Andrew Anglin EXPOSED


The “Reporter” had NOT done his homework and properly prepared for this interview, BUT despite this LOOK and listen, Andrew Anglin cannot intelligently and cohesively make his position beyond the Frank (Cohen) Collin type emotionally charged over simplifications, and why not, Cohen and Anglin had & have the SAME mission:

1- Appeal to the lowest and most degenerate White people

2- Get those people to embrace and say the most stupid things

3- Continue to perpetuate the Jewish narrative Re: National Socialism, i.e. it is festooned with Hooligans, criminals and otherwise dumbasses.


Re: Anglin’s comments Re: “strong” and “effeminate” males, Lets recall Anglin is:


Has a documented history with underage NON-WHITE children

Anglin is 35, NO White wife & NO White children and has aggressively attacked White women like Queen faggots do.

Thus Anglin is NOT “strong”, he is quite “effeminate” and most likely the Ukrainian strong men who beat the shit out of him in Ukraine were most likely offended by Anglin’s moves on an underage child, or act of homosexuality.


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