The “Make America Jew” White Nationalist Hall of Shame


DESPITE all of the EVIDENCE that Donald Trump was an AGENT and ASSET of BOTH American & INTERNATIONAL Jewry, prominent White Nationalists used the Movement to mobilize hard working White working class people to put Trump into officeDESPITE the fact that ALL of Trumps children are sleeping with and procreating with Jews and ALL of Trump’s grandchildren are JEWS AND DESPITE the fact that ALL of Trump’s non family executives in the Trump Organization are Jews and DESPITE the fact that Trump supports the Jewish “LGBTQ” Agenda including having NON-GENDER specific restrooms at Trump Tower, meaning a hairy man may share the potty with your little girl and Trump is fine with it because, as he says ” its settled by the Supreme Court”.

DESPITE all of the evidence of Trump’s Jewishness, which would have excluded anyone else from membership in any legitimate White Nationalist Entity , nearly ALL of the “White Nationalist” “Leaders”, “Spokesmen” and assorted self-appointed internet Pubahs directed people to vote and “Make America Jewish” on the sole basis of Trump verbally beating up Mexicans.  What a cast of fools they and you all are.

As a result, NOT only has Trump named his hyper Zionist Jew son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump appointed Kushner as his main White House Counselor, to make sure Jewish Interests are safe guarded

See yours truly’s commenst Re: Kushner :

Trump has appointed the most Pro-Jewish/Israeli/Zionist Cabinet and Executive Staff than ALL the Presidents before him COMBINED.

It should also be noted that Trump dotes on his daughter Ivanka, as any father should, BUT she had to convert to Orthodox Judaism to marry Kushner and Trump, according to Orthodox Judaism is NOT considered her children’s grandfather and is NOT allowed to attend any of Ivanka’s children’s religious ceremonies and in fact Ivanka had to request permission from a Rabbi on the day of her father’s inauguration in order to use a car.

The “Make America Jew” All Time “White Nationalist” AssClown Hall of Shame……

NOT All Inclusive

judeRichard Spencer                        David Duke                                

Don Black                          Matthew Heimbach                          Bill Johnson                     

Veronica Clark                  Jared Taylor                                       Andre Anglin                                      

Mike Delaney                  “Fascist Lemming”                          Nathan Damigo

“Mike Enoch”                     Greg Johnson                                  KenGividen

 Carolyn Yeager-Kahant        John Nugent                              Kevin McDonald 

John Friend                              Jack Donovan                             Angelo John Gage


Let the Pictures of these TRAITORS FOREVER be MUGSHOTS for Wanted Posters for TREASON against future Generations of our People

mike-peinovich-trs-daily-shoah-678x381johnsonFACIST LEMMINGdonnovanspencerANGLINWEINERDAMIGOveronica-k-clarkjohnson


Here you have the “White Nationalist “Make America Jew-Crew Now , get your Red Yarmulke from this guy ……

The “Make America Jew” All Time “White Nationalist” AssClown Hall of Shame……


6 thoughts on “The “Make America Jew” White Nationalist Hall of Shame

  1. Veronica Clark is a jewess of dubious sexuality who took down Queeny Cameron’s jewtube channel this past July and is still harassing Queeny Cameron. There is some dubious tranny-critter also featured:


    Anyways, Greg Johnson, Matt Forney, Richard Spencer, etc. all have admitted that they knew for years about Mike “Enoch”(stein)’s jew wife and probable jew heritage. So therefore they have knowingly brought in jews into the Bowel Movement.

    TANSTAAFL is correct:

    Majority Rights has an excellent series about TRSkikegate.

    To top it off, all these Alt-kike Klowns are represented by the Northern Poverty Law Center a.k.a. misnomered Foundation for the Freedom of Ideas, a non-profit ZOG false front which coontains Ol’ Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor / SwordBrethren / Bryan Reo, and his lawyer butt-buddies Kyle Bristow and Brett Klimkowski who are suing me and my Church in Lake County Ohio.

    http://www.whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?1614 (See other threads as well)

    Along with the Chink-seller-out of the Amurrikwan Fuktard Party William Johnson these clowns are on the Bored of Directors, along with kike Enochobitch.


    “Our” entire bowel Movement is wall-to-wall jews, faggots, mamzers, perverts and ZOGbots. That is why effective Racial Holy War must be decentralized into the Ten Thousand Warlords, who will haet globally but kill locally.

    Thank for giving us your take, Rodney. You cum into the bowel Movement and found out the hard way that it is nothing but shit. And not even “our” shit but jewshit.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


  2. I told people over a decade ago that this White Nationalist movement is CONTROLLED, probably by the people they claim to be against.

    Ten years ago, these clowns (David Duke incl) were trying to argue that Arabs did nine one-one, despite all the evidence to the contrary. When the Zionist connection to the even became too hot and obvious, many of them quickly changed their tune to keep their followers. This is just one instance of many. They are SNAKES, leading angry Whites to their doom.

    Anyone who knows what’s going on automatically knows: NO WAY COULD TRUMP GET IN WITHOUT BEING PART OF IT. And that’s before you look at the info in your post. But somehow, all these supposedly “Jew aware” mouthpieces either don’t know or don’t care. They are part of it. No exceptions. The Alt-Right, White Nationalists, top SJWs, Black Nationalists, etc.

    People like Incogman, sites like VNN, Stormfront. Even known Zionist conspiracy guys like Alex Jones, who for years went on and on about the Left-Right Paradigm being fake, was pushing voting for Trump HARD.

    If you’ve studied this in any depth, you can see these people are just new pens for the stray cows who stopped listening to CNN, Fox, CBS. It’s another lie.

    One of the only ‘truthers’ who’ve really touched on this are:

    Start from 8:00

    [audio src="http://hugequestions.com/Eric/TFC/mp3/DarylBradfordSmith-Hufschmid-Supremacists-5June2006.mp3" /]

    And a newer guy:


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