video in which Robertson whines like a bitch at “all that has happened to him”, he essentially admits all that has been reported in the media is essentially ACCURATE, granted, the media played on a few emotionally charged over simplifications.

BUT what has really happened to him?? Robertson is now living a life of leisure and travel on OTHER PEOPLE’s money as a result of being “doxxed”.  Robertson actually is living better now than when he was under daddy’s roof ( which he reveals he had been asked to move out prior to the doxxing)

QUESTION: Prior to his so called “doxxing”, Robertson’s “job” obviously was NOT self-supporting as evidenced by his inability to support himself and have his own place to live.

Then he gets “doxxed” and now lives off the bounties of people’s generosity and is provided a home, food, travel and spending money.  MOST LIKELY in a Gay Community.

So the obvious question, did Colin Robertson “doxx” himself to create a sympathetic situation to open the hearts of people and their donors?  I say given his prior ineptitude, lifestyle ( living w/ daddy at nearly 35 years old, considering You Tube bloviating his “job” and his endless self-pitty, I say YES, he “doxxed” himself.





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