Behold Andre Anglin’s favorite “Rotherham-Reach Around Man”, the one & only  “Sven Longshanks”

In reality he is Tony Young, a NON Native British Subject who lives off “Benefits”  WOW a Welfare Queen


This “Paki” runs Radio Aryan and like Alexander Jacob dreams of being something he is NOT and NEVER CAN BE……

Source: Tony Young AKA Sven Longshanks used to have a You Tube Channel which he took don before his Aryan Rebirth …barf, but someone downloaded his prior videos and did a voice comparison.  The voices of Tony Young AND Sven Longshanks are IDENTICAL

Why are “WN” so utterly stupid and willing to compromise just because some NON-White does “Good Work” and “say all the right things”, hmmm next thing you know they are bedding your daughter, is that good work too??  Will those kids have to be made exceptions for?  Pardon me while I puke.


2 thoughts on “ANOTHER NON -WHITE UBER White Nationalist FRAUD

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