Grinder Greg Johnson- CONFIRMED

We DO NOT NEED Weimar Nationalists.

The following picture is Dr. Greg “Grinder” Johnson, circa 2000/2001 from his days as a professor.

I have attended recent events, in the past 3 years, at the IHR – Institute for Historic Review, where Dr. Johnson has been present and selling books via a table in the back of the room.  I have had, for some time, in my possession a picture from one such IHR Event which contains Dr. Johnson as well as others in it. While I could have edited the other persons out and  previously I had made musings that I would post it, but in further thought and advice from family, who themselves have experienced vicious treatment by non other than self described “WN”, I declined. Furthermore I considered it dishonest to post pictures from the IHR Event, which are quasi-private.  The IHR is an Entity I hold in high regard.

However, given that Dr. Johnson’s picture, on what was and is a publicly available source, has been revealed and I have been asked to say if this picture is the Greg Johnson of Counter Currents I met at (2) TWO IHR Events, I have NO reservation in making such an authentication.  Throughout my politics I have opposed “Anon”, the use use of fake names, et al. Until our people are willing to truly fight for their beliefs and RISK & SACRIFICE has other political Revolutionary Movements have in the past, NOTHING will happened save for continued BS-Blogging & Podcast pissing contests.


However this picture was submitted to this Blog and I DO authenticate it as that being Dr. Greg Johnson of Counter Currents Publishing.  Specifically, the man pictured, while having aged 10 years when I met him from the time of this picture, IS THE Dr. Greg Johnson who operates Counter Currents Publishing. In fact Dr. Johnson when I last saw him at the IHR, still wore the EXACT style eye glasses and his hair is nearly identical as  in this picture.

It is time for the good “Dr.” as well as many, many more closeted cowards in the so called “WN” Movement to twinkle their toes out of their closets, mamma’s basement or deep cover of Starlight/Star Bright Trailer Park and dump their cowardice “Anon” tough guy personas and step out into the real world with courage of conviction for the ideals they say they believe in.  Its easy to be a coward, hiding behind a fake name and Proxy and talk tough, its quite another to REALLY stand up for what YOU SAY you believe in. 

My final editorial note on “Dr” Johnson is that he is NOT compatible with true cultural & ethno nationalism.  His agenda is to secure the Jewish-Gay Agenda INSIDE the White Nationalist Movement and to assure his favorite bath houses, male brothels, Fag Porn Theaters and Fag BDSM Clubs are free from icky, nasty dark people.  Dr. Johnson is a uppity Queen that will do well in Sodom & Gomorrah, however Nationalism today is in crisis for it has embraced almost EVERY element of Jewish Decadence and the proverbial Sodom & Gomorrah  than the clean, Western Christian Civilization which we saw triumphant in Germany from 1933-145.

We DO NOT NEED Weimar Nationalists.

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